Jennifer Lopez's twins, Max & Emme, interview their mom & it's so revealing


Jennifer Lopez is one of the most sought-after stars of the entertainment world, which makes it nearly impossible to be able to interview her--unless you are Emme and Max, two of the best "journalists" on the planet, who have also managed to win her heart from day one. Jenny's 11-year-old twins put her through her most personal interview ever, at their kitchen table, and she had a blast.

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J.Lo, whose very anticipated movie Hustlers just started filming and premieres in September 2019, says at the beginning of the video that after being interviewed about 10,000 million-bajillion times in her career, she has grown tired of always answering the same things. That's why she was happy to have the chance to answer questions from her two "little coconuts," who asked things about their mom that she definitely had never been asked before by reporters.

The interview is truly amazing.

Jennifer Lopez talked about things she had never mentioned in her career.

From growing up in the Bronx to her relationship with her mom and even her reaction to learning she would have twins, Jennifer did her best to answer her kids' questions. Max and Emme clearly had a blast with their mom.


The first question, of course, was about the most trouble she got into as a kid.

"I used to sneak out of the window. I used to put a ladder outside, by a shed we had, and go out the window to a little roof outside, then onto the ladder," Jenny explained. "The thing is, I used to get grounded a lot…I don’t know why…I was a great kid. But grandma used to ground us and say: 'Go to your room!' So I would go and listen to music, but when I’d get bored I would sneak out and go play with my friends."

"One day, she came in to check on me, and I wasn’t there. So she looked out the window, she saw the ladder, and…"


What was it like living with Grandma?

"It was fun. You know she is fun now--even though she is a little crazy--she was always a fun mom. First of all, she was a young mom. She got married at 20, had Titi Leslie 11 months later, and had all three of us by the time she was 26. It was like having triplets!" Jen answered her twins.

"I had you two when I was 37, and it was hard. I wanted to jump out of the window! But because she was so young, it was like having a big sister. She loved to dance. She always wanted to be an actress--which people don’t know--but she was an amazing dancer. She was a stay-at-home mom while Grandpa went out to work, and he worked nights. So we used to dance and put on plays. She would play dead, and we would say: 'Mami, nooooo,' and she would laugh. This also explains a lot about me and my sisters."

What did Jen like to do when she was the twins' age?

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"I loved to play softball. I played shortstop, and I was great at it. Alex always makes fun that I was a shortstop, too," J.Lo responded.

Max interrupted her and asked: "Where you short at my age?"

"I was," she replied.

"Oh good, because I’m short," said Max, a little sad.

"Well, you won’t be short forever, Maxi," replied his mom, trying to make him feel better.


Emme asks, "Am I your favorite?"

"WHAAAT? I don’t have a favorite. I don’t believe in favorites. I love you. I can’t think of one of you more than the other," Jen expertly replied.

Is being a mom different from what she expected?

"Yes. You do not know what it is to be a mom until you are a mom. I used to give advice to my friends with kids, and then I realized, the minute I had you two, that I didn’t know what I was talking about, so I went and I apologized to all of them," said Jennifer. "You realize that the love you have for your kids is so deep, that all the normal rules you have for other people don’t apply anymore."


What is Jen's favorite thing about each twin?

"My favorite thing about Max is his sense of humor and his incredible vocabulary. And also your big heart: You have a ginormous heart," explained the proud mamá. "My favorite thing about Emme is her joyful demeanor--she’s always happy--and her artistic qualities. I love to hear her sing. She has a great voice. You both do."

What did Jen think when she found out she was having twins?

She answered: "I was in Portugal, preparing for a big show, and I was in my trailer and felt a little flutter in my belly. Immediately I knew I had life inside of me. So we went to the doctor, and he gave me an ultrasound on my belly, which was still flat, and the doctor said: 'You see that? That’s the baby!' and we thought, 'Oh my God, we are having a baby!' Then he said: 'And you see that other little grain of rice? That’s the other baby,' and I literally laughed out loud. I was laughing hysterically. I couldn’t believe it."

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