cardi b baby
Cardi B/Instagram

Being born to hip hop stars means you're living in a world of over-the-top luxury from day one. That is especially the case for Cardi B and Offset's baby Kulture. Her parents are at the top of the music charts and their success allows them to buy anything their hearts desire. From expensive cars to designer clothing to diamonds, they have it all. Making sure their baby matches their swag is to be expected. Kulture was born in July and she has been showered in love and living an opulent life ever since.

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Baby Kulture was being spoiled long before she entered the world, but she is lucky to have busy parents that don't rely on nannies. Despite having such a jam-packed schedule, Cardi has done everything she can to be hands on with Kulture. "I just want to learn how to be a mom," she told her fans on Instagram. "I want to enjoy every single second of it since I'm going back to work."

Cardi and Offset have gone to great lengths to protect Kulture's privacy (we've only seen one picture of her), but we are still given glimpses into her life of luxury. Whether she's relaxing at home or traveling around the world, it is clear that Kulture is being treated like a total princess 24/7. Here's a glimpse of her luxe life.


We have only gotten one look at baby Kulture in the few months since she was born. 1

She is so cute! Cardi and Offset have made sure that their little one is living a glamorous life.


Kulture is already catching private flights with her mom and aunt, Hennessy. 2

She has been jet-setting from the womb.



Baby Kulture is rolling around in expensive wheels. 3

This fly stroller is by designer Jeremy Scott. The gold wings are the perfect finishing touch.


You already know that Kulture has more than one luxe stroller. 4

She has this custom hot pink Cybex Priam Lux Trekking Stroller (which is valued at $1,699) that was also designed by Jeremy Scott. It even has her nickname on it!



Sleeping in a crib fit for a princess goes without saying. 5

Kulture's crib was a gift from PreMadonna, an entrepreneur who is famous for her waist trainers. It was designed by custom furniture maker Kapesh Design.


Kulture kicks back by the fireplace like royalty. 6

She is surrounded by a custom floral arrangement dedicated to her that is worth thousands of dollars.



Kulture's bookcase has a celebrity touch. 7

Cardi asked guests at her star-studded baby shower to leave a message in one of Kulture's future children's books. So cute!


Jimmy Fallon was one of the celebrities that started spoiling Kulture before she was born. 8

He gave Cardi a gift basket that included an adorable leopard print coat and a blinged out baby bottle.



Big brands are also getting in on the adorable gifting. 9

Reebok sent Cardi two pairs of blinged out sneakers so that she and Kulture can match.


Adidas got in on the action too. 10

The brand sent Cardi a gift basked full of their Stan Smith sneakers in different baby sizes.



Kulture definitely has designer threads in her closet. 11

This Burberry dress was a gift from Love & Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young.


A regular walker won't do for the hip hop princess. 12

This pink Ford truck walker is the perfect fit.



Regular red bottoms won't do for baby Kulture. 13

The more rhinestones, the better.


Kulture was welcomed into the world with extravagant floral arrangements. 14

Fashion Nova sent Cardi B this momma bear and baby bear arrangement when Kulture was born.