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Eva Longoria is really enjoying motherhood. Ever since her son, Santiago, was born in 2018, she's been showing off the most precious pics of him on social media. The former Desperate Housewives actress welcomed her first child with her husband, José "Pepe" Bastón, on June 19, 2018--and the little one is just so cute! 

The first-time mom, who was 43 when she gave birth, can't get enough of spending time with her little boy. In his first year of life, the mom-and-son duo did some adorable photo shoots together, traveled the world together, and even wore matching jerseys when they cheered on Mexico during the 2018 World Cup. Now that that Santiago is officially a 1-year-old, we can't wait to see what his second year of life will be like.

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The actress tied the knot with the Mexican businessman on May 21, 2016. And after months of speculation, it was revealed in December 2017 that they were expecting their first child together. Her rep confirmed to Us Weekly at the time that she was four months pregnant. While it was her first pregnancy, her husband, Pepe, already had plenty of experience as a dad. He has three kids--Tali, José, and Mariana--from a previous marriage to Natalia Esperón.

The famous mom is truly enjoying this brand-new journey with her son, and she seems to keep him close by as much as possible--even when she's on set for one of her many projects. The new mami has been eager to share the cutest pics of him with her fans, taking to Instagram with everything from behind-the-scenes snaps and special holiday moments to family weekends and visits with some of her famous friends. Scroll through to take a look at Santi in his most adorable photos so far.

--Claudya Martinez collaborated on this gallery. 

Where in the world is baby Santiago? 1

We're not really detectives, so thank goodness Eva tagged the location of this photo of her and Santiago. They are in Marbella, Spain, and in full "#VacationMode 🍹🌞👙," according to the caption.


Here they are, bonding over bubbles in Barcelona. 2

Check out the joy on Eva's face as Santiago checks out bubbles that are big enough to swallow him up. Eva captioned the photo, "Bubbles, Barcelona and Baby!"


Two beach babes coming right up! 3

Eva celebrated National Bikini Day with Santi by posting this adorable pic. "Bikinis and Babies, these are a few of my favorite things! #nationalbikiniday," wrote the proud mama.

Eva got a magazine cover thanks to Santi! 4

OK, so Eva is no stranger to magazine covers, but she couldn't have made the cover of Parents magazine if it weren't for her adorable bundle of joy. She posted this pic on Instagram and wrote: "Y’all I’m on the cover of Parents magazine!!! I’ve made it! Check out my interview with Parents magazine where I discuss my journey through motherhood and work (but mostly read it to see the adorable pics of Santi)!"


Who's that rat with Santi and his mom? 5

Oh, excuse us. That's NOT a rat; that's the one and only Mr. Mickey Mouse. Eva captioned this photograph: "Can’t think of a better way to celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday! Disneyland!!!! Thank you to everyone @disneyland who helped make this day special, but especially to this guy here, MICKEY!! #Disneyland #BirthdayBoy." 


It's hard to believe, but Santi is already a year old. 6

The baby had such a great first year of his life, his mamá had a hard time picking which pics to post for his big birthday. "There are just sooooo many photos from this year that I can’t post just one! Happy birthday my sweet baby boy!" she captioned this cute pic.


Eva knows babies and pasta always make for great content. 7

She posted this cute picture on Mother's Day 2019, and it melted us. "My first Mother’s Day! I don’t even remember life before this little piece of love entered it," she captioned this pic. "Everyday is a blessing I cherish with all my heart! Thank you for choosing me stinky butt! I love you papa!"

Eva has quite the travel buddy. 8

She shared the most adorable airport pic in April 2019 and captioned it, "Y’all like my new carryon? 😉 Best travel partner ever, even though this face doesn’t say that! 🤣."


Eva's dreams came true with her boy. 9

"Lazy Sunday waking up to this beautiful face! Pinch me I’m dreaming. My little angel is always smiling and always happy! 👶🏻," she captioned this smiley pic of her baby boy in February.

The baby is already staying active like his mamá. 10

It's never too early in life to learn the wonderful art of yoga, and Santi agrees. "Yoga baby!! Where did he learn this? 👶🏻🤓," Eva captioned this funny pic.


Santi is truly one happy little baby. 11

This baby is always so cheerful. "Someone’s in a good mood!! 😁 #TwoTeethBandit #ThisSmileKillsMeEverytime," she captioned this adorable shot in March 2019.  

Nothing is better than snack time with mamá. 12

Santi is already a big fan of carbs. "Us. Just chilling and eating bread. #Moments 😂," she captioned this pic in March 2019.


Baby Santi showed off his new hairstyle. 13

Check him out at the beach with his baby mohawk. The little one looks like quite the tough guy.

A teething baby has never been this cute! 14

His little baby teeth started coming in, but he was still all smiles. "This devilish grin will be the death of me! Getting his second tooth! #BabyBaston," Eva captioned this pic in January.


Santi looked like he enjoyed his first Christmas. 15

Baby Bastón was fully decked out in his Christmas pajamas, and he had the biggest smile on his face. So cute!

Santi turned 6 months old in December 2018. 16

Eva couldn't resist posting this smiley shot of her and her little guy. They are obviously so enamored with each other--full of joy and love.


He lives every baby's dream. 17

I mean, who wouldn't love Sundays if they looked like this? Eva and Santi are literally the picture of comfort and relaxation.

Santi takes Sundays seriously. 18

Eva posts lots of pics with the hashtags #lazysunday and #sundayfunday. It seems they have dedicated the first day of the week as a family day, and Santi always looks to be enjoying himself.


Eva's little guy is learning to dress the part. 19

All decked out in a tuxedo tee, baby Santi was ready to attend a benefit for Eva's charity Eva's Heroes, which works to help better the lives of people with special needs. He's the cutest budding philanthropist ever.

Of course, one costume wasn't enough for all that cuteness. 20

Santiago also got to dress up as a perfect pineapple for Halloween, and we think he liked this costume even better.


Sharing baby's first Halloween is a must. 21

Like every good parent, Eva posted some pics of her baby boy in his first Halloween costume. What an adorable Superman!

Santi has the sweetest smirk. 22

Santi wore matching outfits with his mami while she was at work, and apparently he got a kick out of it. Look at that little smirk!


Santi meets famous friends on the reg. 23

Santi met Eva's costar Eugenio Derbez on the set of the upcoming Dora the Explorer movie. In a few years, Santiago will certainly having bragging rights among the preschool set.

Eva engages baby Santi even when she's working. 24

Being a working mom isn't easy, but Eva is lucky enough to be able to bring baby Santi on set and steal some moments with him. He looks so engrossed in this Lil' Libros book from Patty Rodriguez.


Every mom loves morning snuggles. 25

Nights can be hard with a new baby, but it seems Eva is already learning that power of those redemptive morning snuggles.

You can tell this little angel is surrounded by love. 26

His little smile and big brown eyes are giving us the worst case of baby fever.


Eva has a musician on her hands. 27

She shared the sweetest clip of Santi playing the piano in his crib, and it is the cutest thing ever.

He met his mom's BFF, Victoria Beckham! 28

The designer shared this photo and captioned it: "Finally meeting Santi!! I’m in Love!! X so many kisses @evalongoria and Pepe!!! xxx Love u so much and could not be happier for u both!!! xxxx."


Eva's makeup-free selfie with her son sleeping on her chest is just precious. 29

The actress shared this pic of herself en route to a new project. "Australia here we come!! ✈️ 🇦🇺 #DoraTheExplorer 🎒," she captioned it.

Santiago can say he was a businessman since he's been in diapers. 30

That boy has been hard at work since his mom returned to work on the series Grand Hotel just months after his birth. Look how focused he seems!


He is always ready for the camera. 31

Santi was being covered in kisses from his mamá, but he stayed alert and posed for the pics in his black-and-white-striped pajamas. 

Santi hung out at his mamá's job with his new tía Roselyn Sanchez. 32

Eva shared this adorable Instagram pic in September and captioned it: "Bring your Baby to Work Day! 👶🏻🍼 #BabyBaston #BabyDylan #GrandHotelBabies 🎬."


Baby Santi enjoyed a Sunday out by the pool. 33

Eva shared this adorable pic of Santi enjoying some sun in August.

Bring your child to work day is every day when you're a star! 34

"First day back to work and look who is my assistant director! Has a desk and everything! #WorkingMama #BabyBaston," she captioned this pic of a smiling Santi.


Eva keeps blessing fans with photos of her baby. 35

She shared this cute snap in August and captioned it: "Lazy Kinda Sunday ☀️⛱." The pic received more than 800,000 likes!

He hung out with his mom's longtime friend, Mario Lopez. 36

"This is some of your best work @EvaLongoria... #Santiago #BabyBaston #LoveHim #TíoMario," the TV host captioned the sweet pic in August.


She shared a behind-the-scenes snap from the photo shoot. 37

The new mom and son look so beautiful together.

Eva has endless kisses for her boy. 38

He looks so peaceful wrapped up in his little blue blanket.


She shared what it was like holding him for the first time. 39

"Well, it’s magical. You’re in the hospital, you’re a little loopy, a little tired from labor. There are a lot of people in the room, doctors and nurses, and then it’s almost like all the noise goes away. It’s just he and I," she described to the publication. "He was born so alert! It was like he said, 'Hey! I know you!' It’s as if I knew him my whole life."

Baby Bastón was all smiles in his mami's arms. 40

"Santi is already enjoying Mamá’s jokes," Eva captioned this pic. She looks so incredibly happy!


She looks absolutely in love with her boy. 41

She shared this pic from the shoot and wrote, "Here he is again at his first photo shoot with mamá! I haven’t had a chance to post more photos because I’m slowing coming back from maternity leave — but this one is so precious! He’s more than I could have ever asked for!"

Santi's adorable face made his big debut. 42

He was ready to say hello to the world on the cover of Hola! USA, and he honestly couldn't be any cuter.


Eva showed of her mommy bun. 43

She shared a pic of Santi on July 20, and she captioned it: "Is this the official hairstyle of breast feeding? 😂 I feel like I’m always in a messy top bun! Too hard to do anything else!"

The mom and son shared some cuddle time. 44

This photo of baby Santi sleeping on his mom's chest is just so cute!


She opened up about going back to work after having her baby boy. 45

"I enjoy our routine and our days together. People tell me: 'Get ready to be tired,' but I’m not," she told Hello! magazine. "I actually miss him when he’s sleeping, so I’m like: 'Ugh. Hurry up and wake up, so I can play with you and stare at you and kiss you and cuddle you, bite, hug you!' So the thought of going back to work… I get anxiety thinking about it."

She shared a pic of his little, tiny feet. 46

Eva shared this photo of her and husband, Pepe, holding their son's feet in their hands, and in the caption she thanked the nurses and doctors at Cedars Sinai for taking care of her and the baby. She added: "I love this picture as a reminder that no matter how big you grow Santiago, you will always be my baby! #BabyBaston"


Baby Bastón was born ready for the World Cup! 47

He was ready to root for Mexico in the World Cup on June 23, and he had his very own jersey.

Eva shared the first glimpse of Santi. 48

"Hello world! I introduce to you Santiago Enrique Bastón," she captioned the snap. "Thank you everyone for showering my baby boy with all your warm wishes!"