Cardi B reveals why she's going to be strict with daughter Kulture

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Cardi B might have had a wild past, but she said things could have been worse. After sharing a series of photos from her teenage years on Instagram and photos of her time as an exotic dancer, the rapper revealed that it was thanks to her strict parents that she managed to stay out of trouble.  

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"I was raised in the most strict home ever," she revealed in an Instagram post on Monday, November 4. "I'm so happy my parents were very strict cause if they [weren't] I have been dead, my face cut or a teenage mom." The Grammy winner also said that she plans on being just like her parents when her daughter, Kulture, is older. 

Cardi's throwback photos showed a glimpse of her younger years.

The rapper shared a series of photos from her youth as a warning to tell her younger fans to not make some mistakes that she made when she was just a teenager. "15 year old Cardi ...Dear little girls don’t smoke cigarettes or weed trying to look cool for the seniors cause you really gonna grow up and see how dumb you look doing it 😩😂😂," she captioned the pics. "Seriously tho what was I thinking?🤦🏽‍♀️anyways naaa my mustache was too much 😩😒😒😒."


Cardi revealed that she actually had strict parents.

"I always told my stories tho so don’t let pictures with piercings fool ya. Anyways KIDS there’s a difference between ABUSE and being STRICT. My parents were very strict and I’m thankful. Being strict it’s a form of love and protection," she shared. "Girls around my age were growing too fast and I though I could fool my momma but boy o boy she be knowing. If it wasn’t for the voice of my parents in the back off my head my life would have been way different."


The rapper said she will be just as strict with her baby girl.

Cardi became a mom to a little girl in July 2018, so now she knows what it is like to be raising a kid of her own. After all that she has been through, the rapper knows that when baby Kulture gets older, she will be adopting her mom and dad's parenting style to keep her little girl out of harm's way. "I hope when I’m strict to my daughter I hope she don’t think I’m 'mean' or 'I hate her' like I used to think of my parents," she wrote. "I’m just not trying to lead my kid in the wrong direction these roads have to offer."

Kulture's life will most likely be way different than her mom's.

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Cardi grew up in New York City and in her post she even shared that a party she was supposed to attend ended up being the scene of a shooting. Now that Cardi has made it big, Kulture will most likely not grow up in the same environment her mom did. But being strict or a firm parent can still prevent her baby girl from going down the wrong path, no matter where she grows up. Cardi might have had her baby at a young age, but she seems to already know what kind of mom she is going to be. 

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