Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, have the cutest family ever, and there are photos to prove it. The Carters are used to living a life of absolute luxury, and they cruised through Europe on a $180 million yacht with their children in the summer of 2018. The family of five, including firstborn Blue Ivy and their twins, Sir and Rumi, spent a lavish vacation on the gigantic luxury boat. 

The musicians were on the road for their On the Run II tour, and after they got back to the US for the North American leg of the tour, the mom of three shared so many adorable pics of their family vacation. She even gave the world a brand-new photo of the twins, whom we've rarely seen since they were born in June 2017. Rumi looks just like her big sis when she was a baby, with her adorable curls and gorgeous eyebrows. Her brother is a perfect blend of both of his parents but also shares a striking resemblance to his mom's nephew, Julez.

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Beyoncé has shared tons of pics from the tour and their yacht life on her website,, and trust us when we say that they are STUNNING. The photos went live in July 2018, and she shared a message about her time traveling through the continent. "Thank you to Europe for the beautiful memories," she wrote. "It's been a pleasure being On the Run with our family, visiting so many incredible places, doing what we love with who we love. We can't wait to come back. Love, the Carters."

Big sister Blue's personality shines through in the photos, and it's clear that she's the boss in the Carter family. Scroll through to see the cutest photos Beyoncé has shared of her three babies.  

Bey and Jay sent their fans some holiday love. 1

Check out this adorable photo that the Carters took at the end of 2019. It's hard to believe that Blue Ivy and the twins are all getting so big already!


This adorable photo of Blue Ivy began circulating on her birthday. 2

For Blue's 8th birthday in January 2020, fans began sharing a photo of her wearing an orange top standing in front of a matching wall and the baby girl looked beautiful. It's hard to believe that she is already 8, but it is proof that time is flying.


Rapper Megan Thee Stallion gave the world quite a present. 3

The rapper shared photos from a party she attended with Beyoncé. Little Blue looked as gorgeous as ever posing in the photo booth with her mom.

Beyonce shared a recap of her 2019. 4

In this short clip, the singer shared a ton of family pics that her fans had not seen before, including so many moments with her little ones. How cute is this video?


Blue and Bey walked the red carpet together looking glamorous. 5

The mom and daughter pair wore some gorgeous sharp blazers for the Lion King premiere in July 2019. Blue has become her mom's plus one on the red carpets in recent years, and it's adorable.


Blue is always there to support her mom. 6

For the premiere of The Lion King, in which Bey starred in, Blue wore an African-inspired design that she looked beautiful in. 


The mom and daughter love to dress alike. 7

Beyoncé's mom throws a Wearable Art Gala every year, and in 2018, Bey and Blue wore matching gold dresses that were truly a work of art.

Dad Jay-Z also looked amazing at the gala. 8

Bey and Blue looked like two golden goddesses for the event in March 2018, and dad Jay looked pretty dapper himself. The couple's firstborn is already a little lady.


Blue is definitely going to be a tall girl! 9

It seems like Blue is going to take after both of her parents and be super tall! It's so crazy how fast the little one is growing.

Beyoncé finally showed off her twins! 10

Sir and Rumi look like carbon copies of their parents! And Rumi definitely takes after her big sis, Blue. Beyoncé welcomed the twins in 2017 but has only shared photos of them a few times. How cute are they?!


The Carter family portrait is stunning. 11

The Carters, minus the twins, slayed this family portrait. The background makes this look like a painting, and it's one of the cutest pics of them we've seen yet! 

The family who matches together, stays together. 12

This is just too adorable for words. Now that she's a mom of three, it's so sweet to see that she still makes one-on-one time with her firstborn a priority.


Bey shared this on Instagram. 13

Every mom knows the struggle of getting your kids to pose for a pic! But somehow Bey makes it look easy.

It's true, like mother, like daughter. 14

Blue watched her mom intently as the singer meditated in this pic. What a calm way to end the evening, meditating with the ocean breeze on a yacht. 


Blue picked up some yoga poses from her mamá. 15

It's true what they say: Kids learn by example. Blue looks totally unbothered while sitting in this swing chair. We need one of those ASAP!

Our girl Blue is dripping with swag. 16

There's no way someone so young can already be so stylish! Wearing a sun hat, a bikini, and jewelry while cruising around Europe on a yacht at age 6? Iconic. 


Bey is keeping her babies to herself. 17

Fans got a glimpse at baby Rumi's face in this pic. Look at all those gorgeous curls! Bey even looks stunning when she's relaxing.

Blue watched on as her mom played with her siblings. 18

Beyoncé, like a true diva, played with her kids in stiletto heels. We bet Blue is a hands-on big sister!


Blue is on her way to becoming a real diva. 19

This is the life we were all meant to be living! The little girl had a tasty-looking drink while she was in the pool on the yacht. Talk about elegance. 

Here are three generations of fabulous. 20

The singer looked so relaxed with her daughter and mom, Tina, on either side. This pic is proof those genes are strong!


They shared a mom & daughter dance. 21

Everyone knows Bey has those killer dance moves onstage, but seeing her dancing with Blue is so much cuter.

Blue is used to living the lavish life. 22

Blue has known nothing but luxury in her first six years of life, so it's no wonder she looks blissful in this pic! 


They might be parents of three kids, but they haven't lost their cool. 23

Mamá and papa Carter also sparkled during their family trip. These two have been through a lot together, so it's so good to see them enjoying everything the good life has to offer.

The rapper had full-on daddy duties. 24

Jay was showing off the beauty of the European continent to his youngest daughter, Rumi. The kids were already walking, and we'd only seen them twice!


Bey did a little showing off, too. 25

It's unbelievable that this woman is the mother of three kids! She has some killer legs, and her style is timeless. We love this comfy and colorful romper on her.

Blue's personality is out of this world. 26

Someone went into her mamá's closet and played a little dress-up with the sunglasses. She's going to need a couple pairs for her days out in the sun.


Bey and Jay are couple goals in this pic. 27

Bey enjoyed her family trip with a drink in hand. This is a great reminder that parents can and should have fun, too! 

Bey showed off her mamá curves. 28

The multiple Grammy-winning singer sure kept her post-baby curves after the arrival of her kids, and there's no denying that she looks amazing. 


It's about time we saw the twins again! 29

The first time we saw the twins was a month after they were born. Bey shared this photo of them in July 2017 and broke Instagram records. 

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