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Jacqie Rivera has been through a lot in her lifetime, but it seems like being a mom brings her immense joy. Just like her late mother, Jenni Rivera, Jacqie takes her role as a mom of three very seriously and she always puts her babies above all. 

And who can blame her? Her three kiddos Jaylah, Jenavieve and Jordan are not only carbon copies of her but they're also freaking adorable! Ever since Jacqie announced her divorce from ex-husband, Michael Campos, in December 2017, it seems like her bond with her babies has gotten even stronger. She even started her new life as a single mom with a clean slate on Instagram and now shares tons of photos on social media of the fun times all four of them share together.

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Jacqie has also been sharing tons of pics about her lifestyle change and has been documenting her weight loss journey. The awesome part about that is that she's also encouraging her kids to eat healthier along with her so now the whole family is benefitting from her wanting to better herself. It's not easy raising kids on your own, but knowing that there's nothing you wouldn't do to put a smile on their faces is all the motivation you need to keep going.

Jacqie comes from a family that is really close to one another so having that support and guidance also helps her in taking care of her little ones. She had a great example of a mom growing up, and Jenni always made it a point to be there for her kids through thick and thin. We are so inspired by how far Jacqie has come and of the life she's built with her three munchkins. One thing is for sure: She is definitely making her mom proud.

She made vision boards with her daughter! 1

"No dream is too big nor too small for God. Our job is to keep dreaming. No matter what!!! So tell me what’s gonna be on you vision board?" she captioned the cute pic.


She makes sure her kids look their best at all times. 2

She posted a pic of her little boy Jordan sitting on her lap after a successful day of sneaker shopping. "I love these weekend adventures with my little guy," she captioned the pic. 


A family who snacks together, stays together. 3

Cheetos, ice cream, chips. Jacqie knows that even though she lives a healthy lifestyle, sometimes it's OK to let our kids be kids. "I love them so much. They’re my favorite people in the world," she captioned this adorable pic.

The family wore red, white and blue to celebrate the Fourth of July. 4

"Celebrating my independence," she captured the fun pic.


She does whatever it takes to make her daughters happy. 5

"A girls day at Disney cause girls just want to have fun,💛😊" she captioned a cute pic of her and her daughter who was all dressed up like a princess.


They even got their faces painted! 6

How cute!


She's with them through the good and the bad. 7

When her daughter Jaylah got sick, she shared videos of them together at the doctor's office. So sweet.

They all have such great smiles. 8

What's better than seeing your babies look this happy? Nothing!


Jacqie shared a throwback photo of herself to document her weight loss progress. 9

In this pic, Jordan was still a baby.

In the second pic, Jordan looks so much bigger but Jacqie looks a lot smaller. 10

"#TransformationTuesday! The journey isn’t the easiest but it most definitely is worth it!" she captioned the post.


Our hearts can't handle all this cuteness! 11

Her son looks overjoyed by whatever it is he's looking at while sitting on his mom's shoulders, and I'm willing to bet that this will one day be Jordan's favorite picture of himself with his mamá. "I live to put smiles on faces, starting with his. 💙 #momlifeisthebestlife," she captioned the adorable snap. 

She has mommy and me paint nights, too! 12

"Jaylah paints my world with hope 💕," the reality TV star captioned the post. Jacqie is really killing this whole mom thing, isn't she?


For Mother's Day 2018, Jacqie got super emotional as she celebrated being her babies' mom. 13

"Today isn’t just my day.
It’s yours too.
Jaylah, Jena, Jordan ....
I’m thankful for you guys.
Your laughs and messy faces.
Your hugs and dirty hands.
Your 'I love yous' and besitos. 
I need you guys more than you can ever know. 
Thank you Lord for their existence," she captioned the adorable post of them having a group hug.

Jordan is definitely his mom's joy. 14

For his birthday she posted some sweet photos of them together with a heartfelt message. "Jordan Love, Since before you were conceived You taught me how to be patient. You even made me endure 2 extra weeks of pregnancy to meet you," she captioned the post. "But you were worth the wait. Son, you’ve taught me how to wait for Gods promises to pass, with joy. You’ve showed how good life can be when I let loose and surrender control. Te amo niño loco! Happy birthday, little papash! ♥️"


They look just alike! 15

Jacqie and her little boy look like twins!

There's no bond stronger that the one between a mom and her girls. 16

Jenavieve and Jaylah are surely lucky to have a mom like Jacqie.


Jacqie wrote a sweet message for Jena's birthday in March 2018. 17

"This is the one that gives me the toughest love. She is the perfect balance between strength and gentleness," she wrote. "I’ve grown so much as a person in these 4 years of mothering her. She’s taught me to be strong just like her! La amo!!! #birthdayprincess👑 #momlife."

You have to have some wild times with your kids every now and then. 18

These are the moments you'll treasure for the rest of your lives. "We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing! Have some fun!" she captioned it.


She always makes the time to take her babies to school. 19

They all look great!

They're her sweet Valentines. 20

All three of her kids are insanely adorable, especially in this pic she shared of them on Valentine's Day 2018. The two girls are matching in heart-print dresses, while her little man looks like a total stud in a red turtleneck.


They enjoyed a mom and kids getaway to Cancun! 21

They headed to Cancun for a lovely beach vacation. "I've learned that after every death comes a resurrection, there has been so much joy on this side of the Jordan!" she captioned a gorgeous pic with her boy in February 2018.

Her daughters inspire her to be a better woman. 22

“The more the daughter knows the details of her mother’s life, the stronger the daughter.” I haven’t been perfect but for them I will fight to be the best me I can be. #girlsdayout #mommyandme," she captioned a pic of a girls' trip.


Jacqie has been through a lot of changes in her life, but her kids keep her grounded. 23

How gorgeous is the photo of them standing in front of a sunset?