Baby with baby hats

Can you ever take too many pictures of your baby in the first year? The answer is a big, emphatic "NO!" Take pictures; take all the pictures. You'll never regret having too many baby pictures, but you will regret not having enough. For sure, take at least one picture a month of your baby to commemorate how many months they've been alive.

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The first year of a baby's life can be such a blur. You are exhausted, and adding monthly baby photo shoots might seem like just one more thing you have to do, but when the year is over, you will be so happy you did it. You'll see just how much your baby has changed from month to month, and you will treasure these photos for the rest of your life.

We see so many creative ideas for monthly baby photo shoots, and we want to share some of our favorites with you. Use them to help inspire your own monthly baby pics. And don't worry--these ideas are simple and easy to do.

Get fruity with it! 1

Got fruit? Use it to let everyone know how old your baby is--and afterward use it to make baby food or a smoothie!


Say it with pizza. 2

Order up your favorite pizza and use a slice to commemorate a month in your baby's life. Like you needed an excuse to order pizza.


Make it easy on yourself. 3

Lots of parents get these mats that have the months printed on them. Then it's as easy as pulling out the mat every month.

Are you a baker? 4

If you love cooking up creations in the kitchen, consider baking a number-shaped item for each month. Makes for yummy cleanup.


Be on diaper duty. 5

Use diapers to form numbers. You should have plenty around, after all.


Be brutally honest. 6

Can't get a picture of your baby being all serene? Be honest. Take a picture of your baby crying. Babies cry; it's normal.


Do it with onesies. 7

Get 12 onesies with the month number on them. You could even DIY them with some fabric markers. Then every month get your cutie in the correct onesie and snap away.

Let flowers mark the occasion. 8

Use flowers to show your baby's age. You can use whatever flowers are in season at the time.


Donut forget about donuts. 9

Donuts are a great way to count the months. What you do with them after taking the picture is up to you. We suggest you pair them with coffee.

Remember baby mugging? 10

It's when you take a picture with a mug so that it looks like your baby is in the mug. It's a perspective trick, and from our perspective, it's adorable.


Look in the fridge. 11

Eggs are eggcellent props for baby pics. Keep them in the carton, and shape a number out of them.

Consider using pumpkins in the fall. 12

When autumn rolls around, you can take some gourd-geous pictures with pumpkins. You don't have to put your baby in the pumpkin, but it's an option.


Would you like some fries with that baby? 13

Burger lovers can take care of dinner and baby's monthly pic at the same time. Fries are optional.


Go floral on floral. 14

Dress baby in a floral outfit that matches a floral arrangement. Sweetest wreath ever.


Throw in the towels. 15

You don't need fancy props. Look around your home for items you can use, like towels.

Get creative with chalkboards. 16

A chalkboard is a blank canvas. You can do all kinds of creative things with it.


Spell it out with baby. 17

Use your baby to help you spell out a word, like "love." You could do a different word every month.

You can't go wrong with balloons. 18

Nowadays, it's super easy to find number balloons. Stock up on all the numbers you'll need for your baby's first year.


Invest in a letter board. 19

Grab a letter board and you are set. Pull it out every month, and write whatever you like on it.

Get festive during the holidays. 20

The Easter Bunny, Santa, and all costumes are welcome during months that have holidays you celebrate. Costumes in general are cute on babies.