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Being a parent is truly something magical. The love that a father and mother have for their children is immeasurable and knows no bounds. Tattoos have been used as a way to express devotion to people you love, and so many parents have used their kids as inspiration for some really cute and meaningful ink.

While getting a tattoo of a significant other is tricky and a bit risky, tattooing something related to your child totally makes sense. A romantic relationship can end, but your son or daughter will always be your kid no matter what happens.

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Celebrity moms and dads have been among those parents--some have gotten the cutest tributes to their little ones! Some stars are already covered in ink, while others have only the tattoos that they got for their kids, which makes them even more special. Musicians, actors, and athletes have everything from portraits of their kids to their names, and some even have their kids' little drawings inked on them.

It's true that tattoos may not be for everybody, but it's definitely special to see that these parents love their children so much they want tiny permanent reminders of them on themselves. Scroll through to see some of the cutest celeb parents' tattoos, and maybe you'll be inspired to get one in honor of your kid.

Jessica Alba has her three kiddos' zodiac signs tattooed on her. 1

She has her left forearm covered with constellation tattoos, representing the astrological birth signs of her three kids, Honor, Haven, and Hayes.


Amber Rose was criticized for her tattoo. 2

The model got her sons' names on her forehead! She had her son Sebastian's nickname, "Bash," and her youngest, "Slash," written right on her face, and fans were not impressed,saying that she is "too pretty" for a face tattoo.


Kylie Jenner got the cutest tiny tattoo for daughter Stormi. 3

The mamá and Travis Scott, who is the father of her child, got matching tiny "Stormi" tattoos on their arms to represent their love for their baby girl. 

James Rodríguez loves his little girl. 4

He has his daughter's name, "Salomé," tattooed on his right arm, and it's the cutest thing ever. It's written in script, and it covers part of his muscular forearm. 


Offset's tattoo of choice is BOLD. 5

The rapper chose to ink his daughter Kulture's name right on his face! What a bold move. We wonder if Cardi B loves seeing their baby's name on his cheek?


Ayesha and Stephen Curry got matching ink for their kids. 6

The couple got some adorable tattoos to represent each of their three children. "Each has a deeper meaning and representation to us," she explained. "Canon will always be our young wolf. Ryan our butterfly (this one makes me cry with joy just thinking about it) and Riley our horse (free spirited , which we turned into a unicorn because she’s our magical first born)."


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are now cool tattooed parents. 7

The couple got their kids names and their names on each other in script so that they are united. John got Chrissy's name along with Luna and Miles, and Chrissy got the same but with John's name. So cute! She also has her husband's and their kids' birth dates tattooed on her. 

Chris Brown went all out for daughter Royalty. 8

Chris is covered in tattoos, but we bet this one is one of the most special ones he has. The singer got a gigantic portrait of his baby girl, Royalty, on his back in 2016. How adorable is she?


Kanye West has two important ladies and dates on his wrists. 9

He's paid tribute to his late mother by tattooing her birthday, July 12, 1949, and his firstborn North's birthday, June 15, 2013, in Roman numerals on his wrists.

Aarón Díaz got a tattoo of his daughter's beautiful name. 10

He got her name, "Regina," on his finger, and tattoo artist Ebone shared this pic of it. 


Pitbull has his kids' sweet faces inked on his arm. 11

Photos of baby Bryce and daughter Destiny will forever live on their dad's right arm. That is so cute!

Luis Fonsi had to make a quick addition after his second child was born. 12

Mikaela's name was quickly joined by her brother Rocco's name on their famous dad's arm. 


Ricky Martin loves his sons. 13

Ricky Martin loves his sons.

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Matteo and Valentino got a little love from their dad! The singer revealed on Twitter that he has a tattoo for his two boys but didn't reveal what it was or where.

Adele's love for her son runs deep. 14

Adele's love for her son runs deep.

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After she welcomed Angelo, the singer tattooed his initial behind her ear and showed it off while walking the red carpet at the Grammys. 


Leo Messi keeps his son close at all times. 15

Leo Messi keeps his son close at all times.

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The soccer star has his son Thiago's name tattooed right on his calf! That's one important leg. 

Angelina Jolie's ink is so special. 16

Angelina Jolie's ink is so special.

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The actress got super creative with her tattoo for her kids. She got the coordinates of where each of the six children were born inked on her left shoulder. That is so heartmelting. 


Johnny Depp adores his Lily Rose. 17

Johnny Depp adores his Lily Rose.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean star inked his little girl's name right on his chest. 

Macklemore's got his daughter on his heart forever. 18

The rapper has his little girl's name, "Sloane," tattooed on his chest. So adorable!


Jenni "JWoww" Farley was an eager first-time mom. 19

The Jersey Shore star was so overcome with excitement when she gave birth to her daughter, Meilani, that she made her love for her baby permanent on her skin. "We're officially corny cute parents lol 🙈," she captioned this pic of her and then-husband, Roger, who also got the same footprint tattoo. 

David Beckham is covered in tattoos that honor his children. 20

The former soccer star has multiple tattoos that were inspired by his four kids. He got a drawing that his little girl did tattooed on his hand and shared it on Instagram: "Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy ❤️." 


Drew Barrymore wanted to keep a little piece of her children close. 21

She has her kids' names, Olive and Frankie, tattooed in their handwriting on her wrist. "Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm," she captioned the Instagram snap. 

Drake made his love for his son loud and clear. 22

The rapper hasn't shared any photos of his son, Adonis, publicly yet since he was born in 2017, but the rapper reportedly got a portrait of the little one on his right forearm. 


Michael Bublé has a tattoo on his wrist of his son's name. 23

The singer's son, Noah, has already had such a special journey. The little one was diagnosed with cancer as a baby and it transformed his dad's life

Dax Shepard doesn't want to wear a ring. 24

But that doesn't mean he's not fully committed to his family. The actor got a bell tattooed on his ring finger as an ode to his wife, Kristen Bell. He had the letters K, D and L, added to the inside of the bell after his kids Delta and Lincoln. 


Robert Downey Jr. made sure his son is always by his side. 25

Robert Downey Jr. made sure his son is always by his side.

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The Iron Man actor got a tattoo of his son's name, "Indio," on his right shoulder. How sweet!

Wiz Khalifa has his out on full display. 26

Wiz Khalifa has his out on full display.

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The rapper is super expressive when it comes to how much he adores his little boy, Sebastian. He made that clear when he got the kid's nickname "Bash" tattooed on his forehead. That's the type bold love we all deserve!


Julia Roberts revealed she also has tattoos inspired by her kids. 27

Julia Roberts revealed she also has tattoos inspired by her kids.

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She has all three of her kids' names tattooed on her body. She told Ellen DeGeneres about her ink, but declined to share where they were placed.