Cardi B hears Kulture say "mama" for the first time & loses it

Cardi B at Grammys
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Cardi B is on freakin' fire both professionally and personally. Last night was a particularly big night for her. Not just because of what went down at the Grammys, but also because when she got home, her baby girl Kulture gave her the biggest congratulations possible: She said "mama" for the first time ever.

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And in case there is any doubt that celebrity moms are just like us, Cardi B lost it just like all mothers do the first time we hear our babies call us mama. Lucky for us, Cardi B got it on camera and was kind enough to share. Indulge us as we build up to the moment; trust us, because the payoff is so worth it. 

The evening started with Cardi B and Offset walking the red carpet together.

Cardi, of course, was looking particularly EXTRA in a pink and black Mugler design. Oh, and not only did Offset walk the red carpet with her, the two also took the time to touch tongues in front of the cameras, perhaps in an effort to let everyone know that they are VERY much together. 


During the show, she wowed everyone with an uber-sensual performance.

She took to the stage during the Grammys, and jaws dropped during her peformance of the single "Money." She brought all the sensuality and left many tongues wagging. 


Oh, and speaking of tongues, Offset couldn't keep his in his mouth.

While Cardi was onstage performing, Offset reacted approvingly by sticking his tongue out. Could it be that he was channeling his inner Cardi because she has a habit of doing that tongue thing? Hmmm...

Later, Cardi B made history!

She became the first solo woman EVER to win a Grammy for best rap album. Go Cardi! 


But the best part was when she got home and Kulture said "mama" for the first time.

Just when Cardi thought the night couldn't possibly get any better, she goes home and Kulture calls her "mama" for the first time ever and it was caught on camera. What makes the moment even more emotional is that Kulture had been calling Offset "papa" for a whole week before this happened. 

In case you missed Cardi's emotional reaction.

Mamas everywhere know exactly how Cardi feels, and it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Nothing can prepare you for the utter joy of being called mama for the first time. NOTHING!


A big congratulations to Cardi!

Felicidades on all your success, but most of all, congratulations for all the mami milestones! Enjoy every single second of it because they grow up faster than you can say "OKURRRRR!"

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