All those layers look yummy! 1

And so many M&Ms!


The girls had their own kid DJ. 2

The girls had their own kid DJ.


Remember this face! Livia is a Mexican-American talent who will go places for sure. Hey, she already made it to a Kardashian party. The sky is the limit. Go, girl!


They had the best floaters for the pool. 3

Get ready to see a lot of those everywhere this summer.

Kourtney was digging the unicorn theme. 4

Kourtney was digging the unicorn theme.

Kourtney Kardashian/Snapchat

Loved her iridescent pink swimsuit!


The girls looked adorable. 5

North and Penelope were just too cute with their matching rainbow swimsuits and robes.


They had ponies dressed up as unicorns. 6

What a magical party to have when you are a little girl.


Great grandma Mary Jo looked great. 7

Her style could be described as elegant boho.

Daddy Kanye West helped North with the candles. 8

Kim was behind them. It's good to see them celebrating together.