One thing we would like to mention to Alex and you.

It's funny and cute that Alex follows his daughters on social media with a burner account, and we are very in favor of keeping an eye on what your kids do online. Another thing that we are also really in favor of is not letting your kids be on social media before they should be according to the terms of service of each platform.

Each social media platform has an age requirement in its terms of service. For Instagram, the age is 13. If your child is not 13 years old, they're not even supposed to have an account on Instagram, so maybe don't let them get on the platform until they are actually 13. Just sayin'.

In Alex's case, this means that Natasha is old enough to be on Instagram, but Ella still has a couple of years to go. We know that kids are eager to be on social media, but why rush it? They already grow up so fast.


Learn more about Alex's own podcast here.

The podcast is described as "the business podcast for the people." The hosts, Alex Rodriguez and Dan Katz, interview "industry leaders, sports legends, and entrepreneurs on what makes them successful in their specific profession."

Alex mentioned in the Chicks in the Office that the second season of The Corp would be coming at the end of August, with two episodes dropping a week.

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