Parents spot a creepy ghost on their baby's nanny cam & the footage is chilling

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This is so spooky. Heather Brough and Josh Higgins had the scare of a lifetime when they spotted a mysterious figure moving across their baby daughter Lily's room. While they were checking on their 15-month-old child on the nanny camera, they saw a shadow walk past the baby's crib. They believe it was a ghost.

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The pair are also claiming that the ghost hurt their child. After the incident, they found her in the room with scratches on her little face. The couple is living in the guesthouse of Josh's parents' house, and now they are fearing that the ghost could harm their family even further. Paranormal experts checked out the house and are investigating whether or not it was, in fact, a ghost. The video is chilling.

The nanny camera captured a figure moving past the baby's crib.

The video is frightening enough to give even nonbelievers the chills. You can see a shape passing by in the baby's nursery, while the child is moving inside the crib. 


The parents were frightened by what they found when they checked on their baby.

The couple said they went to check on their little girl after they saw the video and found that she had three purple scratches along her face that weren't there previously.


Heather also believes the ghost harmed her.

Heather believes she had her own encounter with some presence in the house one morning.

“It scares us that it could do something else," she told WXYZ-TV Channel 7. "I mean there was even a morning that I woke up and I felt like someone's hands were around my neck.”

Dad Josh is also concerned about what could be living in their home: "It was chilling. There was literally a chill down your spine, like that 'what if?' factor. Is this what I just saw?"

A team of paranormal experts went to the house to investigate the incident.

Mike Priest of the Scientific Paranormal Investigations of Michigan and his team checked out the main house and the guesthouse to see what they could find.

“I definitely believe there is something going on at this house," he said. "We are definitely interested in checking out this one as well.” During the investigation, they recorded audio, and he believes his team heard a voice talking in the recording. "We heard something say, 'Oh here we go. Oh yeah.' And I heard it as plain as day," Mike said. The team will return to the home to try to see if they can re-create the image, and if they can't, that's when they'll deem it a paranormal activity.

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