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There seems to have been a shift in the dated stereotypes of how moms should be and act. Years ago, a woman was expected to be and act a certain way after welcoming children, but those days are over. Moms are taking back their power and allowing themselves to be their true selves while raising their little ones--and that's so liberating. 

The best part is that their kids get to experience their authentic selves, which makes them so cool. Alejandra Espinoza shares her incredible sense of humor and sense of style with her little boy and that is already shining through in his personality. Those two are like two peas in a pod!

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Moms like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B are redefining what it means to be a young mom. Both stars welcomed baby girls in their early 20s, but that hasn't slowed them or their careers down one bit. They have continued to be themselves and haven't had to tone themselves down one bit. The makeup mogul and the rapper have turned up the sexy in their clothes and have continued having major success professionally, too. Now, that's so cool. 

Other celebrity moms are so cool just based on how they are with their kids. Jennifer Lopez has so much fun with her kiddos, taking them to Ariana Grande concerts and teaching them her choreography. Moms like Snooki and Chrissy Teigen haven't let having kids limit them from speaking their minds and having hilarious personalities and that makes them the coolest. Scroll through to check out these famous mamás who inspire us to be our total selves. 

Alejandra Espinoza and her little boy have the best relationship. 1

The TV personality's son Mateo is already so full of this big personality. The best part is that he gets a lot of his humor from his famous mamá and these two are not only mother and son, but also the best of friends.


Kylie Jenner is a young and hip mom. 2

Kylie and her little girl, Stormi, are the best of friends. They often dress alike and Kylie makes her daughter tiny replicas of her own outfits--except that the makeup mogul's outfits are usually a little tighter and sexier. 


Sofía Vergara and her son have the coolest relationship. 3

The Modern Family star and her son Manolo share such a close bond. They are also super silly together and since she had him when she was so young, they both practically grew up together.

Cardi B is still the same person. 4

Mommyhood hasn't changed Cardi's wild personality one bit. She continues to have the same sass and doing things on her terms, no matter what anyone says.


Kim Kardashian has turned up the sexy since becoming a mom. 5

Kim hasn't let being a mother of four tame her. She continues to do her thing, while always being there for kids. If anything, having her kids has upped her sexy factor.


Eva Longoria is cool enough to not take being a mom too seriously. 6

She has so much fun with her little boy! Baby Santiago wore his hair in a tiny mohawk on the red carpet and Eva was loving it. Eva has never looked happier and Santi looks like the cheeriest baby ever.


Who is a more awesome mom than Jennifer Lopez? 7

Jennifer Lopez is just the coolest mom on the planet. Not only is she one of the best entertainers in the game, but when she's home around her kids she's also full of light and a good attitude. The pics and videos Alex Rodriguez shares shows just how much fun they all have together.

Snooki is a mom of three. 8

The Jersey Shore star is nothing like she was on the reality show, but she still has a larger-than-life personality and we love it! She's still the funny and fiery woman MTV fans know and love, but now she raising her kids with the same spark.


Kourtney Kardashian is passing down her coolness to her kids. 9

Kourt is known as one of the most chill sisters from the Kardashian clan. From her zen attitude and chic style, her daughter Penelope and sons Reign and Mason are already starting to act just like her.

Aislinn Derbez has continued to live her life on her own terms. 10

Who says parents of young babies can't travel? Aislinn and her hubby, Muricio Ochmann, have been going on vacations and adventures ever since she welcomed her baby girl into the world. 


Meghan Markle is already easing into her role as a cool mamá. 11

Meghan Markle is already easing into her role as a cool mamá.

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Just look how chic she looks in this green dress and shades while casually carrying her son, Archie. She had critics going crazy about the way she's holding the baby, but she looks completely at ease to us. You would think she has done this before, but she's a true natural.

Beyoncé and her daughter make such a great match. 12

Beyoncé keeps little Blue Ivy in style at all times. The mom and daughter duo shut down any red carpet they walk down together, and Blue already has her mom's confidence.


Victoria Beckham is the coolest fashion-forward mom. 13

Victoria looks incredible and that outfit! Stunning. A mom who wears an all-white ensemble is brave and courageous--and also cooler than cool.

Pink is still tough as nails. 14

She was known as a outspoken singer for most of her career, and having kids hasn't changed that. She's quick to respond to any haters on social media when it comes to her kids, and shows us she is still the Pink we knew back then.


Chrissy Teigen still doesn't bite her tongue. 15

Chrissy is the funny mom. The cookbook author and model doesn't let anyone shame her parenting and always uses her wit and sense of humor to fire back at mommy shamers. 

Serena Williams is one powerful mom. 16

Serena is setting an example for her daughter, Olympia, of what a powerful woman looks like. The tennis player has jumped right back into the sport after becoming a mom and that is the coolest.