Jennifer Lopez's new video features daughter Emme & it's so moving

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Jennifer Lopez just dropped her latest music video just in time to coincide with the opening of her new movie Second Act, and we all got a sweet surprise when we realized the celebrity mom's 10-year-old daughter Emme co-stars in the video, which is actually the first that J.Lo has directed herself.

The song "Limitless" is featured in the film--an inspirational tale of a 43-year-old working-class mom who loses out on a long-sought-after promotion and sets out to prove that she is just as capable as her college-educated counterparts. "Limitless" too is about determination and success, and Emme does a fantastic job depicting her mother's younger self.

We've sensed for a while that Emme would blossom into a star.

Over the years Jennifer has shared pictures and videos of Emme at various dance recitals and last year the mother-daughter duo did a huge photo shoot together for Hola! USA--Emme totally stole the show.



J.Lo likely gave her some excellent advice.

Considering Jennifer has never directed a music video until now, this was obviously very special to her and we're sure she gave Emme lots of her pro tips. Emme seriously nails the role, depicting her mom's personality flawlessly.



The video is powerful for sure.

The video, which of course stars Jennifer Lopez as well, features lots of powerful and empowering imagery, including mirroring scenes of Jennifer and Emme struggling to climb up to the top of a cliff and eventually triumphing.

Jennifer is clearly teaching Emme what it means to work hard and how to support other women.

In several scenes the talented Emme even mimics her mami's dance moves, surrounded by other strong female dancers--not a man in sight. J.Lo's vision for the video is pretty clear--powerful women, doing powerful things together, something we're sure she emphasizes with Emme off-screen as well.



It's definitely something every mami should watch with her daughter.

It's easy for any mom of a girl to picture herself when she watches her little one, and the video for "Limitless" is J.Lo doing just that. It's one of the most deeply moving things to experience as a parent, and the video depicts those emotions perfectly. Every mom should watch it with her daughter.


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