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Being the daughter of two mega-celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West means North West was born to live large. The famous duo have built empires thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kanye's successful career in the music industry. Additional beauty and fashion ventures have helped them amass more wealth that they can use to spoil their little ones. The couple may have scaled back on flaunting what they have after Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, but their oldest child North still has access to everything her little heart desires.

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Naturally, North has been a fashionista since day one. She has been wearing designer clothing since she was born. Not only was North on the cover of the September 2018 issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine with her dad and brother Saint, she also attended fashion camp in summer 2018! According to TMZ, North attended with a friend, and they got to try their hands at designing clothing. It ended with a fashion show where the kids got to show their parents their creations. So cool! 

Kim and Kanye's eldest is truly #blessed, and cameras have been following it all since she was a baby for the world to see. The photos prove that she may only be 6 years old, but you're never too young to live a lavish life. She is living like a rock star all the way down to the over-the-top parties. Despite all of the luxuries North has, we hope she appreciates family time the most.

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Playing dress-up with North West is serious stuff. 1

Kim posted a picture of a dress-up playdate that North had with a couple of friends, and let's just say North does not play when it comes to fashion. She dressed herself and her friends in Givenchy, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. What kid other than North even has those kinds of high-fashion options available to them?

Oh, and if you are wondering why North has a cast on her arm, don't worry. It's just a fashion choice. She's using it as an accessory to go with her look lest she be accused of being basic.


North doesn't follow trends; she sets them. 2

This matchy-matchy beach look was probably Kim's idea and North went along with it, but notice she incorporated a fake cast on her leg this time. That cast sets her apart and says, "I'm North. I like to wear fake casts as accessories. Deal with it." How long will it be before all the fashionable kids are wearing fake casts?


What North wants, North gets. 3

Notice how perfectly those sunglasses fit North? There's a reason for that, as explained by her mother, Kim Kardashian, when she posted this picture:

"I didn’t think my daughters love for my clothes and jewelry would happen so soon. I’ll literally be working and come home to find North dressed up in all of my things. I made her these kid size @carolinalemkeberlin sunglasses because I really wouldn’t share mine lol! I love my fashionista Northie so much!"

There are plenty of times when North does get to borrow Kim's stuff. 4

Like when she got to use Kim's $35K Dior metal saddlebag while the family was on vacation in Japan during August 2019. You guys, that's more expensive than most people's cars.


Both mother and daughter will jump through hoops for fashion. 5

Well, maybe not literally, but Kim did let North wear these giant gold hoops in September 2019, and she got all kinds of mom-shaming grief for it. Lighten up, people. It's not like North wears them every dang day.


North was born a princess. 6

She has been dressing for fabulous balls, heels and all, even when she was still in a stroller. 


This makeover at Disneyland suited her perfectly. 7

North totally embraces the royal life.

Disney life is practically real life for North. 8

Disney life is practically real life for North.

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It was where the party to celebrate her birthday was held when she turned 2.


She is a regular at the park by now. 9

She is a regular at the park by now.


Here's a pic from a trip in 2017. You already know she gets the VIP treatment. 

North has worn quite a few fur jackets. 10

Whether it's real or faux, we're certain it's expensive.


Matching her mom's luxurious swag is a walk in the park. 11

North is a natural.

She has so many cute things, it's hard to pick what to wear. 12

North makes frustration look so adorable.


High-end designers are at her beck and call. 13

Her mini Balmain blazer is so adorable.

Her wardrobe is full of the coolest shoes. 14

She's lucky enough to receive pairs from designers like Giuseppe Zanotti as gifts.


A personalized designer handbag is next level. 15

This gold Jimmy Choo number was made for a future night on the town.

Fuzzy slippers are her shoes of choice. 16

Fuzzy slippers are her shoes of choice.


It doesn't get any more luxurious than that.


Her accessories game is always on point. 17

That flower necklace is so adorable.

North rocked expensive jewelry from day one. 18

Kim spared no expense when she bought her daughter $50,000 diamond stud earrings.


Magazine spreads are par for the course when you're the ultimate fashionista. 19

She graced Interview mag with her mom in 2017.

North already landed the cover of a September issue. 20

Being on the cover of Harper's Bazaar September 2018 issue will give her bragging rights for life.


She scored a campaign with a major fashion house. 21

North appeared in a Fendi campaign alongside her mom and grandmother, Kris Jenner. "3 generations @fendi," Kim captioned the photo.

North is always switching up her hairstyles. 22

North is always switching up her hairstyles.


A sleek blowout was the style she rocked for her 5th birthday.


The sidewalk is her runway. 23

The sidewalk is her runway.


She looks like a bigger boss than Kim with that cellphone in her hand.

She is already being gifted custom makeup kits. 24

North's aunt, Kylie Jenner, created custom makeup kits for North and her cousin, Penelope. So cute!


North is no stranger to over-the-top celebrations. 25

She attended one of her father's album release parties in style, of course.

North doesn't have regular playdates. 26

Who else could get Ellen to hold her My Little Pony while she brushes its hair?


North has been rubbing shoulders with influential people since she was born. 27

Throwing a tiny tantrum at the White House surely made her visit an unforgettable moment for then President Barack Obama.

She gets the best seats at fashion shows. 28

Sitting next to Anna Wintour is no big deal for the mini celeb.


She decompresses by creating her own spa. 29

"That time North gets a time out & is a little too quiet... I go in her room to check on her & she's in the bathroom, made her own spa & tells me she's chilling out," Kim wrote.

The themed birthday parties she shares with her cousin Penelope are everything! 30

In 2018, the cousins had a unicorn extravaganza, which included a pony with a unicorn horn.


Who can forget their mermaid party? 31

Of course the closest thing to a real mermaid was present.

Her besties also have the coolest get-togethers. 32

A nail polish party is such a luxury.


Paparazzi follow her everywhere. 33

Paparazzi follow her everywhere.


It's the price of fame.

We're sure that even though she has everything, family time is what she will grow up to love the most. 34

Even if it's on a private jet.


She was living her best life on a yacht. 35

See how comfortable she looks while sitting on her mom's lap during a trip to Miami?

Kim shared this throwback of North and gave the world a glimpse of North's incredible nursery. 36

"My baby North, you were so small here! You will always be my baby," she captioned the gorgeous pic.


She's already helping her mom run her multimillion dollar empire. 37

Kim posted a photo North took to help promote one of her fragrances. While children working young is usually not a good thing, Kim is setting North up to the be the heir of her many incredibly successful companies.

Her dad treats her like the queen she is. 38

Her dad treats her like the queen she is.

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Young royalty like her doesn't need to waste her energy walking! That's why her dad takes over and carries her. How could she get those little sandals dirty?