cardi b's baby Kulture
Cardi B/Instagram

When Cardi B posted the first picture of her daughter, Kulture, on social media and then deleted it a few hours later, we thought we might not get to see Kulture grow up before our eyes. After all, the first picture was just of Kulture's lips and nothing else. It seemed that Offset and Cardi were going to be cautious about sharing pictures of Kulture online. Thankfully for those of us who love celebrity baby pics, they have loosened up and regularly post photos of Kulture for us to fawn all over.

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Kulture Kiari Cephus was born on July 10, 2019, and thanks to Cardi B and Offset's social media shares, we have gotten to see her in all her adorableness. Because make no mistake about it, that child is beyond cute!

We've gathered some of our favorite social media posts of Kulture for our fellow celebrity kid pic lovers. And to Cardi and Offset we say: Thank you for sharing what you've shared so far and please keep the pictures of Kulture coming. We love her sweet face and we love to see just how much you two love being her parents.

Lookin' all cute with a personalized bib. 1

Cardi shared this picture on December 5, 2018, almost five months after Kulture was born. The caption reads, "My heart ❤️."

Isn't Kulture just the cutest? The only correct answer is YES!


Here she is on the cover of her daddy's album. 2

Offset, Kulture's daddy, released his album Father of 4 on February 22, 2019, which pictures his four children. Kulture is sitting on his lap. Jordan, Kalea, and Kody--Offset's three other children from previous relationships--surround them.


Here's a throwback photo of Kulture. 3

Even though this photo was shared on February 24, 2019, when Kulture would have been around 7 months old, we know it's a throwback of her when she was 3 months old because of the caption. Cardi wrote, "PUNTA CANA ❤️ @offsetyrn KK 3 month old." 

Do you see a family resemblance? 4

In this split picture, Cardi tagged her sister, Hennessy Carolina. The caption reads: "Bro this is weird 🤔i gave birth to another Hennessy😩 @hennessycarolina."

Do you see the resemblance? We do.


Kulture got all dressed up for Easter! 5

Kulture celebrated her first Easter ever looking like a muñequita. Her parents looked all Easter fab, too.


Cute toes, but what about that plane? 6

Cardi captioned this picture "O M W.....Yummy toes." And, yes, those toes are adorable, but get a load of that plane. Now, that's luxury!


Got plane, will travel. 7

Kulture does not fly on commercial planes. Nope, she rides in a private jet with her jet-setting mama. 

Someone is teething. 8

In this video still, Kulture is being doted on by Cardi. That finger in the mouth is a sure sign that she's teething.


From that time that Kulture got feisty. 9

OK, so this is a still from a video that Cardi posted of Kulture "arguing" with her father. It's so cute. She's sitting on his lap holding a spoon and he's asking her if he can see it and she's not having it. She's going off on him in baby talk. The caption says, "She can be sooo sweet but soo feisty😩. Lawd I got a cancer on my hands🤦🏽‍♀️ ♋️😩!I told you @offsetyrn."

And that time she gave Cardi fuchi face. 10

"My daughter is in a mood," wrote Cardi when she posted a video of Kulture making a face at her while she was eating. Kulture did not seem to be enjoying whatever it is she was being fed.


Look at that little angel face of hers! 11

Kulture was boppin' out to her dad's music in the video that this still is from. That face of hers is so angelic.

Kulture is driving already! 12

"She think she going somewhere 😩," Cardi captioned a video of Kulture. Well, wherever she thinks she's going, she's going there in style.


Kulture is already working on some remixes. 13

Here's a little freeze frame of a video Offset posted where Kulture appears to be doing a remix of "I Like It." He wrote: "KULTURE REMIX 'I LIKE IT' ALREADY PLATINUM 💿 SO MUCH CHARACTER I LOVE HER."

Have you ever co-slept on a plane before? 14

Cardi and Kulture have! Cardi posted this on April 23, 2019, and wrote: "Boutta blast but we missing poppa bear 🐻 😪 What a great weekend/holiday we had. There's nothing more valuable [than] family time."


Proof that time flies. 15

What mother can't identify with what Cardi wrote on this post? "My baby 11 months and I can’t handle it 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😢😢 what’s wrong with me? I [have] been emotional all day😭😭😭😭I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. [I'm] madly, overly in love with my child ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks @offsetyrn."

Check out daddy smoochin' on his daddy's girl. 16

Offset is clearly a doting dad. Here's what he wrote to go with this pic:
#daddysgirl I LOVE YOU."


And Kulture is pretty good at smoochin' on daddy. 17

This still is from the sweetest video that Offset posted of Kulture giving him kisses. He wrote: "KULTURE SO SMART AND SHE LOVES HER DADDY SHE ABOUT TO BE 1 ALREADY TOO FAST #fatherof4."

Looks like Kulture might have a future in directing. 18

Perhaps she could get her start directing one of her mommy's or daddy's videos. She looks awfully comfortable sitting in that director's chair, after all.


She's asleep in mama's arms. 19

When mama's gotta work and baby's gotta sleep, they compromise. Cardi captioned this photo, "Day before summer jam."

Kulture and Kalea love each other. 20

"SAY HI TO KULTURE & KALEA THEY LOVE EACH OTHER," wrote Offset in the caption that accompanies the video this image is from. They really seem to enjoy each other's company.