Cardi B posts & deletes first photo of baby Kulture, but we have it!



Cardi B's fans might be getting closer to finally meeting her first child. The rapper gave birth in July and still has not shared a full photo of her baby with the world. She shared a small glimpse of her baby's lips on Instagram on Wednesday, August 30, but then quickly took it down.

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While celebrities usually share pics of their newborns right away, it seems like Cardi and husband Offset have been hesitant about doing so, and that's totally normal. Both of the rappers are at the height of their careers so them wanting to keep a little piece of their personal lives private is understandable. It would be a lie to say that we are not waiting for the baby's reveal. We are so excited about seeing Cardi's baby girl, but that'll have to be whenever they decide to share photos of her with us.


Cardi posted a picture of her baby's little lips.

She shared the snap on Wednesday, August 29, but it was gone in a matter of hours. 


The couple is reportedly disagreeing on whether or not to post their kid.

My heart is exploding for these two ❣️#CardiB #Offset #VMAs

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HollywoodLife reported that the rappers are debating on whether or not they want to introduce Kulture to their fans. While Cardi is still debating, the outlet reported that Offset is considering keeping the baby's identity a secret indefinitely so that she can have a "normal childhood."

“Cardi knows her fans are desperate to see Kulture and as much as she wants to give her fans what they want she has major fears over letting the world see her baby girl,” a source reportedly told the outlet. “Cardi is very superstitious and she worries that showing Kulture’s face will make her a target for bad energy from her haters.”


The parents have been giving small glimpses of their baby.


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After the 2018 VMAs, Cardi posted a pic of her husband holding their daughter in their arms. The pic was cropped so that only a tiny part of the child's head was visible.

She also teased fans during the award show.

She opened up the VMAs while holding a pink blanket in her arms. While everyone thought this was the baby's big reveal, it turns out Cardi was holding a MoonMan trophy instead.


Even Offset fell for the trick.

Looks like we weren't the only ones who were fooled by her antics. She later revealed that her husband was mad at her because he also really thought she was about to show their baby on television. The couple have the right to decide when and if they introduce their child to the world. And while their fans and the world are more than ready to give the child a warm welcome, it's totally up to them to choose if they share photos of her or not.

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