Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and their kids
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There is a whole lot of love in Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's adorable blended family. In fact, not only are these two head-over-heels in love with each other and soon heading down the aisle, but they've also done a great job at blending their families and bringing their children together.

Jennifer and Alex started dating in February 2017. They've since managed to form a strong bond, not just as a couple but as a family with their kids. How they find the time for family with their crazy busy lives and tight schedules is beyond us. But it just speaks to the fact that family really does come first for these two, another thing J.Lo and A-Rod both have in common.

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J.Lo and Alex got engaged in March 2019, but before taking that step, they ensured that their kids got along and that they also approved of them getting married. Alex seems to be super close with Jen's twins, Emme and Max, and Alex's daughters, Natasha and Ella, look like they love spending time with their dad's lady love. And that's really all two single parents could ask for!

The couple makes sure that their kids remain a priority, and they go above and beyond to make to spend a lot of time together. Even though the couple aren't married yet, it is so obvious that they are already a family. Here's a look at a few of their family pics that prove it!

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Guess who J.Lo's favorite teenager is? 1

It's Alex's daughter Natasha. "Wishing my favorite teenager a very happy 15th birthday!!! May you forever keep illuminating the people around you with your infectious light ✨. I love you and hope you have the best day. 🎂#Tashi," Jennifer wrote on Instagram.


What is A-Rod's priority of priorities? 2

It's family. We know because when he shared this photo, he wrote: "This is what matters most. #FamilyFirst ❤️."


Pajama and phone time for the boys. 3

Check out J.Lo's son, Max, and Alex standing there looking like mirror images of each other. Jennifer wrote that they were "twinning," and they totally are.

The girls after a show. 4

Jennifer is probably tired after a show, but never too tired to hang with her best girls. She wrote "Me and mine ❤️ #postshow" to explain what was going on in this pic.


A night with family is worth more to Alex than any other night. 5

Here's A-Rod's mathematical formula for calculating the worth of any given night: "A night with family > any other night."


This is what winning looks like. 6

"Undefeatable at the Garden. #MiFamilia ❤️," Alex captioned this photo, and he's not wrong. Look at how happy he and Jennifer look surrounded by their blended family, including Jennifer's niece.


Guess what they were celebrating in this picture? 7

The caption that A-Rod included says it all: "Today, we all celebrate the amazing freedoms we have as Americans. From our family to yours, have a happy and safe #July4th holiday everyone! 🇺🇸." They were celebrating July 4, 2019.

This is the closest that Alex gets to playing baseball lately. 8

"Closest thing I get to playing baseball nowadays is a game of fetch with Lady ❤️ #Emme," wrote the former Yankee when he posted this picture.


Does Max count as sunblock? 9

A-Rod posted this picture of Jennifer and Max and wrote, "Missing these two. ❤️❤️." So cute. We're wondering if Jennifer is using Max as a bit of sun protection. Just kidding.

Sometimes A-Rod is on carpool duty. 10

J.Lo and Alex's kids go to the same school, which makes school drop-off a breeze when either one of them is on carpool duty. We're hoping this photo was taken before they were on the road, because we don't spy any seat belts, just a lot of love.


Alex loves being surrounded by his girls. 11

We love that his daughters and little Emme get along so well. She gets to have the best big sisters by her side as she grows up.

A family who watches baseball together, stays together. 12

The beautiful family spent a perfect afternoon at a Yankees game in March 2019. Little Max was even repping Alex's former team with a classic Yankees fitted cap. 


They posed for a sweet sunset pic to start off the new year. 13

"As the sun sets on 2018, from our family to yours ... #HappyNewYear everyone! 🎊🍾🎉," Alex captioned the pic.

The family welcomed Thanksgiving 2018 with a cozy morning snuggling in bed. 14

"Thankful for mornings like this with the ones I love most. I am truly blessed. #HappyThanksgiving to all of you and your families. #gratitude," he captioned the pic.


The best part about them is that they're always smiling when they're together. 15

Having people to share your joy with makes life so much better. That's the sweetest part about this family! 

Her kids seem to really adore A-Rod. 16

Any single mother's dream is that her new man and her beloved children will love each other, and it looks like that has come true for J.Lo. Max having his arm wrapped around A-Rod's neck is the cutest!


Alex shared this cool pic of the whole family going for a ride. 17

All four kids squeezed in together in the back seat of this gorgeous red car, as they headed off for a ride together. So cute! 

Emme looks up to Alex. Literally. 18

Emme has a great relationship with her dad, Marc Anthony, but it is so sweet to see how well she also gets along with Alex--and this pic is proof.  "Much deserved brunch after these girls whipped my butt at @trufusion bootcamp #perfectsunday," the former baseball player captioned the adorable pic of himself with his eldest daughter and Emme.


They spent their second Christmas together. 19

The adorable family has fallen into their own rhythm of things in the two years that the couple has been together. The holidays seem to be so full of joy for them now that their families have come together as one.

Alex shows his girls love every chance he gets. 20

"Proud and excited to be witnessing #herstory alongside these leading ladies as more women have won seats in the US House of Representatives than ever before. There’s no better time for my girls to grow up seeing examples of women dreaming, believing, and achieving. #thefutureisfemale #myqueens 👑," he captioned this pic of Emme, Jen, and his daughter, Natasha.


The family that eats together, stays together. 21

The former baseball star shared a snap of him and J.Lo with their girls in June 2018. The family had enjoyed a Taco Tuesday together in Miami.

The couple enjoyed some cuddles with their babies. 22

Jennifer shared an adorable pic of herself and Alex holding her twins in their arms. His daughter, Ella, was also in the photo.


They did Mother's Day right. 23

For Mother's Day 2018, the blended fam played a little baseball together.

The famous dad was feeling the love. 24

The lucky dad was showered with lots of love from two of the kids in a photo from May 2018. While his daughter Natasha was giving him a kiss, his girlfriend's son, Max, went in for a hug. 


Earlier this year, they spent the day together in Miami. 25

A-Rod captioned the photo: “Perfect day in #Miami with #OurGreatestGifts #Tashi #Ella #Max #Emme #Family #Blessed.” So sweet!

Jennifer recently shared the cutest photo of her and Alex's kids. 26

Apparently she drops them all off at school in the mornings, and we bet they love it!


They love going out for ice cream as a family. 27

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us happy. 

Jennifer uses Snapchat filters with Alex's daughters. 28

Alex's oldest daughter, Tashi, is super close to Jennifer, and it shows in all their cute selfies together. 


They attended a basketball game at the University of Miami together. 29

Tashi sat next to J.Lo and looked like she was having a blast!

They also went to a basketball game on Three Kings Day as a family. 30

Talk about a fun way to celebrate the holiday. 


Alex hit up a yoga session with two of his ladies. 31

We love how he's matching with both J.Lo and his daughter Ella. 

Alex spends a lot of quality time with Jennifer's son, Max. 32

He seems to be such a great father figure. 


They spend the holidays together. 33

In fact, Alex spent Christmas last year with J.Lo's entire family. Apparently they celebrate pajama party style!

Their kids also wore pj's. 34

They looked ike they were having even more fun than the adults. The twins' cousin, Lucie Wren (left), was there, too. She's J.Lo's sister Lynda's daughter. 


You can tell Alex's oldest daughter is a huge fan of Jennifer's. 35

Tashi even tries to replicate her style, and it's the cutest. 

Alex took the girls to a football game. 36

Apparently J.Lo and A-Rod's kids love sports. How perfect! 


He takes his ladies out for dinner whenever he can. 37

He shared this photo of him with J.Lo and his daughters dining at a restaurant in Coconut Grove, Miami.

Jen has taken all four of their kids to baseball games. 38

Jen has taken all four of their kids to baseball games.

Splash News

It was a New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers game, and apparently J.Lo's mother, Mrs. Guadalupe, also attended. 


Jen took an adorable video with Alex's daughters at the stadium. 39

She called it "family day."

Jen and Alex celebrated their birthdays together with both their families. 40

They had a big double birthday bash one night, and then did a low-key thing the next day with their relatives. They looked beyond happy. 


Max looks so attached to Alex. 41

It's amazing how well he gets along with his future stepdad. 

In fact, both Max and Emme get along great with Alex. 42

Here they are spending the day with Alex in the Hamptons. 


They've had fun pool days. 43

And always manage to get really cute family photos out of them, too. 

Jennifer dedicates a lot of girl time to Emme, Ella, and Natasha. 44

She even brings them to her sound checks. 


Emme gets a long so well with Alex's daughters. 45

This photo of her with Tashi needs to be framed. That's how precious it is. 

They've celebrated Easter Sunday as a full family. 46

They kept it chill and low-key. 


The night before Emme attended a concert with Alex and his daughters 47

Did we mention it was actually one of J.Lo's concerts in Dominican Republic?

The kids went Easter egg hunting together. 48

The kids went Easter egg hunting together.

Alex Rodríguez/Snapchat

We really can't get enough of this adorable family.


Jen's ex-husband and father of her kids, Marc Anthony, totally supports her new relationship. 49

In fact, Marc and A-Rod even hung out after J.Lo's Casa de Campo concert in the Dominican Republic last spring. 

The girls enjoyed some fun pool time together while in the Dominican Republic. 50

J.Lo's concert practically turned into a family vacation. 


Jen gets along really well with Alex's mother, Mrs. Lupe Rodríguez. 51

Jen  gets along really well with Alex's mother, Mrs. Lupe Rodríguez.


Last April the three were spotted walking the streets of NYC together. We're sure it means a lot to Alex that his two ladies get along so well. 

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