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Having a good set of parents is amazing, but you've hit the jackpot if you're also blessed with awesome grandparents. Grandparents make life sweeter, warmer and a lot more beautiful. Many parents rely on them to help raise their children, and who better to care for your babies than the people who raised you? Grandparents have the ability, wisdom, patience and the experience to help look after their grandkids. It really does take a village to raise children and some kids are very fortunate to have their grandmothers and grandfathers by their side.

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Some of our all-time favorite celebrities have proven to be incredible grandparents, while others have shown us just how great their parents are with their grandbabies. Gloria Estefan is completely smitten with her little grandson, Sasha, and Jennifer Lopez's mom, Guadalupe, hasn't left her adorable grandkids' side since they were born in 2012. Kris Jenner is only 63 and is already a grandmother to nine children, and she's definitely doing a great job at it!

Being able to raise kids is a gift, but being there with your grandkids is a blessing. Grandparents don't often receive the love, respect and credit they deserve for all that they do. Scroll through and check out our list of celebrities who are the definition of grandparent goals.

Angelica Maria has always shared a tight bond with her daughter, Angelica Vale. 1

Now that she has two grandkids, Daniel and little Angelica, the actress and her two little ones are just as inseparable. 


Gloria Estefan is the best grandma to her grandson, Sasha. 2

Her son, Nayib, became a father in 2012 and his mom is completely enamored with the little boy. Look at him! How couldn't she be?


Maribel Guardía loves showing off her grandson as much as she shows off her killer abs. 3

The actress became a grandmother when her son, Julián, welcomed a baby boy named José Julián in May 2017. Maribel is super involved in the little one's life and she often shared photos and videos of herself spending time with him. It's so cute!

Barbara Morí became a grandmother at 38. 4

Her son, Sergio Mayer Mori, welcomed a daughter in November 2016, when he was just 18 years old. His mom had him when she was 20, and now she's raising her son's baby along with him. 


We love how involved Kris Jenner is with all nine of her grandchildren. 5

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch became a grandmother in 2009 when daughter Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her first child, Mason. Since then, five out of her six children have welcomed kids--making Kris a grandmother nine times over! She loves each kid so deeply and is just as involved in their lives as she was with her famous kids.


Johnny Lozada's T-Shirt says it all. 6

One look at the TV personality's Instagram page and you can tell he's totally in love with his little granddaughter. And who can blame him? She's too freaking cute!


Can there be a cooler grandpa than A.B. Quintanilla? 7

The musician became a grandfather when his son, Svani, welcomed a little girl in September 2017. He looked super cool when he shared this pic of himself holding the baby girl with his arms full of tattoos. He captioned it: "Guess who’s an Abuelito??? Me.Meet Yvie Quintanilla💜."

Cristiano Ronaldo's mom is the absolute cutest. 8

Maria Dolores Aveiro is super popular on Instagram because she gave birth to one of soccer's greatest stars. But while she posts some photos of herself with her famous sons, it's really her adorable pics with her four grandkids that fill up her feed. 


We love seeing Eugenio Derbez be a granddad. 9

The comedian has a special relationship with his kids, especially his adorable bond with his little girl, Aitana. But seeing him in his role as a grandpa to his first grandchild, Kailani, whose mom is his daughter Aislinn, is the best.

Veronica Castro is absolute goals as a grandmother. 10

Veronica is such a good grandma that she's willing to go through a little danger to make sure her nieta, Rafaela, is smiling. That's beautiful.


Ricky Martin's mom is a ride or die when it comes to her grandkids. 11

Ricky Martin's mom is a ride or die when it comes to her grandkids.

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Nereida Morales is often seen by his twins'--Valentino and Matteo--side and protects them fiercely. Who better to help raise your kids than the wonderful woman who raised you?

No matter how far Jennifer Lopez goes, you can always see her mom trailing just a few steps behind her. 12

No matter how far Jennifer Lopez goes, you can always see her mom trailing just a few steps behind her.

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That's because it takes a village to raise kids and J.Lo needs all the help she can get to raise her twins, Max and Emme. Guadalupe has been by her side throughout her career, and being true abuelita goals.


Giselle Blondet announced in 2018 that she was becoming a grandma. 13

The TV personality revealed in October 2018 that her daughter, Gabriella, is expecting. And while she might not be a grandmother just yet, her excitement when she found out makes her worthy of being on this list.   

Sylvia Pasquel surrounded her granddaughter with love. 14

So much so that Michelle has said that she didn't feel her father Luis Miguel's absence because of her grandma and her mother's side of the family's unconditional love.


Before Jenni Rivera passed away in 2012, being a grandmother was her greatest joy. 15

She was able to be by some of her grandchildren's side, including Jaylah and Luna, before she passed. She once even tweeted that they were her greatest gifts. So cute! 

Beyoncé's mom is one cool grandma. 16

Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson not only created one of music's biggest stars but she's also helping raise Blue Ivy,  Rumi and Sir. Who else's grandma is cool enough to do joint Halloween costumes with the grandkids?


Prince Charles was beaming while holding his youngest grandchild. 17

For the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday in November 2018, the royal family released photos of him holding his grandson Prince George--who is the third and youngest child of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton. We can't wait to see him in action when Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan welcome their bundle of joy in April 2019. 

Tommy Mottola's daughter made his wife, Thalía, a step-grandmother. 18

Tommy has two kids from his marriage with Lisa Clark, and his daughter Sarah welcomed a baby in 2017. If you've seen Thalía, you know she looks way too good to be someone's grandmother. The singer was happy for her stepdaughter and commented on the pic writing, "Bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👨‍👧‍👦.”


Daniel Sarcos became a grandpa at just 42! 19

Daniel Sarcos became a grandpa at just 42!


His firstborn daughter, María Victoria Sarcos, welcomed a gorgeous baby girl and turned the TV personality into a super young and energetic granddad.

Jackie Guerrido makes being a grandmother look good! 20

She might have had her kids young, but it paid off! Now that she became a grandmother to little Melody in 2016, she's as beautiful as ever and still has a killer body.