kim kardashian chicago birthday party
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's youngest daughter, Chicago, turned 1 on January 15. The baby girl celebrated her first year of life with a stunning Alice in "Onederland"-themed party thrown by her parents on January 19. Kim finally shared the pics on Tuesday, January 29, and naturally, like any other Kardashian-Jenner celebration, the party was off the charts and completely gorgeous. 

Kim went all out for her little girl and decked out her home in all Alice in Wonderland-inspired decorations and even hired some actors to dress up as the movie's characters. Isn't that insane? The whole new generation of the Kardashians were also in attendance and, of course, Chi's oldest siblings were having a blast at the event. 

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The parents made sure that their kids and their guests would be thoroughly entertained so they had plenty of kid-friendly activities on hand. Saint was totally into the animal balloons, while North was deep in concentration while painting some beautiful red roses. Kim hired the help of celebrity florist Jeff Leatham to create various decorations for the event and she teamed up with party planner Mindy Weiss for the rest of the details. And it honestly came out so perfect. 

Everything from the cake, to the desserts and the goodie bags, were so adorable and it looked like the kids and the birthday girl had plenty of fun. Check out some of the most gorgeous pics from the party that Kim just shared as well as some videos and pics she shared the day of the party. 

Kim chose a futuristic outfit that didn't go along with the theme. 1

While someone else would've dressed up as a character, Kim opted for a casual fashion-forward look and dressed in silver leggings and Yeezy sneakers. At least it's pretty neutral.


The birthday girl was on the move. 2

We love that Kim chose this dress for the birthday girl. Look how gorgeous her hair looks pulled back into tiny buns.


Big brother Saint was having a blast at the party, and always having Chi's back. 3

In the videos Kim posted that day, her son seemed to be the one having the most fun. He ran around with his buddies and showered his little sis with kisses, while playing with the animal balloons.  

Kim and Chicago shared an adorable mom and daughter moment. 4

How cute are these animal balloon hats the kids wore during the party? Chicago is literally the queen of her day.


Look how gorgeous Chicago looked with her little outfit. 5

Naturally for a baby like her, she got her white dress covered in food. Kim paired her daughter's look with some cool Doc Martens combat boots and white socks. All we can really focus on is of who had to clean those dirty walls in the back after the celebration.

Kim hired people to dress up as the movie's characters. 6

Kim goes all out when it comes to party themes. She hired people to dress up as the Queen of Hearts, Alice, The Mad Hatter and even a little Cheshire Cat to go along with the movie theme. 


How gorgeous are these 'Alice in Wonderland'-inspired floral designs? 7

Celebrity florist Jeff Leatham was the creator behind these gorgeous red rose bushes that were on display around the West household for the party. 

Check out this insane entrance! 8

The entrance was decorated with gorgeous greenery and a bright red roses lined the door. This is so gorgeous.


Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna were among the famous guests at the party. 9

Chrissy shared this photo of herself and her little girl posing in front of the gorgeous entrance. "Luna looking like she stole something," she jokingly captioned the snap. "Happy birthday, Chicago!! Thank you for having us!!"

Chi was surrounded by her siblings when it was time to blow out her candles. 10

This family just keeps on growing! Her dad Kanye, aunty Kourtney Kardashian, cousins Reign and Penelope were all there surrounding her and singing her "Happy Birthday." 


Sainty was on the loose all around the house during the party. 11

The little one walked all around their house wearing a battery pack made out of balloons! That's a pretty well-made design.

Kanye was on full dad mode. 12

There's nothing we love more than seeing Kanye in his role as a dad. DadYe, as some of his fans call him, was letting his little boy just hit him on the head with a balloon sword. There's nothing a parent won't do to make their babies smile!


Her little baby cousins were also present! 13

Chi and Kim posed for a pic with her baby cousin Cameron and his mom, Erica Paige, who is married to Kanye's cousin. The baby boy was born in November 2018, following the death of his toddler big brother, Avery.

North tapped into her creative side. 14

Big sister North looked so focused while she was playing in the painting section. She must get her artsy side from her dad!


There was a giant chess game set out in the backyard. 15

Chicago's big sister North and her friends were having the best time at the party. The group of girls played a game of chess together and Kim shared videos of it on Snapchat.

Chicago's cake was insane! 16

The Kardashian-Jenner family really goes all out when it comes to their cakes, and we love it! This cake was no exception and went perfectly in line with the movie's theme. 


Check out the detail on this cake! 17

The three tier cake had a little one written on top and the baby's name was on it, as well. It's just so beautiful. 

The desserts table was even more impressive. 18

There were cookies made to look like a deck of cards and we can only imagine how delicious they were. The Kardashians always have those little donuts at their parties and we would kill to try one.


There was an arts and craft section for the kids. 19

The kids could choose from making their own Mad Hatter hats or painting some red roses. That is one fun party activity, good enough for any mom to copy!

There was even a maze! 20

The guests had to walk through a maze to go inside the party! How cool is that? We're not surprised by the incredible detail that went into this party. Total success!