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Luckily for men, their age is usually not a determining factor for when they have children. Some celebrity guys choose to wait to have babies until later in life, while others became dads again when they were much older. A lot of fathers put off having kids because of their careers or because they hadn't found "the one" yet, while others remarried after failed relationships only to welcome more kids with their new partners.

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These famous dads have embarked on their fatherhood journey and have embraced being the dads to their little bundles of joy in their 40s, 50s, and some even in their 60s. Enrique Iglesias became a first-time dad in 2017, while Eugenio Derbez welcomed his baby girl when he was well into his 50s.

And while they might not be as energetic as they would've been in their 20s, these papás are showing that love and being present is all you need to be a good father. There's no real timeline on when a person should become a parent, and these guys are proof of that. Click through to find out which famous dads have welcomed children after 40. 

Tommy Mottola and Thalía welcomed their first child together in 2007. 1

Sabrina was born in 2007, when Mottola was 57, and their son, Matthew, came along in 2011, when the music mogul was 62. 


Ricky Martin finally got his wish of having a daughter. 2

The singer welcomed a baby girl, Lucia, 2018 when he was 47 years old. He previously welcomed twins Matteo and Valentino in 2008 and now they have one beautiful, big family.


Jay-Z is a dad of three. 3

The rapper became a father for the first time when he and wife, Beyoncé, welcomed daughter, Blue Ivy, into the world in 2012. Jay was 42 at the time and he was 47 when they welcomed their twins, Rumi and Sir, in 2017.

Daniel Sarcos welcomed his third child in 2019. 4

The TV personality welcomed his son, Daniel Alejandro, in February 2019. He was 51 at the time.


Eugenio Derbez & his baby girl are two peas in a pod. 5

The comedian welcomed his little girl, Aitana, in 2014 when he was 53 years old. There's no denying that no matter their age difference, the dad and daughter duo are super adorable together.


Eduardo Capetillo became a dad to two more kids in his 40s. 6

Eduardo and wife, Bibi Gaytán, welcomed the most adorable set of twins, Manuel and Daniel, in 2014 when the actor was 44. The pair, who've been together for many years, welcomed their first son Eduardo Jr. in 1995. 


Enrique waited until his 40s to join the dad club. 7

It's no secret that Enrique Iglesias doesn't physically age (the man has looked exactly the same since his 20s!) but now that he's in his 40s, he surprised everyone when he became a dad of two. The singer welcomed twins, Lucy and Nicholas, in 2018 with longtime partner Anna Kournikova--and they're freaking adorable.

Jorge Enrique Abello proves 50 is the new 30. 8

The Betty La Fea star revealed in June 2018 that his wife was expecting. The actor was 50 at the time of the announcement. 


Alec Baldwin & his wife just keep on multiplying. 9

The actor and wife, Hilaria, welcomed their fourth child together, Romeo Alejandro, in 2018 when the actor was 60 years old. 

Alejandro Sanz loves his little girl, Alma. 10

The "Corazón Partido" crooner welcomed his first daughter, Manuela, in 2001 but he didn't stop there. In 2014, the singer welcomed daughter Alma into the world when he was 45.


Carlos Vives caught a second wind. 11

The Colombian singer welcomed his two children, Carlos and Lucy, in the 90s during his second marriage to Herlinda Gómez. Years later, he added daughter Elena and son Pedro to his clan with his current wife, Claudia Elena Vásquez. Their youngest child was born in 2010, when the singer was 49.

Julio Iglesias continued having kids, no matter his age! 12

Julio Iglesias was 63 years old when his youngest son, Guillermo, was born in 2007. That's insane! He's also a dad to seven other children, all varying in age. 


Alan Tacher welcomed his fourth son. 13

The Despierta America host, who was 46 at the time, celebrated the birth of his son, Liam, in February 2018. 

José Bastón was 50 when son Santiago was born. 14

Eva Longoria and husband José welcomed their baby boy, Santiago, in June 2018, when the dad was 50 years old. 


Mauricio Islas and his baby girl, Frida, are too cute. 15

The actor became a dad again at the age of 42, when Frida was born in 2016. She is so freaking adorable! 

Miguel Bosé also became a dad later in life. 16

The singer has kept most of the details of his four sons' lives under wraps since their arrival. He shared this Instagram photo of his young children in 2017, when the singer was 61 years old. 


Robert De Niro also added another little one to his brood. 17

Robert De Niro also added another little one to his brood.

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The actor welcomed daughter, Helen, with wife, Grace Hightower, in 2011, via surrogate. De Niro was 68 at the time. 

Kanye became Dadye again at age 40. 18

Kanye West welcomed son, Saint, and daughter, North, in his 30s, but his youngest bundle of joy, Chicago, was born when the rapper was 40. So cute!


President Donald Trump's youngest child was born in 2006. 19

President Donald Trump's youngest child was born in 2006.

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Barron Trump was born when his dad was already 60 years old! Yikes. 

The Rock had a second go at fatherhood. 20

The actor welcomed his first daughter, Simone, in 2001. Most recently, he and partner Lauren Hashian added another girl to the family, baby Tiana, when he was 46 years old.