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Is there anyone more important or influential in our lives other than our moms? For some famous Latinas, the answer to that question is a definite "no." For them, their moms are everything. Thanks to their selflessness, hard work, and invaluable support, these moms have become their daughters' heroes. A lot of these moms have sacrificed so much in order to help their baby girls achieve their goals and dreams.

Without their love, these stars perhaps wouldn't shine as bright as they do and wouldn't have gone as far as they have in their careers. The bond between a mother and daughter is so important in a woman's life and it often sets the tone for how her relationship with her own daughter will be. 

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For famous artists like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Lucero, and Camila Cabello, their moms are their best advisers, No. 1 fans and, in some cases, their business partners. For some, like Michelle Salas and Kim Kardashian, growing up with their mom as the head of the household has impacted them greatly. These matriarchs have raised their daughters to be strong, hardworking and independent--and now that they're older they have become inseparable. 

Hollywood is full of mom and daughter duos that are great examples of admirable relationships between a mamá and her child. Check out these adorable mamá and daughter pairs, and their pics will make you want to pick up the phone and call your mom right now. 

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Jennifer Lopez and Guadalupe Rodríguez are the perfect duo. 1

J.Lo has nothing but respect for her mother, who at the age of 26 was already trying to raise three children, while working full time as a teacher. Fast-forward to present time and Doña Lupe is still a huge presence in the life of her famous daughter and an awesome abuela to Max and Emme. Lupe is constantly photographed with Lopez, sometimes at family outings with A-Rod and the twins, and other times at red carpet events.


Angélica Vale and Angélica María are the best coworkers. 2

There’s no doubt that Angélica Vale inherited her mom’s talent and it's a given that Angélica María was a big influence on her daughter’s decision to become and artist. These two Mexican actresses are the perfect mother and daughter duo: They are both very talented and well respected in the entertainment industry (they have even worked together, most recently in Coco), they are both charming and funny, and they are very close.


Eva Mendes has nothing but respect for her mom, Eva Pérez Suarez. 3

Eva Mendes might not share photos of her daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, on social media, but it is a completely different story when it comes to her mamá, Eva Pérez Suarez. The actress and designer has moved our hearts on more than one occasion when sharing pictures of her mom on her Instagram account. Eva paid homage to her mom to celebrate International Women’s Day. "Mother. Immigrant. Badass. MY MAMÁ”, she wrote as a caption for a picture where she is hugging her mom and smiling.  

Lucero and Luz María León have gone through a lot together 4

Luz María León, also known as Lucero León, played an instrumental role in her daughter's successful career. She was her manager for many years and to this day remains one of Lucero’s top advisers and mentors. Throughout the controversies that have surrounded the momager, the Mexican actress has always come to her defense. Lucero was also by her mother’s side when she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.


Camila Cabello is best friends with her mother, Sinuhe Estrabao. 5

The "Havanna" singer shares a very intimate and powerful experience with her mother, Sinuhe Estrabao. Both of them immigrated to the United States with nothing more than a backpack and the hope of a better life when Camila was just 6 years old. It was an intense and uncertain journey that the singer shared in a very moving essay titled “Our Dreams Were Bigger Than Our Fears." To this day, mother and daughter are very close. Camila sometimes shares on her social media very casual, but touching, videos with her mom. 


Eiza Gonzalez is proud of her mom, Glenda Reyna. 6

Eiza Gonzalez has her mom, Glenda Reyna, to thank for her beauty. Reyna was a model for many years and even had her own modeling agency. But that's not the reason why the Baby Driver actress is so proud of her mom. She revealed on her social media that her mother worked really hard to get her degree as a dentist and after having two kids and the passing of Eiza's dad. She continued working even harder to support her children. Nowadays, Eiza and her mom are best friends!


Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey went through it all together. 7

Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey went through it all together.

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Mandy gave birth to Selena when she was just 16 years old. The pair went through a lot together after Mandy split from Sel's dad, but they've been inseparable since. They don't always see eye to eye, especially when it comes to the singer's relationships but their bond is undeniable. "My mom means my happiness, my love, my best friend and the world to me," Selena told Just Jared Jr. in 2009. "She is the reason I smile and the reason I am here."

Michelle Salas and her mom, Stephanie, share a tight bond. 8

Stephanie Salas raised her daughter all on her own, without Michelle's father, Luis Miguel. Now that she's older, the model has said that her mom is her best friend.


Stephanie Salas loves her mamá, Sylvia Pasquel. 9

Stephanie Salas has always spoken highly of her mom, Sylvia Pasquel, and their whole family is full of women who fully love and support one another.

Susana Dosamantes and Paulina Rubio adore each other! 10

Susana Dosamantes and Paulina Rubio adore each other!

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The two powerhouses have always been by each other's sides. The actress defended her daughter after a TV host insulted Paulina on air in May 2018 on the show Ventaneando. Susana took to Twitter at the time to express her disappointment and put the host in his place. 


Salma Hayek's mom, Diana Jiménez Medina, is as talented as her famous daughter. 11

Doña Diana Jiménez Medina has always been a huge inspiration for her famous daughter. Salma often mentions her and her grandmother as important influences in her life when it comes to her feminism ideals and her fashion sense. In this mother-daughter relationship, mom is not the only who is proud of her daughter. Hayek is equally proud of her mom. In fact, her artistic skills probably come from her! Diana is a well-known soprano and has recorded many albums. Like mother, like daughter!

Chiquinquira Delgado and her daughter look alike. 12

Maria Elena Davila's not only got her mom's incredible genes, but the pair are super close. Chiquinquira is always supporting her daughter's acting career and giving her shoutouts on Instagram.


Evelyn Lozada raised her daughter right. 13

It's hard to believe they're mom and daughter and not sisters. The reality TV star shared this photo with her first child, Shaniece Hairston, and captioned it: "Why raise a princess? When you can raise a warrior!"

Christina Milian and her mom are super tight. 14

The two cubanas are super cute together and look just alike! Carmen Milian left her husband behind in Maryland in order to move to Los Angeles so her daughter could pursue her career as an actress. 


Becky G is her mom's ride or die. 15

Becky's mom had her when she was very young, and the singer has opened up about what it was like growing up alongside her parents and how that made her super close to her mom. "You are everything. My light house. My rock. My best friend. My soulmate," Becky wrote about her mom on Instagram for Mother's Day. "My greatest inspiration. I hope to grow to be even half the woman you are."

Adrienne Bailon credits her mom Nilda Felix for allowing her to follow her dreams. 16

Adrienne Bailon credits her mom Nilda Felix for allowing her to follow her dreams.

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"For me, growing up, my mom has always been my rock, like my everything," Bailon said on The Real in 2015. "I am a true mommy’s girl--ever since I was little, everything was with my mommy, and I am still that way today at 31 years old. And I cannot thank my mom enough."


Kim Kardashian has been Kris Jenner's favorite daughter for so long. 17

The reality TV stars often joke about how Kim has been Kris' favorite child out of the six she has because of her daughter's success. Recently, Kim has passed down the torch as the favorite daughter to her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.

Jessica Alba's mom is also her customer! 18

Jessica Alba might be a busy entrepreneur and actress, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't make time for her family. And family obviously includes her mom, Catherine Alba, who is pretty often by her daughter's side at family outings and at the launch of Honest products. Cathy is, in fact, an avid user of the brand herself! Nothing better than having your mother as a customer, right?


Gwyneth Paltrow followed her mom's footsteps. 19

Growing up in a household where both your parents are crazy talented and creative must be so inspiring. That is precisely Gwyneth Paltrow's case. Her dad was a film director, while her mom, Blythe Danner, is an actress. It is clear that Gwyneth's career choice is not a coincidence, right?  Mother and daughter not only share their love for the big screen, over the years they've developed a strong friendship, to the point that some of Gwyneth's closest friends are also good friends with her mom.

Madonna and daughter Lourdes have always been too cute. 20

Madonna and daughter Lourdes have always been too cute.

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Madonna has had Lourdes by her side, and the singer has been supportive of her daughter's modeling career.