Jennifer Lopez posted the sweetest videos to celebrate her twins turning 11

Emme and Max Muniz
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez had quite the weekend. She was a presenter at the Oscars and showed up looking all va-va-voom next to a very dapper looking Alex Rodriguez. As exciting as attending the Oscars must have been, we have a feeling that J.Lo's favorite part of the weekend was celebrating her twins turning 11 years old on Friday.

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She posted two incredibly sweet videos on Instagram celebrating Emme and Max's birthday. The twins were born on February 22, 2008. Each twin got their very own video montage that publicly declares how much their famous mami loves and appreciates them. Be warned, if you're the crying type these are tearjerkers.

Here's the sweet video Jennifer posted for her daughter Emme.

The caption reads, "Happy birthday my perfect marshmallow coconut princess Momma is so proud of you!!" As the video plays you hear "How Far I'll Go" from the movie Moana and you even get to hear Emme crush it on vocals.


And, of course, Max's video is equally as sweet.

In Max's celebratory video you get to hear him sing "The Faith Song" from The Amazing World of Gumball and he sounds good. Looks like both the twins have inherited their parents' singing talents.


This isn't the first time Jennifer Lopez posted videos to celebrate the birth of her twins.

Last year, the proud mama posted three videos to celebrate the twins turning 10. One of the videos is a tribute to both of the twins. It opens with "The Coconuts Are Turning 10!" and unfolds to the tune of "Just the Way You Are."


Oh, and FYI, Marc Anthony wished the twins a happy 11th birthday online, too.

The twins' father, Marc Anthony, wished them a happy birthday week prior to their actual birthday. His wishes were accompanied by a picture of both of the twins holding his hand.

It's clear that these two are very loved. May all their birthday wishes come true and a big thank you to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony for sharing their love for their children on social media so that we can all share in the joy.

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