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It has been an ongoing issue that new moms are often criticized for the things they do, wear, or say, just because they have a child. Society expects women to completely change who they are after they bring a baby into the world, and that often means them having to totally reinvent themselves. Celebrity moms who share sexy images of themselves on social media sometimes receive hateful messages from concerned fans telling them to cover up for the sake of their kids. 

Most of the time, these babies are too young to have access to social platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, but for some reason, being a mother makes people think that a woman always has to be covered up. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are often criticized for wearing too little clothing or being too provocative on social media, just because they have daughters. 

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While being a parent does mean you are now someone's role model and an example of how a woman should be, that doesn't mean that you have to abandon your past self. There have been stars like Cardi B who refuse to be forced to leave behind their sexy image, and we stand behind them. 

Being a mom shouldn't come at the expense of who you are and it doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself. For a lot of these stars, showing off their killer bodies and being sexy is part of their brand, so rock on sisters! Do your thing. Scroll through to see our list of celebrity moms who refused to give up their sexy images after having kids.

Jennifer Lopez is always a good reminder to love ourselves. 1

The singer has been inspiring us to be our best selves since the start of her career. She has continued to show us just how comfortable she is in her own skin, and being a mom of two adorable twins hasn't stopped her from showing off her best assets.


Kylie Jenner was only 20 when she became a mom. 2

The new mamá welcomed her daughter in February 2018 but that hasn't slowed her down, not one bit. She's sexier than ever and continues showing off her curves on social media.


Nothing can stop Cardi B from being herself. 3

The new mom has made it clear that just because she's a mom doesn't mean that she's going to tone down her image. "I feel like when I'm half naked and when I twerk, people be like, 'You're a mom now,' and it's like, 'Well, I was doing it before I was a mom, so it's not like there's gonna be a difference,'" she told Harper's Bazaar. "One day, my daughter's gonna see my body and she's gonna see me twerking and it's like, 'Would it make a difference if I did it after or before her?' It's still out there. I feel like moms who do wanna feel sexy can be. I don't feel like once you become a mom, you supposed to be this nun."

Khloé Kardashian made sure to rush back into her workout routine. 4

Khloé put a lot of work into her body before becoming pregnant. And after she gave birth, she made sure to work hard and snapped right back into her curvy and toned body.


Thalía has been showing off her rock solid abs for as long as we can remember. 5

Having two kids hasn't stopped her! The singer takes such incredible care of herself it would be a shame for her to feel like she has to cover up what she worked so hard to build.


Georgina Rodríguez keeps herself looking good, no matter what. 6

After welcoming her babies, the mamá headed right back to working out and sharing pics of herself. She often shows off her killer legs and amazing dance moves on Instagram, and balances with adorable pics of her babies.


Dascha Polanco exudes sex appeal. 7

The Orange Is the New Black actress is a mom, but that doesn't prevent her from showing off her amazing curves in the most confident of ways. It's definitely inspiring.

Being a mom of three has made Beyoncé even more irresistible. 8

After welcoming Blue Ivy in 2012 and her twins, Rumi and Sir, in 2017, it seemed like Bey became even more sure of herself and comfortable in her sexuality. 


Ana Bárbara is an undeniable beauty. 9

And she's fierce, too! The singer looks better than ever now after three kids and she's surely not afraid to show it off. You go girl! 

There's nothing holding Kourtney Kardashian back! 10

The mom of three has really allowed herself let loose these days. She has always been one of the most reserved Kardashians, but after she ended her relationships with Scott Disick and then Younes Bendjima, she's really let her inner sexy come through. 


Elizabeth Gutiérrez knows her beauty is a part of who she is. 11

The actress has two kids and has been with the same man for years, but she still shows off her incredible looks. There's no need to hide who you are just because you've found your happily every after.

Aracely Arámbula has been a bombshell since the start of her career. 12

Somehow after she had kids, it seemed like she became even more powerful and confident. She's never shy to show her gains from the gym or her amazing curves in a bikini. Aracely knows being a mom doesn't ever stop you from being a sexy woman. 


Shannon De Lima is one beautiful mom. 13

The model has a son, but that doesn't mean that she chooses to hide her killer body. Instead, she embraces her figure and her beauty and puts it all on display.

Marjorie De Sousa is a great reminder that moms are still who they were before babies. 14

A lot of things change when we become moms, but the essence of who we are as people stays the same. Marjorie often posts sexy pics of herself on Instagram because we all deserve to take the time to show ourselves some love.


Blac Chyna hasn't skipped a beat. 15

The gorgeous reality TV star hasn't toned down her sex appeal, not even a tiny bit, since becoming a mom. She has a son named King and a daughter named Dream, but Chyna keeps her clothes form-fitting and flaunts her best curves.

Ninel Conde is the definition of sexy. 16

We are almost certain that she would laugh in the face of anyone who would even suggest she tone down her sexiness just because she's a mom. And we're glad she hasn't changed that about herself.


Zuleyka Rivera is absolutely beautiful. 17

One look at her page and two things are clear. The first is that she knows she's beautiful and in amazing shape and the second is that she absolutely adores her son and being a mom. She often shows how great of a mom she is and also posts the steamiest pics of herself. Who says you have to choose?

Evelyn Lozada has two kids and is killing it. 18

Evelyn has always been known for her stunning looks and her fit body. She knows it, too. She posted this pic in a hot bathing suit and captioned it: "2 kids.... Where? 😜."


Sofía Vergara has built an entire franchise from her sex appeal and sense of humor. 19

Ever since she started her career as a model, Sofía has been commanding attention thanks to her incredible beauty and her larger-than-life personality. Back when she was doing mostly modeling, she was already a mom to her now-grown-up son, Manolo. 

Maribel Guardia won't ever let anything stop her from being herself. 20

Maribel being a mom didn't stop her from showing off her tiny waist in small bikinis and crop tops. Now being a grandmother hasn't stopped her either, so she's the real winner here.