Kylie Jenner's journey to motherhood.

We've been DYING for Kylie Jenner to finally share a close-up picture of her daughter, Stormi, and she finally has! In fact, the 20-year-old mom must have been feeling generous because she shared more than one image of her little girl to Snapchat and InstaStory this week alone. We can't get over how much this baby looks like Kylie! 

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It all started on Saturday, when Kylie shared a cute Snapchat of Stormi looking all kinds of cute. She has Kylie's dark hair and big dark brown eyes and she's seen sucking on a purple pacifier. We legit can't get over how adorable this little girl is, and apparently Kylie can't, either. It appears that she's really enjoying motherhood.

Kylie even captioned the image of her daughter "My pretty little girl" and just a few weeks ago she tweeted how she couldn't stop looking at her. According to Kylie, Stormi looks just like she did when she was a baby. We totally see it!

Motherhood seems to be a natural fit for Kylie. Don't get us wrong, it's no walk in the park (which is why the young mom recently had to hire a team of nannies and assistants to help her out), but it seems like she's really enjoying this new role. We couldn't be happier for her. Here's a look at her journey to motherhood so far!

First, let’s get a good look at beautiful Stormi. 1

We totally see Kylie in this little one. Look at those big brown eyes!


She’s been sharing close-ups of Stormi all week. 2

Look at this adorable photo of Stormi sleeping. Kylie even captioned the pic: “What an angel.”


Last week Kylie shared photos of her posing with Stormi. 3

The pictures were in honor of her daughter turning a month old. We had only gotten a side view of the baby but we knew it was only a matter of time before Kylie shared more.


The first pic of Stormi didn’t show much. 4

But it was a beautiful display of Kylie and Stormi’s initial mother-daughter bond.


You can tell that Kylie loved being pregnant. 5

Just based on the way she was constantly posing and haven her picture taken. She looked so comfortable and happy in her pregnancy bod.

She was constantly taking video footage of herself. 6

Doesn't she look proud?


We had never seen her this happy before. 7

But according to the the video she shared on YouTube, Kylie always wanted to be a mom

She went all out with her shower. 8

It was a pink pajama party theme and Kylie was clearly loving it!


Everyone praised Kylie and her belly. 9

We've never seen someone in the Kardashian-Jenner family THIS happy to be pregnant. 

We're pretty sure she's loving motherhood even more than pregnancy. 10

We can't wait to see how this journey plays out for her.