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Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Khloé Kardashian was feeling anxious that her little girl was already turning a year old. She put that anxiety aside on Sunday, April 14, and threw her the most gorgeous, dreamy first birthday party ever! The Kardashian and Jenner family were all there, but the attendance of True's dad, Tristan Thompson, caught some people by surprise. 

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Khloé and the basketball star split in February, but the ex-couple put their drama aside and came together to celebrate their little one's big day. True looked adorable in a silk dress and duster jacket that matched what her mom was wearing, designed by August Getty. The little one was also covered in diamonds like the true princess she is, and she looked so adorable. 

The house was decked out in the most beautiful decorations ever. There were cotton candy machines, giant ball pits, and donut walls--and the best part? Instead of presents for her little girl, Khloé collected toys from her guests to donate to a children's hospital. So sweet! Check out these gorgeous pics from the party. 

There were even ponies in attendance. 1

How adorable is this tiny pony? Khloé and True looked so cute together in those matching outfits.


Tristan was in full dad mode. 2

Tristan covered his little girl with kisses at the party, and it was the sweetest thing.


Khloé and True wore matching outfits. 3

She had the dresses made especially for the party, and the mamá looked amazing.

The Kardashians are known for their extravagant party decorations. 4

Spelling people's names in flowers has become the norm for any Kardashian event. This one with True's name is just so pretty. 


How gorgeous is this mother-daughter pic? 5

Khloé had a full photo shoot with her little girl by the entrance. It was covered in fog, and decorative umbrellas hung from the ceiling.


Dad Tristan was in attendance. 6

Khloé hasn't shared any pics or videos of Tristan since their split, which was caused by him being unfaithful, but he made a quick appearance in her Instagram story. 


True was decked out in jewels. 7

Have you ever seen a baby totally covered in diamonds like this on her first birthday? True wears them well!

We love that the couple put their issues aside to celebrate their little one. 8

There is a sweet video floating around of the parents singing "Happy Birthday" to True, and it's so cute!


The baby girl seemed to be having the best time. 9

And after all, that's all that really matters. Also, this giant ball pit is unreal!

True was surrounded by her cousins. 10

Kim Kardashian's youngest, Chicago, gave her cousin a sweet kiss on the lips. 


Cousin Stormi was having a blast in the play area. 11

Kylie Jenner's daughter was there and looked so cute walking around in the play area. That area was probably so much fun!

The dessert table is always impressive at a Kardashian party. 12

There are so many different varieties to choose from, it's making our mouths water.


There were all types of cookies and treats for the kids to enjoy. 13

These cookies are ridiculously adorable! Khloé also made sure to tag all the places she catered the treats from.

What can we do to get invited to a Kardashian kid party? 14

They seem to get the same type of desserts for every party. Why change something that works, right?


A canvas of donuts? Sign us up! 15

This might look a bit over-the-top for some, but it's honestly too beautiful to criticize.

There were so many kinds of sweets for the kids to enjoy. 16

They even had their own frozen pops stand! That's so crazy.


Khloé didn't accept gifts from her guests for her baby. 17

This is such a nice touch. In lieu of bringing gifts for baby True, Khloé asked her guests to bring toys to donate to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

She shared all the gifts her guests brought along. 18

She said that since they're so blessed, they are in the position to help others in need. That's awesome, and we hope other celebrities start doing the same.


Some treats were used as decorations for the kids' tables. 19

Khloé and the fam really got creative with the table setup.

There were treats all over the place! 20

The theme seemed to be a whimsical dreamland covered with gorgeous pastel colors. Seriously, we want to be invited to one of these magical, treat-filled Kardashian kid parties!


Khloé really went all out for her little girl. 21

The fog, the umbrellas--this almost feels like the entrance to a ride at a  theme park.

Aunt Kim Kardashian was at the party to enjoy some sweets. 22

Animal-shaped cotton candy? How cute is that?


This entrance was like something out of a movie. 23

The outside of Khloé's house was covered in balloons of all colors and sizes! They really outdid themselves.

This butterfly wall seems like the perfect backdrop for any pic. 24

This wall design is so delicate and simple, but it's so lovely. And so Instagram friendly, of course.