kim kardashian penelope north birthday party
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The Kardashian-Jenner kids' birthday parties are absolute goals. The family spares no expense when it comes to celebrating another year of life for their little ones. Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney have been throwing joint birthday parties for their two girls, North West and Penelope Disick, for the past few years--and the parties never disappoint. 

The girls have birthdays just a few weeks apart. North turned 6 on Saturday, June 15, while her big cousin turns 7 on July 8. The famous moms usually stick to a theme for their girls' celebration, and this year the theme was Candy Land--and it was epic! The party took place on Saturday, on North's actual birthday, and it looked like a total rainbow and candy explosion. 

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So, of course, the house was decorated with giant candy, lollipops, and colorful balloons, and the backyard was transformed into a board game. The girls kept their outfits colorful and funky, and they totally fit the theme. Kourt and Kim might be onto something here by celebrating their kids' birthdays together, as we can imagine just how expensive the price tag is for an elaborate party like the ones they throw. The famous family and their friends were in attendance, and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves, so in cases like these, money can buy happiness. 

We loved the girls' unicorn-themed birthday party, their Moana-inspired celebration, and their mermaid-themed soiree from the past few years, but this one definitely takes the cake. Take a look at some of the most adorable pics the Kardashians shared from the party, including photos of their decked-out backyard, a Mister Softee ice cream truck, and the grown-ups having the most fun. 

The girls have been having joint parties for a few years now. 1

North and P are inseparable, so it makes sense that they celebrate their birthdays together, even though their birthdays are three weeks apart. Last year they had a unicorn-themed party, and in years prior they shared Moana-themed and mermaid-themed soirees.


The two cousins dressed up in the most vibrant outfits this year. 2

It was all about the bright colors and funky clothes for their Candy Land theme this year. North and Penelope usually wear matching outfits, but this year they kept their own styles and just coordinated with their use of funky colors and hair styles.


The girls posed for pics with their friends and looked so cute! 3

North and Penelope posed for pics with Sophia Pippen, who is Larsa and Scottie Pippen's daughter. The girls have been friends for years!

The birthday girl was all smiles on her way to her party. 4

Kim shared a video with Northie sitting in the back seat. The birthday girl was smiling so big while singing along to a Michael Jackson song. She was definitely ready to party.


A candy-filled cake has become a tradition for their birthday parties. 5

These cakes are so intense! We can only imagine the sugar rushes these kids get whenever they have a slice of these magical, candy-filled cakes.


The entrance was hard to miss. 6

Kim and Kourt decked out the home in giant lollipops and balloons to go along with the Candy Land theme. Thanks to the array of colorful balloons and decorations in the entrance to the house, guests knew exactly where the party would be taking place. 


Grandma Kris Jenner gave in to her sweet tooth. 7

Kris grabbed a lollipop from a candy-filled room while she carried her granddaughter Chicago. There was candy all over, and some lollipops were even hanging from the roof!

Mamá Kourtney definitely looked proud of the party. 8

Penelope's mom jumped around and looked happy with the way the girls' party turned out. We would be proud, too! It turned out amazing.


They had an entire board game re-created on the lawn. 9

Kim showed her fans a glimpse of all the thought and detail that went into the celebration. They re-created the Candy Land board, creating colorful pathways that resemble the actual game. So cool!

The moms hired an ice cream truck to come to the party! 10

Kids lined up in front of a Mister Softee ice cream truck parked at the party for soft-serve treats that were covered in sprinkles. What a great idea!


Even the adults seemed to be having a great time. 11

While the kids were busy filling their bellies with as much candy as they could handle, the grown-ups, who are Kourtney's and Kim's friends, were also living it up and dancing along to some fun tunes in the background. 

The dessert table was fully covered with candy. 12

They even spelled up "Happy B-Day Penelope + North" using candy! Now that's creative.