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Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres might have gone their separate ways years ago, but their two sons unite them forever. The former couple tied the knot in 2000 and welcomed their son Cristian in 2000 and their youngest, Ryan, in 2003. Time has passed so quickly since and they have grown so much. It might be hard to believe, but Cristian is already in college and the Ryan is in high school. 

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Ryan and Cristian are Dayanara's pride and joy, and seeing the posts she shares of them on Instagram is so beautiful. Both kids resemble their parents so much, sharing their mom's deep blue eyes and their dad's smile, and it's hard to believe that they are already young men. 

Both parents have shared the cutest pics of their boys over the years and seeing how much they have transformed is really special. Scroll through to see the cutest pics and videos Dayanara and Marc have shared of their boys.

Marc and Dayanara made such a beautiful couple. 1

Marc and Dayanara made such a beautiful couple.

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Things might have not worked out between them but they did make some adorable kids together. The boys resemble their famous dad so much and also take after their beautiful mom. 


They both have their mother's blue eyes. 2

These two guys are something special! They look like such a unique blend of both their mom and dad's best features.


Dayanara knows how hard it is to say goodbye. 3

Once our kids grow and start exploring life on their own, saying goodbye can be tough. She gave her son a tight embrace before he left for a school trip and it's unbelievable how much taller he is!

Cristian looked so grown up at his senior prom. 4

It's hard to believe that the former couple's firstborn is already a high school graduate! His mom helped him prepare for his big night in May 2019, and he looked so dapper. 


The former Miss Universe and her kids had a sweet trip to Italy. 5

They posed for some adorable pics together in Italy with a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and fields. 


The family that matches together, stays together. 7

Dayanara shared this super cute pic of herself wearing a bikini that matched her boys' swimsuits. We're sure they loved posing for this pic.

The boys have been by their mom's side. 8

The former Miss Universe was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019, and her boys have been by her side, keeping her strong, while she receives her treatments. 


The boys are all grown up. 9

They are full on teenagers! Dayanara shared these pics of them at Universal Studios and they look like total cool kids.

They are proud of their Puerto Rican roots. 10

Dayanara shared this pic of her kids wearing shirts with the Puerto Rican flag while holding one. Both of their parents are so proud of their island and it makes sense that they pass that love down to their kids.


Dayanara and her sons posed for a sweet Christmas pic. 13

She might be a single mom, but she makes sure that she does all the special things that a family does, especially during the holidays. Look how great they all look.

Ryan looks so much like his dad. 14

Ryan looks so much like Marc in this pic! He might be their youngest but he's already looking so grown up. Soon, he will be off to college, too.


The boys are taller than Dayanara now. 15

In these pics she shared from their European trip in July 2018, it's clear that Cristian has already surpassed his mom in height. That's so crazy!


Seeing them with their other siblings is heartwarming. 17

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The best present ever!

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Marc had the cutest surprise for his 50th birthday when all of his kids got together at his big celebration. Look how big Ryan and Cristian look compared to their little brother and sister, Max and Emme.

Marc shared this adorable selfie with his boys. 18

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Let the holidays begin!! 🎄 . #lafam #myboys

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Marc's boys were all smiles in 2017 while riding in their dad's yacht during the holidays. They all look so much alike. 


They surpassed their dad in height. 19

Marc shared this photo with his two sons in November 2018 and they both are taller than him. They most likely get the tall gene from their mom's side! 

Marc's boys look a lot like him. 20

Marc and his three boys, Alex, Ryan, and Cristian attended the 2016 Grammys when Marc received the award for person of the year. The dad was beaming with pride to have his sons by his side.