paper plate craft

Crafts are a great way to get kids excited about using their creativity. They're not a bad way for parents to get creative either. It's good for us grownups to play and create like kids do. If you're using the excuse that you're not crafty, it's time to retire it, because we've gathered some great paper plate crafts for you to put into rotation.

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Not only are these crafts fun, they are made with supplies that are easy to come by and you might even already have on hand. Oh, and can we say hallelujah to any activity that keeps kids busy, engaged, and entertained without the use of an electronic device?

Take a look at all these crafts, and follow the links within the descriptions to get the full directions for each. But more than anything, use these ideas as a springboard for your own ideas. Better yet, show your kids these options and then let them use their own creative juices to come up with their own paper plate crafts. Kids are amazing at adapting crafts and even coming up with ideas that wouldn't occur to most adults.

Instead of a treehouse, make a tree inside your house. 1

Talk to kids about trees and how important they are to our well-being while making this paper plate tree craft. You could tie it to a tree-planting activity as well.


This pet parrot won't talk back. 2

Your kids will love creating this colorful parrot. Bonus: You'll never have to feed it, and it won't repeat any curse words you say.


This is a great counting craft. 3

How many tentacles does an octopus have? Eight! Test your child's counting skills with this octopus craft.

This adorable bird has so many colors. 4

This little birdie craft is a great way to let kids get creative using color. It's up to them to make it their own.


Have a roaring good time with this one! 5

What child is going to be able to resist roaring once they've completed this paper plate lion craft? Heck, you might find yourself roaring a bit.


Get totally emoji-nal! 6

A paper plate emoji is all kinds of fun. Think of all the possibilities. Children can make emojis that reflect how they are feeling.


Got a Minions fan in the family? 7

How fun would this Minions paper plate craft be for a Minions-themed party? You could just set up a table with all the necessary supplies and a few examples for inspiration.

This gingerbread decorating requires no baking. 8

Don't feel like baking? Make gingerbread faces on paper plates. You could always buy some gingerbread cookies at the store for an after-crafting snack.


Use yarn without having to knit or crochet. 9

This paper plate yarn craft is perfect for kids who are intrigued by yarn but have hands that are too little for knitting or crocheting. They will "heart" the results.

Create a bunch of unique unicorns. 10

This unicorn craft is a fun party activity. Each child can make a unicorn that is uniquely theirs by customizing the colors.


Fill this unicorn with love notes. 11

What unicorn lover won't go bonkers for this unicorn valentine card holder? They'll want to keep it WAY past Valentine's Day.

Aren't these two tweet together? 12

Two little paper plate lovebirds singing songs of love--their fluffy little tail feathers add a bit of delight.


This little piggy is adorable. 13

Make five little piggy paper plates, and then you can use them to do the little piggy nursery rhyme. Or just make one and have fun playing with it.

Who says a giraffe has to have a long neck? 14

This paper plate giraffe is all face and no neck. It's still adorable.


You won't mind having this mouse in your house. 15

Mice are not usually welcome in most houses if they are of the pest variety, but you won't mind having this paper plate mouse in your home. It won't get into your food, and it won't leave any droppings.

This aquarium is fantastic. 16

There is just so much wonderfulness going on in this aquarium paper plate craft. It's so imaginative and clever.


You can have a faux sunflower with actual sunflower seeds. 17

This paper plate sunflower gets an authentic touch with the addition of actual sunflower seeds. If you don't have real sunflower seeds on hand, you can just draw them on or make some out of little bits of construction paper.

Watermelon slices are perfect to celebrate summer. 18

Watermelon is so good during the summer. Why not celebrate it with this cute watermelon craft?


Celebrate the 4th of July with Uncle Sam! 19

This Uncle Sam paper plate craft is a great thing to do during the daytime with younger kids. Fireworks might be too loud, too scary, and too late, but this craft is not.

Fly a kite indoors. 20

Flying a kite can be hard sometimes. Making this flying kite paper plate craft is always a breeze.


Make your own monster. 21

Play mad scientist and build your own paper plate Frankenstein. It's fun to make, and it's fun to wear the mask afterward.


How many Count Draculas do you count? 22

In this case, there are three, but kids will be happy to make just one Dracula paper plate. But hey, if they want to make more, let them.


Don't be scared; it's not a real ghost. 23

Get ready for Halloween by haunting your house with paper plate ghosts. Just don't get scared when you turn off the lights.

This is the purr-fect cat for Halloween. 24

Don't you just love the way this paper plate black cat looks like it's arching its back? It's a great craft for Halloween.


Use a few feathers to give this owl wings. 25

This paper plate owl is darling without the feathers, and you can leave them out if you like. But the feathers make it so EXTRA, right?

Rainy-day sun fun is so cute for kids stuck indoors. 26

If it's raining outside and your kids are craving some sunshine, have them make their own paper plate suns. No SPF required.


An elf on a plate is better than an elf on a shelf. 27

Who needs an elf on a shelf when you can make an elf on a paper plate? You can even put the elf plate on a shelf after you make it.

Create a Christmas wreath with a paper plate! 28

A paper plate Christmas wreath is a great way to add some holiday bling to your walls. Kids can make some to give to the abuelos, too.


Leave cookies for Santa on this plate. 29

A paper plate Santa would be perfect for Santa's cookies, don't you think? Feel free to help Santa eat the cookies.

Change the view from your windows. 30

This paper plate suncatcher can be decorated to create a whole different view from your window. Kids can create snowy landscapes, underwater views, or whatever they like.