Kim Kardashian let North West wear a nose ring & people are furious

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Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The Kardashian moms are facing yet another parenting scandal. This time, it's Kim Kardashian who is dealing with major criticism from fans after her firstborn, North West, was spotted wearing a nose ring to a family party. It is almost hard to believe that it's 2019 and women are still being mommy-shamed this way.

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Kim anticipated the backlash and took to her Instagram story to let it be known that the nose ring was fake, but that didn't stop people from sharing their opinions about what a 6-year-old should and should not be allowed to do. Of course, the KKW Beauty founder is no stranger to criticism about her parenting, so we're sure she won't lose sleep over people's comments about her.

Kim and North posed for some cute mom-and-daughter pics.

The mom-and-daughter duo attended the 85th birthday party for Kim's grandmother Mary Jo Campbell and posed for pics inside the photo booth. They both looked so gorgeous, and in the pic, if you look closely, you can see North's new nose ring.


North proved that she's a style queen and rocked several accessories.

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The stylish 6-year-old is known for having her own fashion sense already, so it comes as no surprise that she knows how to accessorize. She rocked her cute outfit with some chic sunglasses and her nose jewelry while she posed for pics with her family. 


Kim shared the photo on her Instagram story with a message to her fans.

Kim made sure to let people know that she didn't let her daughter get a piercing. She shared the pic of her little one with her aunties Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian and her cousins. She added a message to combat the criticism, writing: "Fake nose ring alert!!!" 

The photos circulated online, and people had plenty to say.

"Nose ring??? 🙄 I can't , I'm sorry. Let these kids be kids while they can," one fan commented. Another wrote: "I love your family !!! Please North is too young to have [an] earring in her nose."

One fan wrote a scathing comment toward Kim. "Oh geez, not again, enough with constant application of make up on your little 5 yr old... dress ups is played at home while playing, not when going out, this is KIMS DOING," she wrote. "Poor kid is going to grow up with body dysmorphia just like Kim and want a plastic face and body by the time she’s 10 lol."


Kim has had to defend her parenting many times.

It seems like someone always has something to say when Kim shares photos of her babies on Instagram. While sharing pics online does open the door for people's comments and criticism, parents' choices on how they raise their babies are not up for debate. If Kim wants to let her little girl explore her fashion sense, even if she is only 6, then that's her decision.

While some fans said that playing dress-up is usually reserved for private family moments, no part of Kim's life has been reserved from the public in more than a decade, so it's almost a given that she shares these moments with the world, too. And if she didn't, people would still have plenty to say, so she might as well do things her way.

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