Evil racist trolls take aim at Khloe Kardashian's baby True & what is wrong with people?

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All babies are a blessing and all babies are beautiful, and if you don't agree, keep that thought to yourself. The next generation of the Kardashian-Jenners is in full throttle, especially with the latest arrivals of gorgeous babies they welcomed into their family this year. Kim Kardashian welcomed daughter Chicago in January, Kylie Jenner followed with baby Stormi in February and Khloé Kardashian gave birth to daughter True in April. 

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Fans have been eagerly waiting for a group pic of the babies since they were born and Kim was finally kind enough to bless the world with their beauty. Unfortunately, some incredibly negative and cruel people took that as an opportunity to rank the babies from cutest to least cutest--and some even meanly commented on baby True's skin tone. 

It takes a special type of evil human being to comment on a baby's looks, especially if it's rooted in racism and colorism. While they ranked Chicago and Stormi as the "prettiest," some said that Khloé's baby with Tristan Thompson was "too dark." What does that even mean?! 

When Kim shared this photo of the "triplets" it brought out some of the worst in people.

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💕 The Triplets 💕

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How evil do you have to be to rank babies based on how pretty they are? Each one of them is so different from the other but they all have their own beauty. The best part is that they'll have forever friends in their primas. But the worst part is that then some Instagram users took to the comments section to say that True was "too dark" and not as pretty as her lighter-skinned cousins. WTF!?


I wish I could ask this person what's so wrong with being "dark"?

Often, people glamourize having mixed babies but when they don't look light enough or how they pictured them, they panic--and that's horrific.


This one user posted some extremely mean emojis about True.

In what world is that acceptable to say about any person, let alone a baby?! 

Some compared her to her other "dark" cousins. How insane is that?

One user pretended it had ~nothing~ to do with her skin tone but mentioned Saint West, Kim's second child, saying he was cute even though he's also darker. I swear people don't think before commenting.


Some said that Khloé was to blame for her baby's looks.

Some said that Khloé was to blame for her baby's looks.

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Other users were quick to call out people's colorism because they said the lighter babies were cuter and chose True as the "least cute" one. This is all so messed up beyond belief. 

There's no denying that baby True is her daddy's twin!

Tristan, who was born in Toronto, Canada, is of Jamaican descent and his genes are clearly super strong. The basketball player and his daughter look identical to each other--and even though he might've done some hurtful things to Khloé in the past, we still think he's a good looking man. 


Listen, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but coming for an innocent baby is just unnecessary and ridiculous.

We hope that people begin to see how wrong they are for even talking about a baby in a negative way, especially saying she's not pretty enough. 

This reaction from fans brings up an important conversation for mothers who are having mixed race babies.

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It is a huge responsibility for parents of kids who are biracial to be able to teach their kids that just because they might not look like everyone else in their families or at school, that it doesn't make them any less beautiful or worthy of love and respect. Khloé has a tough road cut out for her and we hope that she finds a way to protect her gorgeous baby girl from all the hate in the world, because no one deserves that.


Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder, and to us there's nothing better than a happy and healthy baby.

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🎶 You are my sunshine! My only sunshine 🎶

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Anyone who doesn't see and appreciate how pretty and adorable this baby is is not opening their hearts and eyes enough! Koko wanted nothing more than to be a mom and now it's time for trolls to let her enjoy her beautiful gift and keep their hate to themselves. 

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