Lupillo Rivera surprised his daughter with a gorgeous quinceañera

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Lupillo Rivera threw his daughter Lupita Karizma an incredible surprise quinceañera before his ex-wife Mayeli Alonso had the chance to throw her one. He also dedicated the sweetest message to his daughter, which he delivered through tears. The singer has received a lot of praise but also criticism for the thoughtful gesture, but the only thing that matters is his daughter's reaction.

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Karizma, which is how she prefers to be called, was so happy at her 15th birthday party. The surprise that her dad threw for her was carefully planned down to the last detail. Her friends were in attendance, as well as plenty of family members, including her grandmother Doña Rosa, her aunt Rosie, uncles Juan and Pedro, and her cousins from the Rivera side. Her mom wasn't there, as she is also planning to throw her own party for her daughter and is not inviting the Rivera clan.

Mayeli's reaction was a bit stranger. You have to see it for yourself. Perhaps she wanted to express her indifference, but she wasn't able to do so. At least Karizma looked gorgeous, and she seemed to have a great time while enjoying the mariachi band and a DJ that had everyone on the dance floor. And seeing her dance with her father was just too cute.

The surprise party started with a surprise walk.

Karizma didn't know what was going on. Her dad covered her eyes and took her to a garden, where her loved ones were waiting for her. That's when he gave his sweet speech and explained that the loved ones who were present would "take care" of her if he wasn't around. He broke down into tears and was so emotional. He then told her he had makeup and hairstylists waiting to make her look glamorous, as well as a dress that was waiting for her on a mannequin. She also had five stunning headpieces to choose from.


When she was ready, they headed back to the garden and got the party started.

Lupillo organized such a spectacular party, and it had such lovely decorations. He also made sure the celebration had the right entertainment and hired a DJ along with a mariachi band.


Lupillo also made sure the moment was beautifully captured.

Karizma looked so beautiful, and it took her only an hour to get dolled up! He also had a photographer handy and set up a photo shoot so that his daughter would have pics to look back on this special day.


Lupillo's youngest daughter looked like a queen.

The party was so well planned, and it was any girl's dream. It was awash in pink, and we can only imagine how her second party will be.

The dessert table was breathtaking.

It was decorated so beautiful and on trend, with the number 15 in the background and silver, white, and pink balloons, and the table was fully covered with sweets and other treats.


Her grandma and uncle were in attendance.

"Happy to gift her with my most priced treasure, my Bible, the word of God. We're all so happy celebrating her 15th," Lupillo's mom captioned this adorable pic with her granddaughter. 

Her dance with her father was such a special moment.

Lupillo held his baby girl in his arms, and they danced the traditional father-and-daughter dance. That's a moment they'll always remember.


The DJ really got the party started.

What's a party without a whole lot of dancing? Lupillo and his kids danced the night away at the celebration, and they looked like they had a blast.


While the Rivera family celebrated her daughter, Mayeli Alonso published this.

Mayeli seemed totally unbothered in the video she shared the day of the party. After all, she's got her own party in the works for her daughter.

Karizma turns 15 on August 4.

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One rose is enough for the dawn.🌹

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Her mom said she has postponed the party for now, but she's still planning it. We'll have to wait and see if the second party really goes down and if it's as over the top as the first.

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