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From a very early age, Kylie Jenner, who grew up surrounded by fame and wealth, has been used to a luxurious life. Now, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star is going all out for her first-born daughter, Stormi Webster, who already has a lavish life of her own.

It's honestly not a surprise that the baby already has a mega closet, beautiful room, and rolls in only the best designer strollers. But the extent of the luxury is what's surprising. You have to take a look at our breakdown of all the beautiful things the months-old baby is already getting used to.


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Stormi has been spoiled by her parents even before she was born. Kylie shares her daughter with rapper Travis Scott, which means that both of her parents are ultra successful. So of course she already has a huge closet full of designer clothes and shoes and travels in a $12,500 custom stroller by Fendi. As a matter of fact, every item that belongs to Stormi is from a luxury brand and has a really high price tag like her baby carrier, for example, which is designed by Gucci.  

Her father even paid over $7,000 on flowers for the baby. Yes, on flowers!  The baby's room is also to die for--huge, feminine and very luxe. Who could blame the first-time mom for wanting to spoil her baby, though? But it's not just Stormi getting spoiled. Remember that $1.4 million Ferrari the makeup mogul got as a push present? Insane! Here's a look inside Stormi's lavish life.



Kylie Jenner's firstborn has a Gucci baby carrier. 1

Some of us women can only dream of one day being able to afford a Gucci bag. However, little Stormi has a whole collection of items from the Italian luxury brand, including the Gucci GG Baby Carrier, which is already sold out





Fendi sent Stormi some gorgeous gifts. 2

Fendi sent her a pair of shoes and a matching hat. It's so good to be the child of a celebrity. 


Kylie showed off Stormi's shoe collection. 3

Kylie gave an inside look at Stormi's shoe closet in July 2018, which showed that the baby was ready to step out with only the coolest sneakers on her feet. Louis Vuitton, Jordans, Gucci, what more can a baby want?

Other celebs shower the baby with gifts. 4

As if being born into a famous and rich family isn't enough, Stormi received gifts from her family's equally successful friends. Kylie shared this pic of the shoes Katy Perry sent to her baby from her shoe collection. The baby girl will look like a star in those sneakers!


Stormi’s stroller costs $12,500! 5

Baby Stormi strolls around in a $12,500 custom baby carriage by Fendi. The makeup mogul showed off her baby's flashy stroller while wearing a matching outfit.   

Here's a close-up photo of Stormi's fancy stroller. 6

Here's a close-up photo of Stormi's fancy stroller.

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

Kylie and Travis Scott's daughter has a really fancy and stylish ride.


Stormi has a second stroller, fit for a princess. 7

Kylie's daughter also has a pink carriage, like the one pictured here, from  CYBEX by Jeremy Scott. The fancy carriage features gold wings and wheels and comes complete with a carry cot, car seat, and a memory foam mattress. The price? $1,700! 

At this rate, Kylie will soon have to build a garage just for her baby's rides. 


The baby got a handful of colorful tracksuits from Adidas. 8

This is one of the many perks of being part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan!


Stormi's closet is huge and full of designer clothes! 9

Kylie showed off her daughter's closet in her pregnancy video. And if that was before her daughter was born, we can only imagine what that closet looks like today.

Her proud dad spent over $7,000 on flowers for his baby. 10

According to TMZ, Travis Scott went all out to celebrate Stormi's first visit to his mom, who lives in Missouri City, Texas (in a house he purchased for her last Christmas). Sources told the website that the rapper paid $7,145 for six floral sculptures and stands, which featured lightning bolts going through clouds of roses, orchids and hydrangeas. Raindrops made of Swarovski crystals dripped from the bottom of the arrangements. Oh my! 


Stormi travels like a mini diva: on a private jet! 11

Forget about commercial flights! Baby Stormi's famous parents only travel on private jet, so most likely their little princess will never be seen on a regular flight. 

Kylie celebrated her daughter's first Easter with a huge party. 12

Kylie celebrated her daughter's first Easter with a huge party.


The Kardashian-Jenner clan had an Easter party fit for a royal family. 


The kids had their own table that was as fancy as the adults'. 13

The kids had their own table that was as fancy as the adults'.


There was also a 10-foot-tall bunny made out of flowers. 14

There was also a 10-foot-tall bunny made out of flowers.


As you can see, the Kardashian-Jenner clan went all out for the kids!



Stormi has a gorgeous nursery, where everything is eco-friendly. 15

Stormi has a gorgeous nursery, where everything is eco-friendly.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie spent thousands and thousands of dollars putting together her baby's nursery, making sure that everything was eco-friendly. Stormi's room features a $3,500 hand-finished Bancroft changing table and a $400 organic crib mattress.

Kylie received a $1.4 million Ferrari as a push present. 16

While some women may receive maternity lingerie or a set of skin products as a push present, Kylie got a $1.4 million Ferrari, featuring lush red interior and luxe butterfly doors, to celebrate the birth of her first daughter. 


Of course, she has to have customized jewelry. 17

The baby bling is necessary. Kylie showed off a little tiny gold bracelet her daughter was wearing that has her name carved out next to a heart and star. So cute!

One day, Stormi will inherit a lot of designer goodies from her mom. 18

Kylie shared an inside look into her purse closet--yes, she has a separate closet just for her handbags--she showed the ones she's giving to Stormi. She said the first time her daughter is ready to wear a purse she'll give her a tiny and gorgeous hot pink Birkin bag to carry around. She'll also throw in a classic Louis Vuitton mini purse. Must be nice. 


Not only that, but she's also on track to inheriting a billion dollar company. 19

Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup products line Kylie launched in 2015, is on the road to becoming a billion dollar company. Kylie said her dream is to one day be able to pass it down to her daughter. Goals!

Kylie and Travis purchased a $13 million mansion in Beverly Hills. 20

The couple made some major real estate moves in 2018 and purchased the beautiful home together. It boasts eight full bathrooms and two half bathrooms and a master suite that is 2,300 square feet, and it's most likely where they'll raise little Stormi together.


Stormi's mom went all out for Halloween. 21

One costume wasn't enough for the baby's first Halloween, so now only did her famous mom have these gorgeous matching butterfly costumes made for her and the baby, she also dressed up as a storm in honor of Stormi's name. So cute!

Stormi is already touring all over the country with her famous dad. 22

Travis kicked off his Astroworld tour in November 2018, and his two girls went on the road with him. Soon enough, by the time she turns one, Stormi would have visited dozens of states all around the country. That's one well-traveled baby.


But don't think Stormi is roughing out while she's out on the road. 23

Travis makes sure his little girl is being treated well at every venue they go to. Part of his rider tour requests is that a separate room with white couches, a television, toys, a playpen and snacks is provided for Stormi to watch her dad perform and keep her away from the loud noises of a concert. Now that's living lavish.

She's already stylish and trendy like her momma. 24

There's no traditional pink dresses with bows in Kylie's first born's closet. The baby girl is already edgier than most little ones her age, and her mom dresses her with leather tights and fur coats and streetwear brands like Supreme. She reminds us a lot of her big cousin, North West.


She also has customized sneakers designed by her mom. 25

Kylie released the Falcons alongside Adidas. And of course, her child had to get her own pair with her name written on them. 

Stormi doesn't travel on commercial flights--and she probably never will. 26

When she was on the road for her dad's Astroworld Tour in 2018, Stormi jetsetted all around the country with her famous mamá on a private plane. Super casual.



Most babies would sit on their mom's lap during a flight, but not Stormi. 27

She can literally sit and play all over the plane if she wants to. It's private anyway. No big deal.


She wears Burberry to swim. 28

Kylie shared some gorgeous pics at the end of 2018 and there was one of her and Stormi from June just casually lounging by the pool, while the little one was in a designer bathing suit.



She's covered in custom-made sparkles. 29

Kylie didn't dress her firstborn in a typical red dress from a department store for Christmas. Instead, Stormi wore a custom-made one-piece that perfectly matched her mom's jeweled dress.


She'll get to grow up in a household that goes all out for Christmas. 30

Kylie spares no expense when it comes to how she decorates for Christmas, and the one that gets to reap the benefits of her love for the season is now baby Stormi.



Stormi is inheriting her mom's love for expensive cars. 31

Stormi got a red toy Ferrari ($335, Amazon) and a black Lamborghini covered in a Louis Vuitton wrap ($315, Amazon). She's just learning to walk now but she'll be riding in style very soon.