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Chayanne has built quite a life for himself. The Puerto Rican singer has had a career that many can only dream of, and he's also managed to carve a fairytale-like personal life with his loved ones. The "Humanos a Marte" singer has been married to Venezuelan lawyer and former beauty queen, Marilisa Maronesse, since 1992, and they're one of the entertainment world's longest-lasting couples.

The couple share two gorgeous kids together, Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofia Figueroa, and they are carbon copies of their stunning parents. The pair welcomed their first child, Lorenzo, in August 1997 and their baby girl arrived three years later in December 2000. Chayanne's Instagram is full of incredible photos and videos of himself but rarely does he post pictures of his beautiful family.

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Luckily for us, his kids have shared so many photos of them as a family through the years and have even shared some throwback photos of them as babies. And they're honestly the cutest! It's so great to see a couple like them withstand the test of time, and also see that they have raised such incredible children together. 

Both Isa and Lorenzo are constantly gushing about their mom and dad, and even consider themselves each other's best friends--and there's honestly nothing better than that. Having a close-knit family is something that no amount of money or awards can compare to, and we are glad that Chayanne has found that with his wife and his babies. Scroll through to take a look at the most precious photos of Chayanne and his family through the years. 

They have a family tradition to dress up together for Halloween. 1

Lorenzo shared this pic of the entire family dressed up as superheroes for Halloween 2018 and used the hashtag #figueroasquad.


The throwback pics the kids share are so incredibly cute. 2

For Father's Day in June 2018, Isadora shared two throwback pics of her dad and herself and her brother when they were little. She captioned it: "We are so extremely lucky to have you as a dad. You are our anchor. We love you Papi." 


Both of his kids are grown up and Chayanne hasn't aged a day since this pic was taken. 3

We love how happy they all look in this pic.

Lorenzo's love for his family runs deep. 4

For his birthday in August 2018, the singer's son shared a heartwarming pic of the whole clan around his cake. "I would die for my family, thank you for everything! #21," he captioned the family pic.


The family supports Chayanne's career like no other. 5

"Most people only see two hours of a show, but we see the months and months of rehearsals, work and sacrifices," Lorenzo sweetly captioned a post about his dad starting a new tour in 2018. "We are extremely proud Papi. You know you have our love and support. Good luck on the first show of this incomparable tour (even though I doubt you need it.)"


Chayanne and his son are the best of friends. 6

For the "Dejaria Todo" singer's 50th birthday, his son dedicated a touching post to him on Instagram along with a cute photo of them laughing on a plane. "He’s not just my dad, he’s also my best friend, happy 50th birthday padre, te amo," Lorenzo wrote. Aww.


These kids honestly have shared the best baby pics ever. 7

We want to thank Lorenzo for sharing the most precious throwback of himself with his dad, but mostly because of how freaking handsome Chayanne looks in this.

Fast forward to 2016, and Chayanne and his son were killing it together at the gym. 8

OK, these two have abs for days. These kids were blessed with some flawless genes. It's seriously unfair!


Lorenzo and his dad have always shared a tight bond. 9

The dad and son duo were photographed bonding back in 1999 and nothing has changed since. They are still the best of friends.

This TBT from Isadora's baptism is SO sweet. 10

Chayanne has so much love in his eyes, it's too much for our hearts to handle!


Isa's throwback baby pics of herself with her dad are just full of cuteness. 11

How is it that Chayanne literally has not aged at all since then?

The super cute family also enjoys some lavish vacations together. 12

Chayanne and Lorenzo headed to Colorado for some skiing together and look how cool the son and dad duo look with their gear.


Isa is definitely daddy's little girl. 13

So much so they even have the same smile!

She's her dad's little angel. 14

How stinking cute is this throwback pic of Isa and her dad? She shared it for Father's Day 2017 with a loving message. "I will always be your little angel, no matter how much time passes. I love you infinitely, and that will never change. You are my inspiration, hero and best friend. Thank you for everything," she wrote. That's deep!


Whoever Isa falls in love with in the future has big shoes to fill. 15

She shared this selfie of herself with her brother and dad and captioned it: "The two men I love the most."

The best part is that Isa and Lorenzo are the best of friends. 16

The siblings are always sharing pics with each other, including this sweet pic from when they were little. She captioned it: "You're honestly my favorite person in the world."


Isa also shared a gorgeous photo of herself with her mom for her birthday. 17

She captioned the pic in October 2016, "Happy birthday to the only woman who gets more beautiful as the years go by. I love you so much mami."

This photo of Isadora's quinceañera is so stunning. 18

When she shared it on Instagram she said that it was the best night of her life. So sweet!


They took a family trip to Russia and it was wild. 19

Lorenzo shared this pic in July 2017 of them all in Moscow, Russia. "We drank vodka after every meal so everything was kind of a blur, but Russia was still lit," he captioned it.

They all looked so happy. 20

The two kids are a perfect blend of both of their parents, and it's adorable.


The two kids and their momma are just adorable. 21

They also visited Berlin, Germany, as a family in 2017, and shared some cute pics from the trip.

We love that the singer has taken the time to make memories with his kids. 22

He has worked so hard his entire career but has also carve out plenty of time to explore the world and life with his family. 


The apple didn't fall far from the tree with these two. 23

How adorable is Lorenzo in this pic with his pop star dad?