Alex Rodriguez dad moments
Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Alex Rodriguez has had one of the best rebrandings in entertainment. From his controversial baseball career as a Yankees player to now being the talk of the town for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, the one side of Alex that always stands out is seeing him in his role as a dad. A-Rod was once one of the most famous and popular MLB players. Since he retired, he's taken on a new career as a television host and also has way more time to spend with his two kids. 

The athlete's two girls, Ella and Natasha, are the center of his world. He adores his little girls, and he's not afraid to show his silly side to make them smile, even if it means embarrassing them a little. That's what being a dad is all about, right?

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What's even better is that Alex is now extending his dad skills beyond his own kids and showing that he's also a great stepdad (or at least, soon-to-be). Seeing how loving and involved he is with J.Lo's twins is the sweetest! He goes above and beyond to be there for them and includes them just as much as his own kids. While the twins' dad, Marc Anthony, is still in their lives, it's good that J.Lo's future husband is ready to roll up his sleeves and be another person they can count on. 

Jen and Alex have built such a great blended family, and we love that they share their cutest moments as a family for the world to see on social media. A-Rod's role as a dad is definitely his best, and it's adorable to see him express his love for his girls. We love seeing him in his dad role so much that we've found some of the best pictures showing him being the greatest papá his kids could ever want.

Alex wore matching PJs with Jen's son Max. 1

OK, everything about this is just so cute. They were wearing matching PJs, including plaid pants and a white T-Shirt, but that's not all. The pair have the same stance, feet crossed, leaning on the wall with a smartphone in hand. Kids are always watching what we do, and Max is definitely looking up to Alex. 


Alex includes them in all his special moments with Jen. 2

When he surprised Jen with a gorgeous Porsche for her 50th birthday in July 2019, the kids were heavily involved in the surprise. Not only did his daughter Natasha come up with the idea of giving her a car, but all four kids also rode in the car when he surprised his girl with the gift. So cute!


Alex is always there to support the kids. 3

After Jen's daughter Emme performed during one of Jen's concerts, Alex was backstage ready to shower her with love. He picked her up and hugged her. Jen shared the sweet moment on Instagram, writing: "My whole heart." 

He makes sure that he makes time for his girls. 4

No matter how busy he is or where he's traveling to, he does his best to carve out time for his daughters. "My whole world. #tashi #ella #daddysgirls," he sweetly captioned this pic. 


He's not afraid to look silly to make his daughters laugh. 5

He's on kid duty whenever his girl is killing it onstage. Although he has said he's not a big dancer, he still busted a move during one of the shows with his girls just to make them laugh.


Alex gets his girls involved. 6

Once a Yankee, always a Yankee! Alex makes sure to keep his girls decked out in Yankees gear, even though his baseball days are behind him.


Alex posted this photo with his girls, and it's the cutest. 7

The little one in the pic is actually his ex-wife Cynthia's daughter from a new relationship. A-Rod doesn't mind sharing the love!

Alex keeps things fun! 8

There's never a dull moment in this blended family, and A-Rod is always in the center of all the fun and surrounded by all his girls. 


He gets sentimental about his girls. 9

It's tough for parents to see their kids grow up so fast, and Alex is the same way. "Can’t believe these two have grown up so fast," he captioned this throwback pic on Instagram of his girls when they were young. "One is already a teenager and the other is turning 11 this weekend."

He treats Jen's kids as his own. 10

Alex shows Max and Emme so much love, it absolutely melts our hearts. It's so important for a mom to find a partner who loves and respects her kids as much as he does with her, and J.Lo definitely got lucky!


Their family outings are the best. 11

Whether it's a baseball or basketball game or one of J.Lo's concerts, this family lives life to the fullest. They are so close to one another that no matter the activity, they always look happy to be together.

Alex understands that being a dad is hard work. 12

Alex wrote a heartfelt message about fatherhood on Father's Day in June 2018. "Today has an entirely different meaning to me than I did when I first became a father to Tashi and then my Ella Bella. It’s an incredible responsibility, and one I have always treasured. But as I grow older and proudly watch them doing the same, not only are my kids my pride and joy and number one priority--now they also motivate me," he wrote. "Every day, Tashi and Ella make me a better dad and a better person. Being a father is the greatest job in the world, more than any career I could have dreamed of as a kid. To all the fathers out there, never stop trying to be the best. I don’t. #HappyFathersDay." 


He stays young and hip, thanks to his girls. 13

He's now a dad to teenage girls, so he has to stay fresh and current with the trends. Alex isn't too shy to snap selfies with his girls, no matter where he is. 

Alex makes sure he teaches his kids to eat healthy. 14

When Jen and Alex tried a no-carb, no-sugar diet, he cooked up some healthy meals for them, and the girls looked super impressed.


Emme and Alex share such a great bond. 15

Emme is so close to her dad, Marc Anthony, and the little one is so lucky to get a bonus dad in Alex. The athlete makes sure to show Emme as much love as he does to his two girls, and that's awesome.

It's clear the love is mutual. 16

This sweet photo of Alex with his girls left his fans so impressed by the way little Emme looks up at him with such admiration. It's so cute!


Alex knows he has to show kids that showing affection is important. 17

He's all about the dad jokes, too! He captioned this pic: "Kissmas came early."

Alex takes his daughters out on dad-and-daughter dates. 18

"My pumpkin #EllaBella. Ready to grab some dinner & watch a private screening of Second Act. @secondactmovie," he captioned this snap. So cute!


He makes sure he lets his girls know they're important. 19

"Ella, you continue to amaze me and fill me with so much pride! You’re not just a sixth grader now, you’re a beautiful young woman who’s already on her way to taking the world by storm," he wrote about his little girl. "You make me strive to be a better father every day and it is a privilege to watch you shoot for the stars. #ellabella #rockstar #prouddaddy."

Alex takes his dad role seriously. 20

Just because he's rich doesn't mean he dodges his dad responsibilities. He takes the kids to school in the morning, and even though it's in a luxury ride, it's nice to see him so involved.


Alex knows his kids come first. 21

When Natasha graduated middle school, Alex posed for pics with his fiancée, his ex-wife Cynthia, and her new beau. It's great to put your differences aside to be there for your kids. 

He doesn't take himself too seriously. 22

He's always goofing around with his kids and having a good time with them. His youthful spirit shows whenever he's around them, and they seem to share such a great bond together.