Jennifer Lopez's twins Max & Emme serenade her with the sweetest song

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Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez's children are starting to come into their own. The twins, Emme and Max, have been making appearances on their mom's social media and showing the world more of what they are about. One thing is for certain: At just 11 years old, the kids are already showing so much promise when it comes to their talents. 

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J.Lo has exposed them to so much in their childhood, from seeing her perform live in front of thousands to taking them to her movie premieres--so the kids know that being entertainers runs in their blood. They are already putting on shows for their family, and a new clip of them performing a song shows that they would make the perfect brother-and-sister duo. 

Max took over the singing this time around!

The Hustlers star shared a video of her kiddos serenading the family before dinner on Tuesday, September 24, and it was amazing. "My heart can’t take it... 😊♥️🙏🏼 🎸🎤 #coconuts #familia #dinnertableserenade #música," she captioned the clip. Max sang his own rendition of Vance Joy's "Riptide," and he sounded so beautiful. His sister accompanied him on the guitar, showing again just how multitalented she is. Jen's son was feeling the performance, and he said, "Let's do that again. I liked it!"


Emme's incredible talent has been the talk of the town.

Emme performed with her mom on tour all summer, so her talents have been all J.Lo has been talking about lately. Both kids come from two super-talented parents, and they seem to take after both their mom and their dad, Marc Anthony. 


J.Lo's kids are already showing interests in a ton of different things.

They have acted in school plays and put on shows for their families, but Jen still doesn't want them to feel pressured into being in the spotlight. While she says daughter Emme is a "renaissance" girl and is interested in a ton of things, she said her son is more into technology and learning how to code. But perhaps after nailing this song, Max will also have a change of heart and join the family business.

The kids have been a part of Jen's career since they were born.

They have traveled all over the world with their mom and have watched  how hard she works in whatever she takes on, so they have a great example to follow no matter what they choose to do. Their dad is one of the most celebrated salsa singers on the planet, so it's in their veins to be superstars. Only time will tell!

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