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Having kids is no excuse to let go of ourselves. In fact, having little ones to look after should only serve as inspiration for moms to take better care of themselves in all ways--physically, emotionally, and mentally. As we get older, we require a little more self-care and time to really make sure we are being our best selves. There are plenty of celebrity moms who show us that it is possible to get better with age and that, sometimes, kids help us look even better than we did before we had them. 

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There are moms over the age of 40 who are killing it right now and living their best lives all while caring for their children. While some mamás had babies later in life, like Eva Longoria and Gabrielle Union, other stars have already had their kids leave the nest, and they are now enjoying the next stage of their lives.

Thalía, on the other hand, has two kids of her own, and while she looks amazing, her youthful spirit is also a good reminder that we are only as young as we feel within. Life doesn't stop after kids, and we shouldn't stop caring for ourselves just because we are responsible for the lives of others. 

There are a lot of celeb mothers who inspire us every day by showing that we can look amazing at any age. Scroll through to see some awe-inspiring pics of famous mamás who are over 40 years old and are still totally killing it. 

Kourtney Kardashian looks the best she's ever looked. 1

Something transformed in Kourtney after she had her third child, Reign. While she has always been gorgeous, she definitely stepped it up a notch and has been looking so darn good. She welcomed her 40th year of life in 2019 looking the best she ever has. 


Karla Martínez's good attitude is contagious. 2

You can't see a photo of Karla or watch her on television without smiling. The mom of two is 43, and she definitely looks as radiant as ever. 


This list wouldn't be complete without Jennifer Lopez. 3

This list wouldn't be complete without Jennifer Lopez.

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J.Lo is for sure proof that age is nothing but a number. Jen is a powerhouse in all that she does, and being a mom to two kids--and being close to her 50th birthday--hasn't slowed her down one bit. And we have a feeling she's nowhere near being done. 

Shakira looks like a teenager. 4

From her bare face and wild hair to her petite and toned frame, there is no way to tell that Shakira is over 40. The mom of two stays smiling and active, and she spends a lot of time in the gym preparing for her giant tours--and it definitely shows. 


Thalía hasn't aged one bit. 5

She looks the same as she did in her novela days. The only difference is that she is now 47 and is the mom of two adorable kids, Sabrina and Matthew.


Ana Bárbara is absolutely mesmerizing. 6

It is almost hard to believe that the singer is 48. She shares so many workout videos on Instagram, and her killer body and sexy pics show us that age doesn't slow anything down.


Ninel Conde makes herself a priority. 7

Ninel always finds time to hit the gym, no matter how hectic her schedule is. Prioritizing her own well-being not only keeps her looking good but helps her be in better shape to look after her two kiddos. 

Aracely Arámbula just leaves us in awe. 8

Aracely started acting when she was very young. She was always gorgeous on and off the screen, but after becoming a mom, the actress has transformed so much physically. She spends a lot of time in the gym, and her muscular arms and abs are the proof. 


Eva Longoria is the most radiant mom. 9

Eva Longoria is the most radiant mom.

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Eva welcomed her first child in 2018 when she was 43. Ever since then, the new mamá has focused on her career but also on making sure that she takes time to work out to get back to her pre-baby self.

Gabrielle Union looks like a teenager still. 10

The actress has been open about her tricks for staying forever young. Saying "no" and drinking a gallon of water a day are among them, but the glow that came from welcoming her first child in 2018 has her looking more beautiful than ever before. 


Paulina Rubio will always have a young and wild spirit. 11

Who is cooler than Paulina? At 48, she still continues to be the same free spirit and fun person that fans have come to know and love through the years. 

Roselyn Sánchez is a knockout. 12

Two kids later and the Puerto Rican actress is proof that Latinas age like a fine wine. She's well into her 40s, but Roselyn is as beautiful as can be.


Dayanara Torres will forever be our beauty queen. 13

It's hard to believe that her first child already graduated high school! Decades have passed since she accepted the Miss Universe crown in 1993, but her beauty hasn't faded one bit since. 

Bárbara Mori was a young mom. 14

Bárbara welcomed her son, Sergio, when she was 20. She is now 41 and a grandma, but she hasn't aged one bit. 


Gloria Trevi looks the best she's ever looked. 15

At 51, the Mexican singer has seriously never looked better. She is a mom to three kids, but she continues to kill it onstage all while looking stunning.

Mariah Carey looks like the happiest woman. 16

The Grammy-winning singer has been stealing hearts with her smile since the '80s. Her twins Moroccan and Monroe keep her glowing and smiling these days, and she looks so happy.


Salma Hayek is one of a kind. 17

The Mexican actress has been a sex symbol for decades. Now that she is in her 50s, she is proving that sex appeal doesn't have an expiration date. 

Gwen Stefani has not aged one bit. 18

Gwen Stefani has not aged one bit.

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She looks exactly like she did when No Doubt first burst onto the scene in the '90s. She might be 49 now and a mom to three gorgeous kids, but the singer is still one beautiful rock star. 


Fanny Lu is seriously aging in reverse. 19

The Colombian singer looks incredible these days. At 46, she has two kids, and she has continued to keep herself looking so good through the years.

Penelope Cruz is timeless. 20

Penelope Cruz is timeless.

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Penelope has looked exactly the same for as long as we can remember. The actress is 45 and has two kids. There's no denying that her beauty will always stand the test of time.


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