Kylie Jenner says she'll no longer share photos of her baby Stormi

Instagram/Kylie Jenner

One look at Kylie Jenner's Instagram and it's clear that something has drastically changed. While the new mom has been sharing photos of her motherhood journey since she welcomed daughter Stormi Webster in February, some pics have been removed from her account. 

The Life of Kylie star racked up millions of likes when she shared pics of her baby girl, but she's now making the decision to not post any more closeups of her child's face.

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Fans took notice of the change after the reality TV star posted a selfie and it was evident that she had cropped her daughter's face out from it. If you take a look at her account, you'll see that Kylie's first selfie with her daughter is gone, as well as other gorgeous pics fans have previously seen of the newborn. While we'll miss seeing Stormi's cute face on our timelines, as a parent, Kylie has the right to choose what to show people and what not to show in order to protect her daughter. 

Check out Kylie's most recent selfie.

i spy with my little eye...

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Kylie shared a gorgeous makeup-free selfie on Sunday, June 10, showing just the top of her baby's head. She captioned it: "I spy with my little eye..."


Kylie gave a vague explanation for the crop.

A fan under the username @corealee commented under the photo writing, "She cut her baby out."

Kylie replied, writing: "Yeah I cut my baby out. I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now."


Some of the child's adorable pictures made the cut.

happy birthday North & P.. 🖤

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This one of the makeup mogul holding her daughter is still on her Instagram.

Kylie seems to be keeping only certain pics.

angel baby

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The photos that are left of Stormi are the ones that have her face covered.


Stormi's dad has only posted one pic of his baby girl.

Our little rager !!!!

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A picture that slightly shows Stormi's face is still up on dad Travis Scott's Instagram. The rapper shared the sweet snap in March.

She also kept another photo that protects the baby's face.

my angel baby is 1 month old today

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While we respect Kylie's decision, we'll for sure miss seeing little Stormi's face. 

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