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Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Khloé Kardashian is rejoicing in her new life as a mom. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been sharing the sweetest photos of her baby daughter, True, almost since she arrived on April 12, 2018. It's hard to believe, but little True is already a year old!

The Good American designer took a bit of a social media hiatus after news broke that her boyfriend and True's dad, Tristan Thompson, had been unfaithful with several women during her pregnancy. Videos and photos of the NBA star getting close to other women surfaced in April 2018, and Khloé chose not to publicly address the situation. She welcomed her child just two days later.

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The reality star took some time off from the public eye following the scandal to enjoy her life as a mom. That meant that True didn't make her social media debut until a month after her birth.

Since then, Khloé has been openly sharing details of her postpregnancy days as well as adorable videos and pics of her child. She's gushed about how grateful she is now that she's entered motherhood. "I sometimes, still can't believe im a mommy!!! I'm so so thankful for such a blessing!! True is the sweetest ever! I got my bestie for life! Thank you Jesus for my angel💜," she tweeted in May 2018. So cute! Take a look at the most adorable pictures of baby True.

This little cutie is just the best. 1

She is truly the center of Khloé's universe. Khloé captioned this beautiful pic of the little one enjoying the sunshine, "You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars ✨."


True wore her best sleepwear for her cousin's party. 2

True looked so freaking cute in her silk pajamas at her cousin Penelope's birthday party in July 2019. She looked so adorable! Her smile just melts your heart.


Model True is ready to make her runway debut. 3

True is about to give her supermodel aunt, Kendall Jenner, a run for her money. "You guys 😍😍😍 I cant handle this! I’m so annoying I know but I’m obsessed 😍😍😍 She has the smile down!! Auntie Kenny.... baby True is coming for you!" Khloé captioned this cute pic.

Little True is more than just a pretty face. 4

True looks so adorable as she flips through some cute children's books. It's good to get them started with the reading early on! She always dresses so adorably, too. It's clear her mom loves her daughter being a girly girl.


She's another pretty flower in this garden. 5

This gorgeous pink-themed pic is so stunning. It looked like True was having herself a blast while sightseeing and was so full of joy.


Baby True is a total beach girl. 6

She definitely looks like an Instagram influencer in her flamingo floatie while on vacation with her mom. This is just too cute.


She's the queen of wearing headbands. 7

Khloé loves accessorizing her baby's outfits with different hair pieces. True looks so angelic in this picture, it's making our hearts melt! 

Baby True is such a happy little baby. 8

True is already rocking those tiny trendy sunglasses that everyone has been wearing lately. She's going to be such a girly girl!


Khloé shared this pic of True among her Birkin bags, and people were not happy. 9

Some people thought the pic seemed too materialistic, but how can you focus on anything but how adorable this little one is? Look at her smile!

We love that Khloé dresses her little one in such girly clothes. 10

Khloé dresses her baby in the most girly clothes, and we love that! Celebrity children are usually decked out in designer clothes, so seeing this baby in a cute little tutu is the best. The little boots she's wearing are so cute! 


Little True rocked her all-black ensemble perfectly. 11

She's really rocking this Beyoncé-inspired wide-brimmed hat. "❥➹ My entire heart ❥➹," Khloé captioned the pic. 

Little True was 10 months old in this pic. 12

How fast does time fly? In this pic taken in February 2019, she was just two months shy of turning a year old. It seems like just yesterday when the news broke that she was born. How adorable!


She's already a party girl. 13

Baby True has been making the rounds at her little cousins' birthday parties! She attended cousin Stormi's massive first birthday party and looked so cute in her pink outfit and Timbs.

True is already a beach babe. 14

She's so cute with those tiny little glasses. It's almost as if this baby is always smiling, no matter what, and we love that about her.


Here she is again being a happy little star. 15

How cute is True and her head wraps? We would be that happy too if we were wearing a cute little lemon bathing suit and soaking up sunshine in a tropical place! 

This close-up of her little face is just too cute for words. 16


Her cheeks and her little eyes and smile are absolutely heart-melting. No wonder Khloé is totally obsessed with her little one.


This pic of True screams "Do Not Disturb!" 17

She looks so laid back and relaxed, I feel like attaching this pic to my "out of office" email next time I'm on vacation.

She's become mommy's best friend. 18

These two love dressing alike! These all-gray outfits are just too cute. 


She is a girly girl! 19

In this pic Khloé shared, her daughter is wearing a pink sleeping mask and towel while playing around in her mommy's makeup. She looks like a little diva in the making!

True is always photo-shoot-ready! 20

The happy little baby looks totally comfortable being her mom's little model. Look at her sitting all on her own!


True looks so cozy while hanging out with her cousin, Chicago. 21

These two were born just three months apart, so there's no doubt they'll have an inseparable bond. They're both so cute in their own ways!

She looks like an island baby. 22

How sweet is this pic of True with a flower in her hair while on vacation with her mama? She's just so gorgeous! 


True looks so gorgeous posing for a pic with her auntie. 23

This picture of True and Kim Kardashian is so cute! It's so great to see the sisters all love one another's kids so much.

This baby is so fancy already! 24

Khloé placed her little baby inside a Birkin bag! Must be nice to live a life full of luxury!


We adore this picture of Khloé's baby. 25

True always looks so happy in her photos and especially in this one where she's wearing a little unicorn headband. "I always knew unicorns existed," the caption says.

True has to be ready for the winter. 26

Since her dad plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, True spent some of her time in Ohio during the winter months. This hat suits her perfectly!


They dressed alike for the family's Christmas party! 27

The two girls wore big white tulle skirts and white tops and looked like absolute angels at the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party in December 2018.

No matter what happens, Khloé will always have her little girl. 28

These mom-and-daughter morning selfies make our hearts warm.


Khloé shared a beautiful pic of her baby and grandma Kris Jenner. 29

True looks adorable in that blue dress. "Thank you does not begin to describe the amount of respect, appreciation and LOVE that I have for you, but I do need you to know that you are my hero," Khloé captioned the photo. "I hope to live up to the mom you have been to us."

She is a shady baby. 30

True was ready for the sun in these huge black sunglasses and her matching turban. So precious.


Koko's dream has come true. 31

"I probably dreamt about you my entire adult life. You have exceeded every expectation I had of you! This is LOVE 💕," Khloé captioned this adorable pic.

True is Khloé's golden child. 32

Look how adorable this gold dress is!


True is so pretty in pink. 33

Her mom is super in love with her chunky thighs.

True was camera-ready for this cousin group photo. 34

While all of her cousins were distracted, True was the only one looking directly at the camera like a true pro.


Just another day out in the sun. 35

True's skin is totally glistening in the sun. She is too cute.

True loves posing with her mom. 36

She looks just like her daddy, Tristan.


She's a young tropical baby. 37

We love how happy she looks in every pic.

True looks like an angel in this pic. 38

Khloé shared this pic in August 2018 and captioned it "Kyankus," which means "My life" in Armenian. 


True is caught mid-yawn. 39

Is a baby yawning the cutest thing or what?

She doesn't look too happy about it. 40

Khloé shared the two pics in July 2018 and wrote: "Mood PS why are rolls soooooo cute on babies?! 😩😍." Look at those legs!


True is the princess of Snapchat. 41

Just like her mom, True has been seen multiple times through Snapchat filters. In this video, True is bundled up with a tiny flower in her hair and struggling with some hiccups. 

Khloé and True make a stunning mom-and-daughter duo. 42

Khloé shared the first photo of herself holding her baby on May 26. She captioned the adorable snap of baby True: "Mommy’s Little Love."


The mom and daughter spent a low-key holiday. 43

The new mom had a relaxing Memorial Day and shared a Snapchat of herself carrying little True in her arms.

True is truly Tristan’s twin. 44

When Khloé shared a snap of her baby, it was clear to see that she is the spitting image of her daddy.


Khloé has shared updates about how True has changed her life. 45

Not only did she share updates about her post-baby body on social media, but the E! personality also shared details about True’s routine on her Khloé With a K app. Khloé said that she tried to work out while her child slept, and that was also when she got some shut-eye herself.

Khloé posted a throwback photo of when True was just a couple of weeks old. 46

“My baby bunny,” she captioned her Instagram story pic of True wearing a rabbit filter on May 30. “She was only 2 weeks in this pic. Why is the time flying!! She will be 7 weeks tomorrow.”


True is the cutest sleepy baby we've seen! 47

Khloé shared a close-up of her baby girl taking a nap in her arms on Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate than that?

True makes her debut on her 1-month birthday. 48

Khloé shared a gorgeous video of her baby wearing a flower Snapchat filter on May 12. In the clip she said, "Happy one month old, mama. I love you, pretty girl."


True and her cousin Chicago were already crawling. 49

Aunt Kim shared this pic of her little girl and her niece in July 2018. The two baby girls are so close in age, they might just grow up and be besties. 

Baby True took a nap in her mom's arms. 50

Khloé shared this photo in July 2018, and True looks like she's taking the best nap ever. The mom captioned it: "About 2 months ago... 😩."


True's style is so girly. 51

That little headband is just too adorable!

She had a photo shoot right after her bath. 52

Her eyes are just so gorgeous!


Koko posed for a stunning photo with her baby. 53

The matching mom and daughter outfits and that little bow are just too cute to handle.

Kim shared this pic of her sis and her niece. 54

For Khloé's birthday in June 2018, Kim shared this pic of her sister holding True and niece Chicago.


True got some love from her big brother. 55

Dad Tristan shared a photo of his son, Prince, showering his baby sis with kisses. 

The basketball player also posed for pics with his kids. 56

They look so cute!


The mom and daughter had a selfie session. 57

True is a real Snapchat professional. She stared right at the camera while her mom snapped pics of them together.

She wears a filter like no other. 58

This baby girl couldn't be any cuter! 


Khloé gave the world a tiny sneak peek of True. 59

While the world awaited to see the newborn, Khloé teased her fans when she shared a selfie, and her child’s tiny arm was visible in the corner. How cute!

The first-ever glimpse of True. 60

Who can forget the first time the world saw True? When Khloé announced she was expecting in December 2017, she shared a photo of her baby bump, making it the child's first real introduction to the social media world.