North West wears black lipstick to Kanye's 'Sunday Service' & the internet can't handle it

Kim Kardashian and daughter north west
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Since January 6, 2019, the Kardashian-West family has been hosting something that they call "Sunday Service." Every week, Kanye West has a bunch of celeb friends over, and there's prayer, singing, performing, and what appears to be a lot of creative fun going on. It's like a show, a sermon, a party, and a jam session with Kanye shining and being creative. But this week it was North West who stole the show, rockin' a black ensemble and black lipstick.  

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Thanks to Kim Kardashian posting parts of this week's Sunday Service on Instagram Stories, we all get to see a bit of what goes down during these gatherings. Since she's a proud mama, Kim let 5-year-old North West take center stage this week. Looking like a fierce mini-fashionista with killer dance moves and the kind of confidence that you would expect from a child brought into this world by Kim and Kanye--because you know those two are no shrinking violets--North can be seen having the time of her life.

Sunday Service started with a morning prayer.

Kim captured and shared video of rapper/actor DMX leading a morning prayer during this week's Sunday Service gathering. Everyone must be getting a memo to wear black to these events because, as you can see, pretty much everyone is in head-to-toe black.


Here's North looking incredibly happy.

One of the videos that Kim shared showed Kanye singing his "Poopity Scoop" song to North West and she's all smiles. Also, check out her dress, boots, and lipstick. Clearly, she is dressed for the occasion 'cause she's in head-to-toe black as well, with coordinating lipstick. 


North danced like no one was watching.

Without a trace of self-consciousness North West enjoyed the live music and danced like no one was watching, even though the world is always watching her family. Kim was all "Get it gurl" in the caption she added to this share.

Then came the shade.

The Shade Room reposted one of Kim's clips of North West dancing and the comments section quickly turned into a critique of what kind of people would let a child wear that dress, plus black lipstick, and dance like that? So many unfavorable opinions.



But there's also light!

This comment right here is so spot on that we can't give it enough love. Let's not forget that North West is an innocent child enjoying her life. All the judgments are things grown adults are putting on her. The comments say WAY more about the people making the judgments than anything that is actually going on in North's world. North, listen to your mother and "Get it, gurl!"

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