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Kylie Jenner is already passing her incredible style down to her baby girl, Stormi Webster. At just 2 years old, Stormi already has a wardrobe that most grownups could only dream of. The best part is that she often dresses just like her famous mom. Kylie is a trendsetter and always dresses to the nines, and she makes sure that her daughter is just as glamorous as she is. 

The mom and daughter duo have been known to rock matching outfits and Kylie often has custom designs made for her and her little one. How cute is that? Everything is so carefully planned for Kylie and what she wears, and what goes into her baby's closet follows the same pattern.

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Kylie makes sure she packs matching clothes and even bathing suits whenever she travels with her daughter, and it's honestly so adorable. They look like they have such a great time together and this is a special time for the makeup mogul as a mom to spend with her little one. 

Stormi is already used to the finer things in life, and dressing in designer clothes that are made especially for her is part of that lifestyle. Kylie seems to really be enjoying her new life as a mom and seeing her playing dress-up with her kid is the cutest thing. Scroll through to see some of Stormi and Kylie's cutest twinning moments.

These two are goals. 1

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my mini 🤍🤍

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Kylie and her baby girl always look so well-dressed and put-together but even more so when they are dressed alike. Kylie sported this matching one-piece bodysuit with her baby girl, except she wore heels and the little one wore sneakers.


Kylie makes sure her daughter is dressed to impress. 2

Kylie and Stormi wore the most gorgeous emerald green gowns for the family's annual Christmas Eve part in December 2019. The color and designs are absolutely stunning, and they really are one of the best mom-daughter duos out there.


Matching Christmas pajamas are a must. 3

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Merry Christmas 🎁

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Matching pajamas flooded every social media platform for Christmas 2019. Kylie and Stormi didn't miss out on the trend, and posed for the cutest mommy and me Christmas pic in front of their giant tree. 

Stormi looks amazing even in the snow. 4

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storm’s first snow trip ⚡️🌨

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Her mom made sure to deck her out in the coolest snow gear for her first skiing trip! Kylie shared videos of Stormi snowboarding and she looked adorable in an all-white suit that protected her from the cold and the snow.


Kylie made sure they matched for Stormi's birthday. 5

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#stormiworld ⚡️🤍

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Stormi turned two in February 2020 and Kylie threw her yet another massive birthday party. The pair wore sparkling pink ensembles to the celebration and looked super cute and comfy for a day full of fun.


Their vacation style is unmatched. 6

Kylie and her friends headed out for a girls' trip in March 2020 and Stormi went along for the adventure. Kylie dressed her baby in a matching baby pink dress and they both look amazing during their tropical vacation. 


Kylie and Stormi were twinning while cruising through Italy. 7

It is not enough for Kylie to always look her best. The mogul makes sure her baby looks just as good as she does, no matter where they are. These adorable denim dresses are so cute, and then look casual yet still so chic.

They match down to the socks. 8

Matching dresses aren't enough for these two. Kylie made sure to get matching white sneakers and ankle socks for herself and her little girl. Kylie used to be a major fan of glam outfits and high heels, but since she became a mom her style has gotten a bit more laid-back. So cute!


They both looked so pretty in white. 9

Kylie looked gorgeous in all of her vacation outfits in Italy in August 2019. She looked so polished in her white ensemble and her baby girl was happily coordinating with her mamá. 

Mamá Kylie hasn't stopped wearing sexy dresses. 10

She wore this form-fitting dress and looked amazing. She also made sure her little girl had a matching outfit made from the same fabric. The design looks a bit like tie-dye but instead of bright colors, it has more earthy looking tones like orange and brown.


The mom and daughter rock their matching outfits wherever they go. 11

Kylie and Stormi rocked matching striped bathing suits during a vacation in Turks and Caicos in 2019, and looked so cute! The billionaire is for sure showing her baby girl how to live the good life and now she has become her mom's main travel buddy. 

Kylie kicked off her baby girl's first birthday at the beach. 12

Kylie had a tropical celebration a month ahead of Stormi's first birthday in January 2019. They headed off on vacation and made sure they had matching neon bathing suits.


Kylie always dresses to impress. 13

For the famous family's Christmas Eve party in 2018, Kylie had a custom gown made for herself. Of course, baby Stormi wore a little outfit made out of the same fabric as her mom's dress.

Kylie is so in love with her mini-me. 14

The pair loves to travel in style but comfortably. These gray ensembles are so cozy and cute. And like a true fashionista, Kylie always makes sure her baby's airport outfits are on point.


Kylie went all out for her baby's first Halloween. 15

Ky was inspired by her baby's name and had custom-made costumes of a storm made for them for Stormi's first Halloween. The mamá's dress was completely covered in what looked like cotton and she paired it with a platinum blond wig. 

One Halloween costume wasn't enough! 16

The mom and daughter were the prettiest butterflies for Halloween 2018. The costumes were symbolic because the kid's name is said to be inspired by a storm that could be caused by the flap of a butterfly's wing. 


Stormi has been rocking designer looks since birth. 17

Kylie was decked out in a Fendi dress that fit her like a glove, just months after giving birth in 2018 and looked like the cutest and hippest mom ever. We might not be able to see Stormi, but her stroller is also Fendi, and she is already keeping up with her mom's love for designer gear. 

Stormi rocked an all-black outfit for a family party. 18

Her mamá wore a matching long-sleeved gown that fit her so well, and they both honestly look so cute together. Normally babies aren't dressed in black, but the Kardashian-Jenner sisters don't shy away from dressing their kids in  dark colors. 


Kylie looks great even when she dresses down. 19

She has a way of making simple shorts and a white T-shirt look so stylish, polished and put-together. If you look closely, baby Stormi was wearing similar shorts as her momma and we really adore it. So cute!

Kylie and Stormi know how to stay warm. 20

They might live in California but a cute jacket and leather pants always works. Kylie looked so chic in this leather jacket and her baby girl was killing it in a Burberry coat. Stormi's pants match her mom's jacket perfectly and these two are the most stylist duo.