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Plastic water bottles are a convenience that many of use often. Staying hydrated is wonderful, healthy, and to be celebrated, but leaving behind vast amounts of plastic to be dealt with--not so much. Having a reusable water bottle is a great way to use less plastic bottles that will then have to be dealt with, but let's be real, sometimes we forget the bottle and end up buying a bottle of water because we're thirsty or our kids are thirsty. When that happens, you can then recycle the water bottle to feel less guilty and help the planet. Or, before you recycle it, you can upcycle it into a water bottle craft.

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Water bottle crafts are a great way to talk to your kids about recycling, upcycling and why it's important to be a conscious consumer. They also help children and adults use their imagination to create with materials that are on hand. And seriously, some of these water bottle crafts are so pretty, you can use them for decorations.

We've scoured the internet to find some of the best water bottle crafts for you and your family. Use them to assuage your guilt for those times when you do end up using plastic bottles. Before you know it, your kids will be reminding you to bring the reusable water bottles you always forget.

Well aren't these flowers pretty? 1

The sort of fluted bottoms of plastic bottles make for lovely petals in this water bottle flower craft. Kids can have fun making them and they also make for lovely gifts.


Here's another variation on a flower. 2

This water bottle flower card craft is perfect for thank you cards or a card for a teacher. It's a great way to get children excited about giving cards.


What if you could fit an entire galaxy in a bottle? 3

You can with this galaxy jar craft. Looking into it a child's imagination can take them on adventures that are out of this world.

Don't you just love these bugs? 4

How could you not? This cute love bug craft is perfect around Valentine's Day, but could work any other time of year where you want to tell someone you love them and they're special.


How about making a craft that you can eat? 5

This DIY vertical onion tower is wonderful because later you can eat the onions. Even picky eaters might be interested in trying them if they helped create the tower and watched the onions grow.


There are so many ways to make planters out of water bottles. 6

You'll get all kinds of water bottle planter ideas from this post. The hardest part will be choosing what to plant in them.


These guys look like succulent monsters. 7

Painted water bottles with googly eyes are too cute! You can give them different names and adopt them as pet monsters.

Oh, my gatos! These cats are purr-fect. 8

This kitty water bottle craft can be used as a planter, but you could also use them to keep crayons in or other bits and bobs. Cat lovers will love them.


Create your very own comet shower. 9

Turn a water bottle into a comet with colorful streamers made out of an inexpensive table cover. Perfect for a bright sunny day or indoor play on a rainy day.

Who knew hearts in a bottle could be so captivating? 10

There is something absolutely mesmerizing about this glitter heart jar craft. It's like a kaleidoscope in a bottle.


These water bottle bugs have a surprise. 11

What's the surprise? The surprise is that these cute water bottle bugs light up and you can use them at night.

Turn your empty bottles into fish. 12

An empty water can be turned into a fish with a bit of cutting, coloring and gluing. If you have a bunch of empty water bottles, this would be a great activity for a party.


Here's another sea creature you can create. 13

A few cuts and a plastic bottle turns into an octopus. Adults can take care of the slicing while kids can be in charge of the painting and adding of eyes.


Think of all the puppets you could make. 14

This particular craft focuses on making turkey puppets, but you can use the same basic idea to make all sorts of puppets. Those puppets can then be used to put on a show.


Turn the tops into a stamp. 15

We absolutley love this bottle cap pumpkin stamp craft. What's great is that if you have differnt colors of paint, you could also make grapes or cherries.

Behold a work of genius! 16

This is BRILLIANT! Turning the bottoms of plastic bottles into a jewelry stand is genius.


Why buy ornaments when you can make them? 17

Plastic water bottle ornaments are easy to make and cute. Kids will love hanging them on the tree.

Make a snowman that you can gift. 18

An empty water bottle filled with marshmallows and decorated to look like a snowman?! Yes, please!


If marshmallows aren't your thing, you can leave them out. 19

Not into marshmallows? That's OK, you can still turn a water bottle into a snowman.

They're pretty and they make noise. 20

Water bottle noise makers are a great way for kids to celebrate the coming of a new year. Get creative with what you fill them with to make noise.


Hang a garden on your walls. 21

No space for a garden? Make a hanging garden out of water bottles and add some greenery and whimsy to your walls.

Decorate the outdoors with colorful spirals. 22

Encourage spending time outdoors with this water bottle wind spiral craft. Once it's made, hang it outside and sit back and enjoy how the wind plays with it.


Make something useful. 23

This DIY cup dispenser and bathroom set is totally useful. Plus you get to upcycle, save money and make something you'll use all the time.

Swap out the message in a bottle. 24

Instead of putting a message in a bottle, put a treasure in a bottle. The finished craft is really lovely.


Beads aren't just for beading. 25

What's great about this beads in a water bottle craft is that kids can really personalize it. They can just add beads to the bottle and enjoy that or they can keep going and add liquids as well.

Little bottles turn into cute bunnies. 26

Set kids up at a table and have them make water bottle Easter bunny treat holders. It's super easy and they get to go home with their very own bunny.



Lava lamps are making a comeback. 27

Making your own lava lamp is a great science-oriented craft. Kids can learn about how water and oil don't mix.

It's a bottle, it's a bag, it's both! 28

How clever is this water bottle carryall craft? The answer is VERY! These little carryalls are also great for storing smaller toys, markers and crayons.



Turn a string of lights into a bouquet of lights. 29

These water bottle floral lights will beautify your patio or any room you like. It's a simple way to up the lovely factor of any string of lights.


Make a vase for all your pretty flowers. 30

Use egg cartons to create flowers that you put into a water bottle vase. Then pat yourself on the back for upcycling two items!



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