Inside Khloe Kardashian's nursery for baby True

Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Khloe Kardashian has chosen an all-pink, flamingo theme for her baby, True Thompson's, nursery. The new mom revealed to fans on her Khloe With a K app that it wasn't easy to find a way to decorate her daughter's beautiful room that would suit her and the baby's style.

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"I have waited my entire adult life to decorate a nursery," she wrote in the post on Monday, June 18. "I thought I knew exactly what I would want to do, but the truth is you don't know until you become pregnant with your baby."

The reality television star also gave an inside look at the nursery by sharing some new photos and opened up about the process behind deciding what would work best to fit her taste. She also said that although decorating a baby's room has been a lifelong dream of hers, it still took some time before she realized how she truly wanted it to look.


She struggled with not making the room too girly.

Khloe shared a photo of one corner of the room, which was decorated with two pink salt rocks and a big mirror. “Decorating the nursery was magical! It ended up very soft pink, but still very my style,” she revealed in the post. “I’ve never liked pink so much in my life! I had to find a way to have pink everywhere and not have it be too feminine. Only I would ask for that challenge.”


The wallpaper in the nursery is gorgeous!

Another photo of the room showed the room was covered floor to ceiling in flamingo wallpaper! How sweet! "The flamingo wallpaper was actually the first thing I saw that I knew needed to have in my daughter’s nursery. I love how elegant the flamingo is,” she shared. "This wallpaper is pink yet subtle. I knew I wanted to do an animal somewhere in her room, but I wanted to do something a little more creative and no so traditional.” So cute!


True shares some similarities with the flamingo.

The new mama, who shared a pic of her baby on Father's Day, said her daughter might’ve had a hand in choosing the wallpaper. “The funny part is True has the longest skinniest legs like a flamingo!” she wrote. “It’s so funny how we feel our children’s personalities before we even meet them. Maybe True picked the wallpaper in my tummy.”

The little animal has become a symbol for baby True in the family.

For Khloe and the baby’s arrival in Los Angeles, the pair were welcomed with beautiful cookies decorated with True’s face as well as some with flamingos. This family is all about the details.


She’s previously shared a glimpse into the baby’s room.

Khloe shared some pics of the nursery back in May 2018, and showed the gorgeous furniture she had chosen including a transparent crib, a white couch and a wooden rocking horse.

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