Cardi B revealed the most horrifying part of giving birth to baby Kulture

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Once again, Cardi B is speaking her truth and at the same time speaking for the rest of us. During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, October 17, the rapper kept it real about how childbirth affected her body in ways no one told her about prior to her having a baby!

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It seems like that holds true for a lot of women who find out certain things about what goes on in our bodies when we have a child later on in life. Cardi, who welcomed her first child, Kulture, in July, might've had quite an unpleasant birthing experience but she says that's still not going to stop her from having more babies. 

Cardi kept it real about the damage her vagina endured during labor.

The late night TV host asked if childbirth was easier or harder than she imagined. "It was totally harder. She broke my vagina," Cardi said. "Why nobody tells you about those things? Nobody told me they were going to stitch my vagina!" 


Cardi also gave a bit of an insight into her baby's personality.

The hitmaker said that she can already tell that her little one is going to be just as fiesty as she is! "She really is very demanding," Cardi said about her 3-month-old. "She's very feisty. You know what, my husband used to tell me, like, 'Stop screaming and catching an attitude when you're pregnant because you're going to pass that to the baby.' And it's like, I did." 


The rapper said she's not "mentally ready" to show her baby to the public.

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As happy as Cardi is with her success and her fame, she says the downside is not being able to do normal parenting things with her kids. "It's not [fun]. There's certain things that I want to do with my daughter like, I want to go to the beach with my baby, I want to take a stroll down the street with my baby," she said. "And it's just like I can't because I don't know who's next to me and who has certain intentions. I don't want to show my baby out to the public right now. I just want to protect her. I'm not, like, mentally ready." 

She added: "I would like to do normal things with my baby, but right now I gotta keep it very low key."

Not even the pain nor the paparazzi can keep Cardi from expanding her family even more.

Cardi said that she sees herself having "three or four" children in the future. "I do feel like I need a rest but the happiness that my baby brung me, I can do this over and over again," she said on the show. She even tweeted on Sunday, October 14, that she was ready to have another child and asked her fans if they would be mad.  



Now all we ask going forward is for all new moms to be as real and honest as Cardi.

Now all we ask going forward is for all new moms to be as real and honest as Cardi.


It would be great if all women were transparent about the ins and outs of pregnancy so that no woman is caught off guard down the line. The process of going into labor and giving birth can be so scary and nervewracking that we implore you to share as many details as possible with any future mamás you might know. Thanks, Cardi.