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Pop culture and Hollywood often have a lot of influence when it comes to what people decide to name their babies. There have been plenty of TV shows and movie characters that have been the inspiration behind the names of many babies, and quickly became popular monikers for children around the name the films debuted or when the shows were on the air. 

There were many little ones named Rachel after the character from Friends in the 1990s. The name of the character from the HBO series Game of Thrones Khaleesi was also among the most popular names for newborn girls in 2018.

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Netflix is now a source of so many incredible shows and movies with characters that are super inspiring. The shows have become so popular and the streaming service has had major success with a lot of its projects. Shows like Stranger Things, The House of Flowers, and Orange Is the New Black are fan favorites and the characters have made quite an impact on viewers. 

Some of the character names on these shows are super cute and could definitely be worthy of inspiration for parents-to-be to name their babies. Scroll through to see some beautiful baby names inspired by your favorite Netflix shows and movies.

The 'House of Flowers' characters have great names. 1

The soap opera-inspired show has some of the most gorgeous names. Aislinn Derbez's character Elena de la Mora's name is so romantic and timeless, perfect for a little girl. 


The character Lara Jean was well-received by audiences. 2

Lana Condor played the lead role of Lara Jean in the hit movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Whether parents use both names or just "Lara" for their baby, the name is simple yet so beautiful. 


Rio in 'Money Heist' has a lot of heart. 3

The show's main characters used aliases inspired by different cities around the world. Rio, named after Rio de Janeiro, is a fun, cool name that would make your little boy stand out. 

The name Carla from the character in 'Elite' does sound pretty for a girl. 4

Ester Expósito plays Carla in the Netflix Spain show Elite. The name is traditionally spelled with a 'C' but more people have been spelling it with a 'K' in recent years, but it is just as pretty in its traditional form.


Denver is such a modern name. 5

Celebrities have been naming their kids after cities for years, so why can't everyone else? Denver from Money Heist is a strong option. 


Clay Jensen is one of the main characters in '13 Reasons Why.' 6

The show might be a bit heavy and controversial but the name Clay for a little boy is so cute. It's short and simple yet so adorable.


'House of Flowers' also has some great names for boys. 7

Dario Yazbek Bernal plays one of the main characters in the hit Netflix show. His name is Julian, which is beautiful in both English and Spanish. 

Verónica Castro's character in 'House of Flowers' was incredible. 8

The Mexican actress really stole the show with her role on the hit series. The name of the matriarch on the show was Virginia, and we really love that name for a baby girl.


Micaela from 'House of Flowers' is the funniest. 9

Micaela is such a sweet name for a girl. Alexa de Landa plays the funny and sarcastic Micaela in the Netflix series. 

'Tall Girl' was a hit teen movie for Netflix. 10

Ava Michelle was cast to play the role of Jodi, the main character in the Netflix movie. She might have had a tough time in high school for being taller than average, but at least she had a gorgeous name.


The big sister in 'Tall Girl' also had a beautiful name. 11

Sabrina Carpenter played Harper in Tall Girl. It's modern and fun but also so pretty. 

Tokio is one of the most fascinating characters in 'Money Heist.' 12

If you don't want to name your kid anything average, then this name from Money Heist is perfect for you. Your baby will surely stand out among the rest with a name like Tokio.


Dascha Polanco's character in 'Orange Is the New Black' had a beautiful name. 13

The Netflix show was such a hit and it was full of so many amazing characters. Dascha played Dayanara and they called her Daya for short, and it is so pretty.

Elizabeth Rodriguez also starred in 'OITNB' and her name was awesome. 14

The actress played Aleida in Orange Is the New Black and there is something about this name that makes it just so stunning.


'Raising Dion' is such a great show. 15

The show is about a little boy who is learning how to control and use his superpowers. His name is Dion and that is a pretty great name for a little boy.

Every superhero needs a great sidekick and a little bit of hope. 16

Sammi Haney is playing the coolest superhero sidekick and BFF in the show Raising Dion and her character's name --Esperanza-- is pretty perfect. 


'Stranger Things' is one of Netflix's most popular shows. 17

Celebrities have named their kids after numbers before but the Stranger Things character Eleven makes us think naming a baby after a number doesn't sound half bad.