Jennifer Lopez's kids jump into action to cheer her up after canceled NYC show

jennifer lopez concert
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Life happens, even to superstars. Jennifer Lopez was ready to put on quite a show on her second night at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, July 13, when a massive power outage caused her to cancel her concert. The singer was there for her NYC stop from her It's My Party Tour, but was crushed when authorities pulled the plug on the show for safety reasons, urging everyone to evacuate the venue. 

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Like the professional she is, Jen was disappointed that she didn't get to put on a performance for her thousands of adoring fans and she went home with a broken heart. When she arrived, her and fiance Alex Rodriguez's kids were concerned for her and planned the most adorable surprise to sweetly cheer her up with their own performance.

Jennifer Lopez shared a video diary of what went down that night.

J.Lo's tour diary showed what went down behind the scenes during the blackout. She shared a full video on YouTube on Monday, July 15, and it shows just how upset Jen was about the situation which she had no control over. 


Jen's show was one of the many things that were affected by the blackout.

The city that never sleeps came to a sudden halt on Saturday night when an unexplained power outage hit parts of the city. Businesses and venues down 8th Avenue were among the affected, so Madison Square Garden officials were forced to cancel the show. J.Lo was disappointed and had to go out on stage to calm her fans, who were waiting for the show to continue, as she had only performed a couple of songs.


Jen took to Instagram to give her fans an update on the situation.

She let her fans know that she had to cancel the show due to the blackout, since the venue couldn't support the show for more than 30 minutes. She apologized and promised she would do her best to return.

The girls crowded around Jen and asked her how she was doing after the ordeal.

The girls crowded around Jen and asked her how she was doing after the ordeal.

Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

Like any performer, Jen's main priority was making her fans happy and knowing that they had spent their hard-earned money to see her live and they didn't really upset her. "Are you OK?" one of Alex's daughters asked her. She said: "I'm fine. I feel so bad." Ella then said, "We're going to go make you happy." 


The kids choreographed an entire routine and put on a show for Jen.

Because she couldn't put on a show for her fans, the kids got together and created one for her. Her daughter Emme, her niece Lucie, and Alex Rodriguez's daughters all were in on it. They performed to the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy," creating their own dance moves. And it definitely cheered the singer up a lot. Jennifer managed to reschedule the show for Monday night, but she must be thrilled to know her kids, her family, always have her back.