burrito baby
Briannaa Emi/Twitter

A woman shared the cutest pics of her baby from his 1-month birthday photo shoot and her choice was the cutest! She dressed her bundle of joy as a burrito and surrounded him with all the essential ingredients, like hot sauce, cilantro, limes, salt, and even Jarritos. The pics were so cute that it inspired some Twitter users to react to the images saying that they had given them "baby fever." 

This isn't the first time we've seen little bundles of joy wrapped up in tortilla blankets and dressed up as burritos--and it gets cuter every time. Parents have shared some adorable pics of their babies dressed as burritos in their hospital pics and Halloween, and they are so precious.

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Costumes can be pricey, so this is an easy and creative way to get your babies dressed up without breaking the bank. All you need to add is some foil, a tan blanket and some decor like avocados or utensils. Other parents simply used tortilla blankets to swaddle their little ones and it's just as cute.

Whether you're looking for Halloween inspiration, for themes for your newborn's monthly photos, these burrito baby pics are perfect--and they might just give you some baby fever. Scroll through to see more super cute pics of little babies dressed up as burritos. 

This one is just adorable. 1

This woman's baby turned 1-month and she celebrated it in the best way--by dressing him like a full on burrito, including some chips and Jarritos. 


This burrito baby has a special background story. 2

Qdoba posted this perfect photo from this baby's burrito photo shoot and shared some info about the baby's parents love story: "Jessica met her husband on her first day of work at QDOBA so it was only fitting to take a baby picture celebrating that." So cute!


This family went all out for their baby. 3

Look at this face! This little fella was covered up to his neck in foil and surrounded by napkins, forks and all that is needed to enjoy a good burrito.

This little fella looked nice and cozy. 4

This dad was proudly holding his little boy who was wrapped up in a green wrapper and looked like the cutest burrito ever.


These blankets almost look like real tortillas. 5

How cozy do these tortilla blankets look for babies? And they even come with tiny hats to make sure they are fully covered.


This little guy was a burrito for Halloween. 6

His mom shared this super cute pic of him in his costume and he captioned it: "I know guac is extra ... but so am I."


This smiling baby is a treasure. 7

This little burrito has all the toppings needed to take his burrito costume and his face looks so happy to be wrapped up in a tortilla.

This makes for a simple but adorable costume. 8

This mom wrapped this baby up in a burrito blanket and a bit of tin foil and now she looks like a fresh Chipotle order. 


Chipotle burritos are a fan favorite. 9

Gold foil and a Chipotle bag was all these parents needed to turn their little bundly of joy into a tiny burrito. 

Some people like their burritos with a little heat. 10

This baby was covered in all sorts of hot sauces and it's so cute! "That feeling when you find your leftover Mexican in the fridge," this parent captioned this pic.


These parents got an A+ for creativity. 11

Going to your local Mexican restaurant and asking them for materials for your baby's costume is one way to be creative and also budget-friendly!


These burrito blankets are the best! 13

Keep your baby warm and looking hilariously cute in this burrito blanket that has become super popular for both babies and adults. 

Even newborns are getting in on the fun. 14

This baby's swaddling blanket is also a burrito blanket! What a great and cute way to introduce your baby to the world.


This baby was tightly wrapped. 15

How cute is this little one tightly wrapped in aluminum foil? That little hat is the best.

This burrito baby was dressed to impressed. 16

These parents introduced their baby to the world while he was wearing the most adorable bow tie and burrito blanket. What a great first outfit.


This cutie was excited to be a burrito. 17

This little one looked so comfortable and cozy in her burrito costume and that smile says it all!

Little Jack turned a month-old and celebrated in style. 18

For his one-month photo shoot, Jack dressed up as a burrito. How cute is this little fella with his hat and blanket. What's a burrito without a little avocado? 


This is a great last-minute costume. 19

"You’re hands down our favorite little taquito Dax," the mom captioned this sweet pic. 

You can make this into a family theme! 20

Everyone in your family can join in on the fun while your baby is cozy in his burrito costume. Dress up as avocados, hot sauce or a taco--the options are endless.