Kylie Jenner & daughter Stormi answer Ellen's 'Burning Questions' & it's the cutest thing ever

Kyle Jenner and Stormi
The Ellen Show/YouTube

Ellen DeGeneres put Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi Webster in the hot seat and asked them some "Burning Questions" that we're all dying to know the answers to. The questions ranged from what is the biggest mess that Stormi has ever made to what Travis Scott smells like to who loves Stormi the most.

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Aside from getting the answers to all the burning questions, the best part is watching how Kylie and Stormi interact. They are adordable together. Kylie is so sweet to Stormi. Stormi is all charming and chatty with the cutest baby voice EVER.

Check out Stormi's guilty looking face!

This expression is perfect considering Kylie was being asked about Stormi's biggest mess to date. Let's just say it involves M&Ms, which Stormi loves, and a white couch. Kylie, we could have told you that babies and white couches don't play well together!


Guess which celeb Kylie would like to collaborate with?

It's Stormi! Kylie would like to collaborate with her own daughter! Might we suggest a line of children's clothing or a mommy and me fashion label since the two often dress alike?


Stormi isn't afraid to hurt her mother's feelings.

When asked who loves her the most, Stormi enthusiastically answers: "Daddy." Her daddy, of course, is the famous rapper. How funny is Kylie's reaction, though?

Speaking of Travis, Kylie answered a super personal question about him.

In case you are wondering what Travis smells like, according to Kylie he smells like "fresh shower and fresh cologne." Oh, and "he also smells like weed a lot." Notice how Stormi seems to be plugging her ears as if to trying not to hear about how her dad smells like weed.


The whole video is just so charming!

Watch to find out the answers to more burning questions like "What's the strangest thing Kylie is afraid of?" or "What's the funniest thing Travis Scott does?" Plus, you get to see Stormi hit that red button over and over. And she seems to be having the most fun!

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