Kylie Jenner shares first photo of her daughter & reveals her name

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Kylie Jenner/Instagram

There's been a ton of hype and speculation surrounding Kylie Jenner's newborn baby's name but it looks like we can rest assure – because she finally revealed it. It turns out that the 20-year-old mom didn't actually name her daughter after an insect, like many suspected. 

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There was a strong suspicion all week that Kylie had named her daughter Butterfly. In fact, there was so much evidence supporting the theory we almost believed it for a second. But Kylie was quick to shut down the rumors. She shared the very first public photo of her baby girl to Instagram and included her name in the caption.

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The photo is literally the sweetest.

Of course, Kylie didn’t reveal her daughter’s entire face and we get it. She probably wants to protect her child’s privacy – at least for now. She also captioned the photo Stormi, most likely implying that’s the baby girls name. We don’t hate it though. 


But before that the Butterfly hints really had us convinced.

On February 4, Kylie posted an 11-minute long birth announcement video on YouTube, that featured several butterfly spottings. Most notably, was a clip of Kylie on her birthday sporting a chunky chain adorned with butterflies. Kylie would have been a few months pregnant at this point. The main image of this post--with the butterfly grafitti backdrop--is also from her birthday.


Is that the baby's nursery?

Kylie's video also shows what looks to be a light pink nursery wall decorated with realistic-looking 3D butterflies in the video. Super cute!

But the butterfly connection goes back even further.

Travis Scott, Kylie's boyfriend and the father of her baby, released his song "Butterfly Effect" back on May 15, 2017. That was roughly a month after the couple started dating and possibly days after the baby was conceived (based on her birthdate). It's no surprise that the word butterfly would hold some significance for them.



We may have overlooked another early hint.

💞 shoot day

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Back in November, at the peak of the Kylie pregnancy rumor craze, she posted a picture showing off her baby pink manicure and a stunning multi-finger butterfly ring made of rose gold and pink diamonds. At the time, everyone suspected it meant she was having a baby girl. But, it could have had even more significance related to the baby's name if the fan theories are correct.

Oh, and there are tattoos, too.

Perhaps the most compelling hint, the day after Kylie announced the baby's birth, her tattoo artist posted a photo of matching miniature butterfly tattoos that both Kylie and Travis got on their ankles. He must know something! Even if it's just that butterflies are special to the couple or that they were a significant symbol for them during the pregnancy. Looking back, it's pretty clear that there must be some meaning behind it.

After all these months of holding everything back, I'm pretty sure Kylie won't be able to keep the name a secret for too much longer, so I'm sure we'll find out if the suspicions are accurate soon.

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