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Marc Anthony/Instagram

Marc Anthony has a special talent when it comes to captivating thousands of people with his voice. The singer commands the attention of anyone who hears him, and he truly knows how to work the stage. Although he's been providing us with some timeless salsa hits for decades, and he is truly living out his calling of being an entertainer, Marc's best role is his role as a father. 

Seeing Marc around his kids, it's clear that that is where he really shines. He shares a special bond with each of his six children, and the love they have for one another is clear in the photos he shares of them. He posts quite often on Instagram, but it's only rarely that he shares photos from his personal life,. When he does, however, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

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The pics and videos he has shared of twins Emme and Max--whom he shares with Jennifer Lopez--are truly heart-melting. He adores his little girl, and he and Max are the tightest father-and-son duo. He shares two kids with ex-wife Dayanara Torres, Cristian and Ryan, and they both look just like him when he was a teenager. It's mesmerizing. He shares daughter Arianna with ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado, and together they adopted their son, Chase. 

Marc is beloved by millions of fans around the world, but his biggest fans are his six kids. The singer is truly at his best when he's around them, and these photos prove it. Scroll through to see some of Marc's sweetest dad moments with his kids.

When Marc's mother died, his kids ran to be by his side. 1

All six of his kids surrounded him with love during the tough time. Marc might have lost his mom, but at least he had the love of his kids to make him smile.


He's always there for his kids' biggest moments. 2

He might be a busy guy, but he always shows up when it matters. For any of his twins' events at school, Marc seems to be present--and that's what it's all about. 


Dayanara is happy to have Marc around her kids, too. 3

A son needs his dad to be present. Marc was there for his son's graduation in 2019, and, of course, they had to pose for a family pic.

Marc and his boys are inseparable. 4

It's incredible how much Cristian and Ryan look like Marc when he was younger! The best part is that he tries to keep all his children close to each other.


Marc and J.Lo were so happy about the arrival of their babies. 5

The two singers seemed like the happiest little family when they were married. They made quite a celebrity duo, and seeing them welcome children together was so special. 


Arianna's bond with her dad is special. 6

There is nothing like a dad's love for his daughters. Marc was just in his 20s when he became a dad for the first time. 


This sweet father-and-daughter moment can make just about anyone cry. 7

Anyone who has had a close bond with their father can relate to this. Marc shared a sweet black-and-white snap of him and daughter Emme, and he adorably captioned it: "I don't know where you end and I begin Emme!!"

Arianna has kept away from the public eye. 8

Although we don't see or hear about her often, every time these two get together, there's nothing but love between them. 


Marc Anthony spends quality time with his boys. 9

Everyone was so shocked to see how much his kids with Dayanara had grown! He might not post pics his kids a lot, but this father-and-sons selfie was too adorable.

He cares about his kids, so he knows he has to keep the peace. 10

Marc is an expert at keeping the peace ever since his split from J.Lo. No matter whom she has dated, Marc hasn't allowed that to stop him from being around his kids, and he's even friendly with his ex's new beaus.


Marc makes it known that he's there for his kids. 11

The salsero might tour every year, but he doesn't miss out on his kids' dance recitals. He even posed for a pic with Alex Rodriguez, J.Lo, and his kids. What a lovely blended family.

He knows it's important to keep things positive. 12

There seems to be no drama between the exes, and that's always healthy for the kids. Even if their parents are divorced, Emme and Max know there is no bad blood between their mom and dad. 


Marc Anthony knows his little girl runs his world. 13

Marc adores Emme, that's for sure. The singer even let her paint his nails, and he didn't even flinch--just to make her smile.

Marc was surrounded by love for his 50th. 14

The salsero was accompanied by his good-looking kiddos at his 50th birthday party. What kind of birthday celebration would it be if his kids weren't there?


Marc dancing with Emme was one of the best moments. 15

Emme was teaching her dad how to floss, and it was such a special moment. The trendy dance might have faded since then, but this memory of them together will live on forever.

Emme and Max are tiny versions of Marc. 16

Both of them look so much like him and act like him, too. Max has his dad's fiery personality, while Emme inherited his incredible talent.


He shared the most beautiful post for his firstborn on her birthday. 17

"Happy birthday to my beautiful Ari. You're always gonna be daddy's little girl!!! My baby you...I love you so much ❤️," he captioned the pic in 2016. He reminded the world that his hit song "My Baby You" was inspired by the love he has for his little girl.